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In January, charming little girls came to your door to ask if you would support them and purchase some cookies. Their poise and confident sales approach won you over. Your idea was to give the cookies away or hide them in the freezer when they arrived. Now that the cookies have been delivered, it isn't as easy as you thought it would be. On top of that, the energetic girls are at tables all over the city offering additional opportunities to purchase cookies to show your support. (Check out our slide show of the best and worst Girl Scout Cookies.)
Annual cookie sales provide Girl Scouts with a wonderful opportunity to learn sales and marketing skills. The better the girl's skills, the more cookies we typically purchase which can really derail our weight loss goals. Since no foods are off limits in a healthy lifestyle, mastering Girl Scout cookie portion control will be your key to successfully staying on track during this time of year.

Here are the best Girl Scout cookie choices and the recommended serving size.

Trefoils (5-cookie serving) or Shortbread Cookies (4-cookie serving)
Calories – 160 (Shortbread – 120)
Fat – 8 grams (Shortbread – 4.5 grams)
Sodium – 115 mg (Shortbread – 105 mg)
Carbohydrate – 22 grams (Shortbread – 19 grams)
Protein – 2 grams (Shortbread – 1 gram)
Savannah Smiles (5-cookieserving)
Calories – 140
Fat – 5 grams
Sodium – 125 mg
Carbohydrate – 23 grams
Protein – 1 gram
Shout Outs! (4-cookie serving)
Calories – 130
Fat – 5 grams
Sodium – 130 mg
Carbohydrate – 18 grams
Protein – 2 grams
Dulce de Leche (4-cookie serving)
Calories – 160
Fat – 8 grams
Sodium – 70 mg
Carbohydrate – 20 grams
Protein – 1 gram
Thin Mints (4-cookie serving)
Calories – 160
Fat – 8 grams
Sodium – 120 mg
Carbohydrate – 22 grams
Protein – 1 gram
Here are the cookie choices that you will want to pay close attention to serving sizes when enjoying.

Lemonades (2-cookie serving)
Calories – 150
Fat – 7 grams
Sodium – 80 mg
Carbohydrate – 22 grams
Protein – 1 gram
Thanks-A-Lot (2-cookie serving)
Calories – 150
Fat – 6 grams
Sodium – 110 mg
Carbohydrate – 22 grams
Protein – 2 grams
Peanut Butter Sandwich (3-cookie serving) or Do-Si-Dos (2-cookie serving)
Calories – 160 (Do-Si-Dos – 110)
Fat – 6 grams (Do-Si-Dos – 5 grams)
Sodium – 135 mg (Do-Si-Dos – 70 mg)
Carbohydrate – 26 grams (Do-Si-Dos – 16 grams)
Protein – 2 grams (Do-Si-Dos – 2 grams)
Samoas or Caramel deLites (2-cookie serving)
Calories – 140
Fat – 7 grams
Sodium – 55 grams (Caramel deLites – 85 mg)
Carbohydrate – 19 grams
Protein – 1 gram
Tagalongs or Peanut Butter Patties (2-cookie serving)
Calories – 140 (Peanut Butter Patties – 130)
Fat – 9 grams (Peanut Butter Patties – 8 grams)
Sodium – 95 mg (Peanut Butter Patties – 110 mg)
Carbohydrate – 13 grams
Protein – 2 grams (Peanut Butter Patties – 1 gram)
Thank U Berry Munch (2-cookie serving)
Calories – 120
Fat – 5 grams
Sodium – 75 mg
Carbohydrate – 18 grams
Protein – 1 gram

Which Girl Scout cookie is your favorite? Are you able to follow recommended serving sizes when enjoying them?

