Luck of the Irish Nachos and a Better Reuben


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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Denise shared some fun recipes with you earlier this week, but I wanted also to share my two new St. Patty's Day dishes.

They're great for a party or as a light meal before you have that (one) green beer!

Chef Meg's BLT-Potato 'Nachos'

On menus at pubs and casual restaurants, I've noticed a twist on nachos: potato chips in place of tortilla chips. Sometimes called "Irish nachos," most versions are fried, but not mine!

Chef Meg's Lighter Reuben

Reubens are a once-a-year treat in our house. Corned beef is delicious and fairly low in fat, but it's quite high in sodium. A small sandwich at a deli can have 20 g fat, twice the calories as my version--and more than a day's worth of sodium. Not my version!

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What is your favorite St. Patrick's Day treat?

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  • 19
    I love IRISH anything. My kind of people. - 3/18/2011   7:07:51 PM
    I have never liked corned beef and was always told I wasn't truly Irish. Well, the truly Irish couldn't afford the land to graze beef, and most of the cattle were raised by the English and the results exported. Corned (which comes from the corns of salt) beef became a dish which immigrants ate when they came here as it was less costly.
    We tend to have salmon or another fish, and potatoes, which were the blessing and then bane of the Irish. The cabbage is great, but I'm the only one who likes it. As for the soda bread, it's not worth doing the gluten free version. And, guinness is not gluten free either!
    - 3/18/2011   2:47:51 AM
  • 17
    corned beef, carrots, potatoes, onion, and cabbage into the crockpot - 3/18/2011   12:03:27 AM
  • 16
    My grandmother's Irish soda bread with cranberries. Delish! - 3/17/2011   11:39:59 PM
    I have made Mutton stew for my family for years after hearing that until recently beef of any type was a luxury for most Irish until the 1900's. I use my Great Grandma's recipe which she learned from her mother who was raised in Ireland - 3/17/2011   10:48:54 PM
  • 14
    Corned beef and cabbage, of course!!!! - 3/17/2011   10:42:20 PM
  • 13
    pistachio amish bread - 3/17/2011   10:30:09 PM
    Like all Irish stuff.CBandC hav a nice zing to the flavor, which is great. - 3/17/2011   3:15:50 PM
  • 10
    Corned beef cooked all day in Guinness is in the crockpot today. I have a truly sinful but incredibly delicious recipe for chocolate Guinness cake that comes from Ireland (really!) that I'd like to see if I can come up with a healthier version someday. - 3/17/2011   1:19:21 PM
  • 9
    Irish Soda Bread....only make it once a year....but I make sure to enjoy it and not feel guilty :-) - 3/17/2011   11:47:33 AM
  • 8
    Corned beef and cabbage an American Irish dish to enjoy on St Patty's Day. Yum - 3/17/2011   10:21:29 AM
    I haven't had a reuben in years. So, what's my favorite St Patricks Day treat ? I do like Irish soda bread with a bit of butter. I may pick up a small loaf later. I even like a nice boiled dinner. - 3/17/2011   9:45:49 AM
  • 6
    corned beef and cabbage - 3/17/2011   9:18:52 AM
    I would like to try the Reuben someday. It looks great - 3/17/2011   8:54:39 AM
  • 4
    Favorite Irish treat? Guinness - 3/17/2011   8:18:30 AM
  • 3
    I have vegan Dublin Coddle going in the crock pot for when I get home! Making some whole wheat soda bread to go with it. - 3/17/2011   8:17:29 AM
    It's St Paddy's Day. Patrick is actually Padraic which gives us Paddy. - 3/17/2011   8:00:12 AM
  • 1
    Corned beef and cabbage (American Irish dish)...YUMMY!!! I used to "dive into" the beef, now I dive into the cabbage.....DELISH!!!! - 3/17/2011   7:40:20 AM

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