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Consistency Eventually Leads to Breakthroughs!

Sweat the Small Stuff

Consistency, so important to the SparkPeople System, is something our society often overlooks. People are so focused on wanting things now that they aren't willing to spend the time consistently doing small things over time. This attitude results in loads of stress and lost opportunities.

Here's how you can reap the benefits of consistently doing small things:

First, pick small goals that can be somewhat easily integrated into your normal daily schedule. Examples include:
  • 10 minute workout in the morning
  • Taking fruits and vegetables to work (packs of raisins, an apple, or a bag of carrots)
  • Giving yourself small breaks throughout the day to relax or meditate
  • Working on a new skill for a certain amount of time each week
Next, set specific goals based on these, then write down the goals and track them. MySpark is one great way to track your goals. Doing these small goals consistently will build a good foundation - a springboard for future success.

Once you do these steps, consistently setting and achieving goals becomes an upward cycle. As you gain momentum, you will want to continue achieving new goals. One thing to watch out for is losing focus on the goals that built your springboard, which can cause the whole thing to fall apart. Those goals should become good habits.

Consistently building new habits can lead to personal breakthroughs that wouldn't have otherwise happened.

Here's a personal example: I've been really working on my fitness consistency over the past 6 months. I've also set a goal to improve my tennis strokes. Last night I played tennis with a friend in 90+ degree heat and lost the set we played (it wasn't even that close). Afterwards, we continued to hit for another 20 minutes or so. Instead of being down mentally and exhausted physically from the heat, I still had a bounce in my step from the improved fitness. Also, I concentrated on improving my strokes and wanted to get better. After about 10 minutes, I had a breakthrough in the development of my strokes and my friend immediately noticed I was hitting much better. Now, I'm even more excited about getting out and playing more. If it hadn't been for consistently achieving smaller goals, I probably wouldn't have had this breakthrough.

These same principles can work for you in all areas of your personal and professional life. Consistency is the key!

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Member Comments

  • Very helpful, thanks
  • I'm counting on this!
  • Good article lots of good information
  • The consistency aspect is doing well for me, I just question if I need to do more, how much more time do I need to get where I hope to be.
    Determination is important in life itself.
  • In college, my fiancé told me not to be discouraged when he beat me at tennis. He said I couldn't beat him. He had been a star in high school, but I was very determined. Though recruited for our university team I didn't want to travel so much and miss classes. I did play intramural against both men and women including the men's actual traveling team. I started winning pretty consistently and even began beating my fiancé now and then. What a feeling of accomplishment. I had to give up tennis many years ago due to issues with multiple sclerosis. But, I'm still pretty determined in whatever I can do. Thanks for your wonderful example!
  • REEANIN1010
    15 minutes of fitness daily starting tomorrow! Consistency is where I struggle. Too easy to not see results right away and give up. Sticking to it!
    Thanks for the tip I am really glad I click on to this article
    I believe that I will make better choices tommorow!
    I needed this today, and I'm happy I found this article. I love how this article says-Consistently building new habits can lead to personal breakthoughs that wouldn't have otherwise happened. Since I have been doing this good things will happen. Believe In Yourself!
    I do my best to be consistent all the time but sometimes it's so difficult. I just hope that I can persevere .
    so funny that i found this article. oh yesterday my husband was just saying in bible study that it's the small things you do that can add up to big change. He wasn't talking about weight loss, but I made it to apply to me. I'm going to remember this daily.
  • I really needed to read this today!! I have been consistent but I have been feeling like my consistency isn't going to pay off! I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and I know I will make it to my goal!

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