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    Thin mints! - 6/15/2017   5:56:24 AM
  • 78
    I have not bought GG cookies for years for my OWN reasons, which I do not care to disclose here. - 6/18/2014   8:44:25 PM
  • 77
    I never even had a girl guide cookie and try to stay away from such sugars why do we dwell on this - 10/16/2013   12:04:48 PM
  • 76
    Do what I do! Write a check for $5.00 and the troop has clear profit - NOT the Keebler Company!!!
    Yesterday I wrote a check for Boy Scouts who were selling popcorn, which is way overpriced also!!! - 9/1/2012   12:08:13 PM
  • 75
    Just.Say.NO. to processed foods of any and all kinds. - 6/30/2012   2:47:59 PM
  • 74
    My favorites are the Thin Mints and the Trefoils. They are so good. My niece is a cadet now, so I have learned over time how to stick to just one serving! - 3/30/2012   2:03:39 AM
    Sounds delicous - 3/25/2012   10:36:36 AM
  • 72
    Thin Mints are my favorite. Glad that I only get one box per year. - 3/7/2012   8:05:10 PM
    Thin Mints, ever since I sold them door to door! And so disappointing to see how small the boxes have become. Just a couple at a time, and they're no harm and a memory in a box. - 3/6/2012   10:14:54 PM
  • 70
    Good idea Heidimikey... - 3/6/2012   8:31:22 AM
  • 69
    As a Canadian, we don't have "Girl Scout" cookies. We do have "Girl Guide" cookies but not nearly as many flavours (3). I feel a little deprived. ;) - 3/5/2012   4:19:16 PM
  • 123ELAINE456
    I have not seen a Girl Scout for many years. Would like to try the cookies sometime soon. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. - 3/4/2012   7:17:14 AM
    When I open a box of cookies - girlscout or other, I check the serving size, then put them in a cookie jar in snack bags one serving per bag. They are ready for my son to grab for his lunch or a snack, and being in a bag helps me stop at a serving - I do that with lots of snacks where it is hard to stop at a serving!
    Heidi - 3/3/2012   6:27:23 PM
  • 66
    My three favorites are Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs. Now Keebler sells their versions of them in the stores year-round, and it's been good for me...I don't get the feeling that they are only available NOW, NOW, NOW, so I have to buy them NOW. and I usually don't buy them during the year anyway. - 3/3/2012   5:22:47 PM
  • 65
    My favorite cookies are the thin mints! And I can definitely stick to the recommended servings! - 3/3/2012   10:53:54 AM
  • 64
    I always look at the box to see if the nutrition has changed. I like the trefoils. They are great with ice cream and hot chocolate. Ohhh, I wonder if PB would be good on them. I look at cal., fiber and protein. My daughter is a Brownie now so I support her. - 3/2/2012   11:22:24 PM
    I have always loved the Thin Mints. Fortunately so do the other people in my house. I got 4 cookies so far and I think there may be 4 left in the box Maybe I'll hide them in the freezer and enjoy them next week. - 3/2/2012   10:46:49 PM
  • 62
    I am a former Girl Scout. I used to sell cookies, but I wasn't very good at it. My favorite were the Scot-Teas, but they don't make those any more. I find all the current cookies very resistable! - 3/2/2012   10:30:11 PM
  • 61
    If everyone wrote a check for $5.00 like I do, the troops would have a lot more money. Who really benefits the most??? Keebler, or whatever company is making them.
    PS When I was a Scout, the price went from $.25 to $.35 and we made 5 cents per box. (I'm really old!!!) - 3/2/2012   10:28:39 PM
    Thank you so much for addressing this subject. I have 3 granddaughters that are in Girl Scouts so I feel obligated to buy cookies. I love the Thin Mints. I put them in my freezer and only take out 3 at a time. I often forget that I have them so the cookies last for months. - 3/2/2012   10:02:53 PM
  • JANE4041
    The weight management program I follow uses protein shakes and has recipies for Samoa, Tagalong and Thin mint shakes so I can have all I want of these delicious tastes and NOT gain an ounce... probably lose some pounds... YES!!!!! - 3/2/2012   9:43:28 PM
    Carmel delights are my favorite, but I gave mine all away when I received them this year. - 3/2/2012   9:41:57 PM
  • 57
    The shortbread cookies are my favorites. But I haven't bought any for the past few years. My personal opinion is they're horribly overpriced and they don't taste as good as they used to. - 3/2/2012   9:06:14 PM
  • 56
    Cookies are not a trigger food for me so I will eat the recommended serving size and ENJOY! I did do my homework before ordering to get the ones with the lower calorie counts. - 3/2/2012   7:20:47 PM
  • 55
    I just figure the calories into my daily plan. I have them about 3 or 4 days in a week and thats it. I make sure to share or freeze some for the next month. I am not going to limit myself to one serving , that one time. Having a few cookies once in a while is no different than having a granola bar. Everything in moderation, thats my motto. - 3/2/2012   7:18:08 PM
  • 54
    My favorite is the Thin Mints! - 3/2/2012   5:57:34 PM
  • 53
    My favorite is Samoas, however, since I'm the only one in my house who likes them, I don't buy them. I let the kids choose which ones they want and buy those for them. Since my daughter is a Girl Scout, you know we buy lots!! I do like me some Thin Mints from the freezer!! Yum, yum! - 3/2/2012   2:39:13 PM
  • 52
    The Girl Scouts sell the cookies outside select grocery stores in the Seattle area. I generally treat myself to two boxes - 1 Thin Mints and 1 Samoa. I have no problem with serving size - I frequently eat just one cookie. I used to be a Girl Scout and earned badges for selling the cookies. - 3/2/2012   12:59:10 PM
    funny, I just blogged about this on facebook. Never notice the count until this year! - 3/2/2012   11:53:48 AM
  • 50
    I bought Samoas and, in a rare instance of clarity of thought, decided I will take them to a potluck Sat. night. - 3/2/2012   11:34:01 AM
  • 49
    I am one of the few that do not care for the cookies. Maybe because they are so hard. I like the soft, fresh out of the oven kind. lol. As a mom of two Eagle Scouts, we sold popcorn for 12 years and so I do buy to support the scouting program. I let the boys take care of them. Every once in a while I will try one to see what all the fuss is about, and each time I find myself going, "eh". lol - 3/2/2012   10:58:15 AM
  • 48
    I tend to follow WW point system. I love all the flavors and end up buying a couple boxes of each. I immediately go through and mark the "point value" on the top of each box so I am aware each time I grab a cookie. - 3/2/2012   10:52:35 AM
  • 47
    Girl Scout cookies are like potato chips... you can't eat just one... I usually end up buying boxes to support the girls. Being a former Girl Scout, i actually only buy from the older Cadette or Senior troops because their cookie money usually goes for Wider Opportunities. I don't eat the boxes though. I take them to church or work & set them out for everyone else to eat & then walk away. - 3/2/2012   10:41:38 AM
  • 46
    Tagalongs for the win!! My boyfriend loves Thin Mints. I buy a box of each, and we eat a serving or sometimes even half a serving every 2 or 3 days. Last year, my Tagalongs just sat in the snack drawer (full of mostly healthy snacks) for months before I even opened them. I used to eat entire rows of cookies in one sitting! - 3/2/2012   9:45:11 AM
    My dad's favorites were the peanut butter cookies, so I'm partial to those. I can't remember the last time I ate Girl Scout cookies! - 3/2/2012   9:30:41 AM
    I was always taught that cookies bought for charitable purposes have no calories. LOL !!!!

