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Coach Nicole Spreads the Spark on FOX!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
We're all strapped for cash these days, but that doesn't mean we need to let our health go by the wayside. This morning, I appeared LIVE on local (Cincinnati) FOX 19 to explain how to workout at home without spending a lot of money. I mentioned SparkPeople's free fitness resources, our Fitness Starter Kit (available for less than $25 at, and even our 7-day Bootcamp workout plan! Plus, my co-worker Jenny was on hand to demonstrate a few exercises using a ball and a resistance band.

Want to see the 3-minute segment for yourself?

Please click here to see the video on the FOX 19 Website.

While I've been on the live local news a few times since I started working at SparkPeople, it never gets any easier! I get so nervous that I feel sick to my stomach each time I think about it. I have trouble sleeping the night before; and I have to wake up earlier than normal after a night of restless tossing and turning.

This morning, I took a few deep breaths to calm down. I visualized myself doing well, and I even repeated positive affirmations (in my head) before I went on. It may seem silly, but saying, "I'm confident. I'm capable. I know what I'm talking about. There's nothing to be nervous about," really helped me get through it. Despite being scared on the inside, I made it through my 3-minute segment just as I had visualized it happening.

Like many scary, risky, or difficult things we all encounter in our lives, the experience was also a great opportunityŚnot just professionally, but as a way to Spread the Spark to others who need it. I'm glad I did it.

What would your life be like if you never stretched yourself, or if you avoided every uncomfortable situation? When was the last time you did something scary-but-worthwhile (like visit the doctor, train for a race, or ask for a raise)?

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Awesome job Nichole! Way to spread the Spark! Report
Nicole and Jen - great job! You both looked terrific!

Nicole, you didn't look nervous AT ALL. And you spoke very clearly with no uhms or uhs...very professional, very radiated confidence and look so fit! I was amazed at how rapid-fire the commentator's questions were, and how easily you put together your answers. It was really super to see you in action! Good job!!! Report
Ill be honest, I dont often take risks, the fear really rules me. But in the middle of January I got the courage to inquire about submitting some work to an insipirational readings website. They said they didnt solicit, but would be willing to read a few samples of my work.
I sent in three and they bought all three!
Yeah!! Report
I'm very impressed. The segment was very professional and the information presented was outstanding! I spread the spark everyday, but you just reached many more!! Great job. Report
Great clip! Nicole and Jen, you both did a wonderful job! It is so important to let people know about SP since it's a great site! Report
Great Job!!! I love the clip. Hope a lot of people saw it. Report
I love it Coach Nicole! You were great, and it gives so many more people the opportunity to see the great resources we all get with Spark People. You rock! Report
Great Job Nicole and Jenny if people only knew how Sparkpeople can really change your life, great exposure and I hope lots more people join because of the TV spot. Report
I am so thankful that Spark People was on TV, I heard about it on the Today Show. Many Thank yous. Report
You guys were great! I love speaking in public but to be on TV, yikes! Yay for Sparkpeople! Report
Nicole, You did an outstanding job! You look fantastic and you were very professional. Jenny great job demonstrating! Report
You did a great job! I also want to comment on the blog you wrote about some telling you "how thick you are". I think you look great just the way you are. You are cute and perky and you give great instructions in you exercise videos. I really working out to them.

Lori Report
Great job Nicole and Jen. You didn't appear nervous at all, and really was able to get in so much info about SP. I'm sure a lot of people ran to their computer when they were able and that we now have a ton of new members!
Thanks for all the help and support you give us for our weight loss journeys.

Jeannie Report
Good job Nicole! Way to spread the Spark! Report
The two of you did a great job. Report
Good job Nicole and Jen. If you were nervous you hid it very, very well. Report
Way to Go spread the Spark Report
Great job, very nicely done! Report
Coach Nicole - GREAT JOB!

