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I have a confession. I am obsessed with a website that isn't SparkPeople. com. I think about it during the day. I visit the site before I go to bed each night. I even had a dream about it once. Don't get me wrong, I love SparkPeople and would recommend it to anyone for all of your healthy lifestyle needs, but I have a new flame. It's name is Pinterest. I could waste spend hours a day looking for cool ideas and pinning the ones I stumble upon on Pinterest. Sometimes I do! Pinterest has changed my online world for the better.
Those of you who have a Pinterest account probably "get it." Those of you who have no idea what Pinterest is are probably scratching your heads and saying, "Huh?"
Allow me to explain.
For those who don't know, is a rapidly growing website. It's free. It's fun. It's visual and engaging. You never know what you'll find on Pinterest—in a good way!
You register your Pinterest account just like any other social networking site and can make your account private or public. Think of Pinterest as your online file cabinet. Your virtual corkboard for everything you find and love on the Internet. Your digital idea generator. Through your account, you can "pin" any page/image/story/website on the Internet.  A "pin" saves it for you to look at later. Pins can be clothes you like, videos you want to watch, craft ideas or gifts you want to buy. Or if you prefer, you can pin or browse recipes, workouts, inspiring quotes, handy to-do lists or articles you want to keep/read/reference later. You can even use it to create your own online vision collage. It's all up to you and your pimagination. (Hehe Get it?) You can create as many different "boards" (think of them as categories) for your pins, editing and adding to them at any time. You can follow random people whose pins you like, friends who are also on pinterest and even companies you like, or just look at the main page of Pinterest and "like" or "repin" anything that fancies you! Which brings me to the real point of this blog: You can now follow SparkPeople on Pinterest, too!
If you have a Pinterest account, help us Spread the Spark by following SparkPeople today so that the healthy recipes, workouts, quotes and other great content we pin shows up in your Pinterest feed—where you can like or repin it for yourself.  (If you don't have an account but are intrigued, request one here.) We'll keep adding boards as we expand our pinning ventures in the near future.  And be on the lookout for "Pin It" icons coming soon to our SparkRecipes, motivational quotes and dailySpark pages.  I hope to see you there!

Are you a Pinterest member? What kinds of boards or pins would you like to see from SparkPeople?

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Heard about, been seeing the icon, but haven't checked out for myself yet. :D Report
This sounds interesting. If I will use it is another matter. I barely have time for SP and Facebook. Report
I just got an invite today and am totally loving it. :) Following SP too! I also agree with others... you can waste a LOT of time in there and not realize it, lol. Report
I confess. I pin. I already unofficially pinned SparkPeople a long time ago. Now I guess I'll make it official. :) Report
I think Pinterest is a dangerous site . . . one can spend a LOT of time there, almost as much time as on SparkPeople! I've pinned lots of recipes (from SparkRecipes and elsewhere) and many other things; I'm following SP there now. :D

I requested an account over a month ago. I'm really disappointed that I haven't received one yet. My sis-in-law had the same problem. What's the deal? Report
I've requested an invitation several times, haven't gotten one yet!
Do not want to waste any more of my life at the computer than I have to, would rather go out and live it. Report
I love this site. I am so addicted to it. I've had an account for a few months. I've made 5 or so recipe's that I found on other peoples boards and they have all been great. I have done craft projects that I have found there too. LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest!!!

Following now, and thanks for letting us know. Report
I just popped over to; it is an explosion of ideas in my face -- not sure I would use it unless a photo caught my eye, but thanks.
Cool!!! I just sent in my request.
I definitely need a place to store the cool stuff I find on the web. Report
I have not looked at pinterest, but will not sparkpeople has to have my attention. Report
Hmmmm.....not right now. I spend enough time on SparkPeople and don't want to subtract any more time from my real time life. Report
Sounds deadly, not to mention deadening, as does Facebook and others of the ilk. "Like" something? Who cares? If I like something, I do it/see it/buy it/eat it/use it/wear it/whatever-all-else applies. "Follow" a website or anything else from a different site? Why not simply check the source? The whole notion strikes me as pin-headed. Report
Can't do one more website. This one takes enough of my time, and WW that I do ON LINE. I do very little on Face book as well. NO MORE! Thanks anyway. Report
If you still need an invite, msg me your email and I'll send you one :) Report
Never heard of it before and sounds interesting, but I already have more than I need and can use effeciently. Report
I've been a member there for a while now :) :) Report
I LOVE Pinterest! I LOVE SparkPeople! I'm following :) Report
Never heard of it. I get what I want off of Craigslist by putting up a "Want" ad. Report
I requested an invitation early yesterday morning and never received it. :-( Report
Love Pinterest! Report
I have explored Pinterest over the last couple of days...very inspiring, creative. I don't have an account yet, but probably will. I will check out SP on Pinterest too. Report
Sounds interesting, but I don't think I need yet another time suck on the internet. Report
Requested an account. I checked the site out briefly the other day, and it was a lot of fun. Report
I too LOVE Pinterest! I love to see motivational quotes and delicious recipes, so more of those are always good! Report
I have Pinterest and like it, but I rarely look at everyone else's pins and don't care if anyone looks at mine. I just use it to save my own stuff. Report
I LOVE Pinterest!!! I actually have my virtual Sparkpeople board on my page. Report
Following SP now! Yes!
June :) Report
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