    I have a box of Thanks a Lot at home. I haven't opened it yet because I gave up chocolate for Lent. However, when I am ready to eat them, I'll just portion control my servings. that's all. All things in moderation.

    - 3/2/2012   9:26:26 AM
  • 43
    I don't buy them. Makes life easier. - 3/2/2012   9:15:31 AM
  • 42
    My neighbor bought the slim mints cookies. I ate ONLY 1!!! I used to eat the whole box in one sitting! - 3/2/2012   8:55:34 AM
  • 41
    I love Tag-a-longs, which is why I am avoiding girl scout cookies like the plague this year. I find one is never enough and I keep eating them until they are gone. - 3/2/2012   8:27:27 AM
  • 40
    Samoas are my favorite~ but I just have half a serving, which is one cookie. I savor it, & it's enough. Keeping them in the freezer helps.
    Luckily, they don't last long since they're the fave of my hubby & daughter, too! - 3/2/2012   8:26:34 AM
  • 39
    We bought10 boxes. We got 6 Thin Mints, 2 Samoas (for me) and 2 Tagalongs (for husband.) I have no problem eating just one serving. In fact, last night I had just 1 Samoa (half a serving) for dessert. - 3/2/2012   7:56:21 AM
    Why does every person that has left a comment , say how bad they are for you? Something you may like is not bad for you as long as you don't sit and eat a whole box or two! Even 2 servings once a year isn't gonna kill you. Girl Scout cookies are only around once a year. You people are depriving yourself and unless you're planning on NEVER eating a cookie or anything good the rest of your life-GREAT! But the truth is you don't have to quit eating things you like. Just don't over it whatever it is. In moderation, everything is OK now and then. If you deprive yourself, you're just gonna want it that much more and when you do let go, you're gonna eat a whole box! If you do eat 2 servings, just walk or exercise a little longer and burn them off, or cut down on your next meal. Don't deprive be alive! - 3/2/2012   3:57:16 AM
  • 37
    Oh how I miss Girl Scout Cookies! (feel free to send some my way in the UK!)
    *cries* :P - 3/2/2012   3:19:42 AM
  • 36
    So glad that none of the smiling little girls came to our door this year. I forget it was even "Cookie" time. I always froze my tagalongs but that just made them yummier!!! None at my house this year. WOOHOO!!! - 3/2/2012   12:38:08 AM
  • 35
    I never buy them, since they are to expensive, plus my DD was never interested in being in GS. - 3/1/2012   8:06:47 PM
  • 34
    I love the Somoas and the short bread but I didn't purchase any because I don't have control I would eat the whole row!!!!!! You have to know your limitations and I'm not ready to have a whole row of cookies. - 3/1/2012   7:02:01 PM
  • 33
    Trefoils are my favorite! But I love the Savannah Smiles too--they're hard to eat only a serving of, unless I put the box away right away! - 3/1/2012   6:27:23 PM
  • 32
    Samoas have always been a weakness. - 3/1/2012   6:04:49 PM
    LOL...don't see the trans-fats listed! - 3/1/2012   5:46:32 PM
  • 30
    I don't buy them anymore but when I did...........Dulce de Leche were my favorite. My kids love the Peanut Butter Patties. Now I've found other options. - 3/1/2012   5:26:37 PM

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