Thanks for all you do to spread the spark and keep us motivated. And you are ARE confident and capable (among many other positive things!) so keep up the great work! Report
Stepping out of my box is a daily thing for me and I meet new people daily. Each person I talk to gives me someting that I am use to change and make my life better. Some people just continue to let me know life is short so live it! Report
You did a great job, Nicole! Thanks for spreading the spark and reaching out to more people to join us on this wonderful website. Report
Llife would be BORING!!!!!!! Report
Nicole, you look great and you sound great - and yes, SparkPeople is indeed a great place to start. Report
I think you sound very confident and professional! Good job! :-) Report
Nicole and Jen, you both did a great job. Report
I really enjoyed the article and watching the video. Spark people has done great for me, and it is good to see it getting out there in the Media. Report
I'm currently running a challenge and we've got positive affirmations:
Woohooo Nicole and Jen! Awesome segment! Report
Great job on the awesome video! Report
Awesome Nicole and Jen!!!! Report
Great Job! Another great way for members to spread the spark with this blog Report
Telling people I'm mentally ill is always scary. However to be honest about why I have failed sometimes is better than trying to keep up a lie. Report
Nicole and Jenny, you two did an awesome job !! Report
I think that is awesome that you did that! Way to go! I get nervous for things like that too, but I bet it felt great after you finished the segment. Report
Awesome job, you two! Nicole I appreciate your honesty in your blogs. I think it helps all of us to see what it's like to be in the spotlight (or to do something hard)...and to survive! Report
Good show! I'm glad you were able to overcome the jitters.

I used to not be able to speak up in class at all during my school years, and when I couldn't get out of it, it was quite painful, and not just for me.

I've come a long way since then, and I've done a lot of things that I previously thought I would never be able to do, like give speeches before hundreds of people at conferences. I'm always trying to figure out how to do things I've never done before.

Anyway, you did it! Just think of all the people out there who have the opportunity to improve their lives because of what you did. Report
Great job Jen & Nicole. I feel so fortunate to have a website like this that will help me achieve my weight loss goals and its FREE!! There is an endless supply of resources. Thanks so much!! Report
I also think you and Jen did a great job. You are a great example of spreading the spark around. When it comes to stretching myself, i do not do it often or enough. I have a fear of either fainting, stammering or just running away. Maybe that is something to work on?? LOL I am going to think of ways to test my boundries and comfort zone. Thank you for the encouragement and making me realize that I am not alone in my fears. Report
You didn't look nervous to me! You did a fantastic job of Spreading the Spark! Report
Way to Go! Nicole and Jen. Great motivation!
I'm sure there are a few new people out there now looking at Sparkpeople.
And it's Free... The word Everyone loves to hear! Report
Nicole, you and Jenny were great you were right at home in front of the camera. You guys were SparkPeople in action.....Keep up the great work!!! Report
I would never have known how nervous you were if you hadn't told us, you did great! So did Jen! What a wonderful job of promoting a great site! Way to go ladies - WooHoo! Now, if you could just get those stability balls in various sizes (ie: 55cm) so that a shorty like me could by one of those starter kits - life would be about perfect. ;) Report
hey nicole.. great appearance.. think you'd be more nervous if this was a national spot? Report
GREAT JOB, Nicole! You looked very professional and Jenny did well, too! You made a nice team! Report
Way to go Coach Nicole, I would have never guessed that you were nervous at all, you seemed very relaxed and natural. Report
How awesome is that !! Way too cool !! Report
Bravo! Thanks for sharing honestly with us. It helps to know that courage involves facing our fears and walking through them rather than not having any to face. That knowledge offers hope to those of us who struggle with feelings of weakness or inadequacy. It's also nice to see Sparkpeople grow through the integrity of its staff and content rather than through glitz and the typical Madison Avenue Ad tactics. Report
Nicole, you did great! Although I haven't stretched lately, you may have inspired me to do something new. My daughter is both on camera and on the radio quite often since she's studying for a journalism degree. I'm not where she gets her on-air composure, and I am in awe of how professionally she handles herself. You too looked like you have been doing it for years! Congratulations on your hurdle! Report
Good job Nicole and Jen! Hopefully that will reach a multitude of others who can learn from this great site... Report
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