Prep Endless Homemade Mason Jar Soups With This Handy Chart


By: , – Tricia Silverman, RD
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Mason jars are trending—not only for crafts, but also for people who are looking for fun, fresh and fantastic new ways to get or stay healthy. Mason jar salads and Mason jar oatmeal have had their moment, but the latest, greatest meal-prep project is Mason jar soups.

Warm, filling and versatile, soups can be eaten as a meal or snack any time of day, and the pint-size nature of the Mason jar makes them perfect for portion control. Research also shows that eating a lower calorie soup before your meal may help reduce total calorie intake over the course of the meal. Not bad for a dish most of people relegate only to sick days and snow days.

The best part? With just a few ingredients, you can mix and match delicious soups that will never leave your diet feeling boring. With this formula, the flavorful, healthy possibilities are endless. 

What are your favorite Mason jar soups? Which of these would you like to try?

Tricia Silverman, RD, MBA, is an award-winning registered dietitian, fitness instructor and wellness coach. She specializes in giving dynamic and engaging group wellness programs. She has helped many people to eat more healthfully, feel better, exercise and lose weight. She also teaches health and nutrition courses for Northeastern University. 

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  • 37
    Great info! - 8/7/2017   9:01:41 AM
  • 36
    Interesting idea. - 5/29/2017   8:53:58 AM
    I tried a few of these in my own combinations and wanted to leave my general experience. 1st, I never felt like I could the water hot enough to meld the flavors and soften either raw stuff or pre-cooked stuff that had gotten cold. 2nd, not necessarily convenient if you were in a spot to freeze your bases. Can't put glass in the freezer for more than short stints. 3rd, maybe petty, but I couldn't use a regular soup spoon easily because of the jar's shape and opening. 4th, I found it hard to get the right broth to solid ratio, but I think that's the nature of it when you add liquid after prepping and have cold pre-cooked ingredients that will absorb liquid to heat and soften them and raw ingredients that do the same but at different rates.

    This *is* a cute idea that will work for some people, but it didn't really work for me. I prefer to make a soup, maybe leaving the noodles cooked less so they don't get too soft on a reheat and portion it out into fridge and freezer, and microwave, safe bowls. I do appreciate the flavor and ingredient suggestions, so thank you! - 4/26/2017   6:01:40 PM
  • 34
    Not sure I quite "get it". I think I have to agree with Kelly_R. I would just make my own and portion it out. - 4/25/2017   8:01:31 PM
  • 33
    Great ideas! - 4/25/2017   5:55:47 PM
    Can't wait to try some of the different soups. - 4/25/2017   5:27:59 PM
  • 31
    good ideas - 4/25/2017   10:13:06 AM
  • 30
    Love all the ideas! - 4/25/2017   9:44:15 AM
  • 29
    Great ideas! Thank you. - 4/25/2017   7:37:31 AM
  • 28
    Thank you for the Mason Jar Soup ideas! - 4/24/2017   10:36:35 PM
  • 27
    Great ideas - 4/24/2017   9:29:41 PM
  • 26
    nice - 4/24/2017   8:14:23 PM
  • 25
    Mmmm these sound like a yummy, easy idea. - 4/24/2017   6:08:46 PM
  • 24
    I'd never thought to make individual soups like this. I do like mason jars for transporting/food storage--they have plastic lids for the top. Perfect portion size for various things. Usually I just put leftover soup in them--can put it in hot rather than waiting for it to cool down to put in plastic containers, but now I want to try some of these!! - 4/24/2017   12:07:12 PM
  • 23
    I love putting my soup in a Mason Jar. It's such an continent way of having soup on the go. - 4/24/2017   11:35:13 AM
  • 22
    I really have to try some of these! - 4/24/2017   10:18:15 AM
    wow, this is great. Can't wait to try some of these out. - 4/24/2017   10:12:40 AM
  • 20
    Wish I'd known about this when I was still working! - 4/24/2017   8:55:49 AM
  • 19
    I think the greatest thing about this is that you can make small quantities, so it doesn't take up your whole fridge. The ability to substitute items is great too. - 4/24/2017   8:11:50 AM
  • 18
    Super ideas and tasty quick meals - 4/24/2017   5:30:46 AM
  • 17
    Great idea! Will certainly try! - 3/22/2017   3:13:17 PM
  • 16
    So many great ideas. Thanks! - 3/22/2017   3:43:56 AM
  • 15
    great ideas thanks - 3/19/2017   9:56:06 PM
  • 14
    Great ideas!! - 3/19/2017   8:31:09 AM
  • 13
    these are wonderful...I have given the soups to several friends when they were sick - 3/18/2017   7:45:51 AM
    I like the concept. However, I agree that transporting a Mason jar during a commute could be tricky. As was mentioned, making soup in advance and taking it along in either a thermos or mini crock heater would be more practical. - 3/2/2017   6:11:54 AM
  • 11
    How does one do the morning commute with the burlap and twine top? Sometimes practical trumps cute. I'll stick to practical. I like the general concept, though. Just annoyed with the marketing concept. - 2/6/2017   11:27:33 PM
  • 10
    I'm in agreement that this is definitely a fad - like the bento boxes a couple years ago. But if it gets people excited to try new things and eat healthy then it serves its purpose. :)

    Just a thought - another option is to cook your favorite soup recipe in one big pot on the stove and portion it out into mason jars if you want to eat your soup from a mason jar. This way you can benefit from the flavors that have been sautéed during the cooking process (which really adds some depth to your soup's flavors.) - 2/6/2017   9:50:22 AM
  • 9
    My favs are chicken pho switching out zucchini noodles for the pasta and chana masala; the latter you have to buy garam masala for it to taste authentic....GREAT article! - 2/5/2017   3:18:01 PM
  • 8
    Good combinations take testing. Thank you for suggestions. What percentage of people like "heat"? I don't, so I must be weird! - 2/4/2017   11:00:15 PM
  • 7
    Another silly fad to write reams about.... - 2/4/2017   3:05:21 PM
  • 6
    A lot of these ingredients are new to me, just starting with the base. I may have to try and experiment! - 2/4/2017   10:34:00 AM
  • 5
    I asked about vegebase-- but I found it. happy day all. - 2/4/2017   8:23:20 AM
  • 4
    Looks great! What is Vegebase in # 6? - 2/4/2017   8:00:23 AM
  • 3
    I've been doing this for years, although in a less Pinterest-worthy form: in pyrex bowls rather than mason jars. I make a condensed version of soup, divide it into several bowls and keep in the fridge. At work, I add water and microwave - easy! I love the mason jar idea even more! - 2/4/2017   6:07:18 AM
  • 2
    Thank you for this.. what great ideas - I love I can make them in advance and in some cases, just add water... awesome!!! - 2/3/2017   12:47:35 PM
  • 1
    I didn't know you could even do that. I suppose the possibilities are endless. I would start with #6 since it's what I have in at the moment. - 2/3/2017   11:33:34 AM

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