Burn It Off: How Much Hopping to Undo a Chocolate Bunny?

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Earlier this week, I was reading about the 10 Easter treats I could enjoy for 100 calories or less. I won't lie: I really, really wanted to eat some (OK, all) of that candy. I've previously shared that I have a major sweet tooth, so anything sugary sweet is always a temptation for me. But I try to eat healthy most of the time and keep my portions of sweets and treats small.

One thing that does keep me from overdoing it on "extras" like Easter candy is to think about how much exercise it would really take to work off those calories. So, going with our Easter theme today, the exercise of choice is hopping (aka jumping). Whether you're jumping rope, performing box jumps or following my Jump Start Cardio workout, hopping around is hard work. It's intense and it burns a lot of calories, but it's far from easy.

So how much bunny hopping (in the form of a jumping jack) would it take to undo a standard milk chocolate bunny?

One small (1.5 oz) milk chocolate bunny contains about 240 calories and 13 grams of fat. That's not too bad, but remember that this is a pretty small bunny. They can range in size up to several ounces and several hundred more calories. One Nestle's Crunch Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny contains nearly 700 calories, for example.

According to SparkPeople.com's Fitness Tracker, a 150-pound woman would need to perform vigorous jumping jacks for 27 minutes to burn 240 calories. At a rate of, say, one jack per second, that equals 1,620 jumping jacks to undo just one little chocolate bunny.

Next time a little chocolate bunny is catching my eye, I'm going to remember that stat and decide whether the little splurge is really worth it. Since I'm not much of a chocolate person, I'd probably skip this one (and choose jelly beans instead haha).

How about you? Is a tiny chocolate bunny worth 1,620 jumping jacks to you? What Easter treat is worth the extra calories?

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I get a 8oz solid bunny and I eat it little by little to make it last. yes it is worth to treat yourself once in a while as long as you don't over do it Report
Oh please, quit with perfection, eat a chocolate bunny or something, good grief, enjoy something good for a change and don't sweat it. Healthy food should taste better. Report
I get jelly beans and put them in 0.5 serving sizes in plastic eggs. I get an egg for a treat. Everything else in my basket my BF puts fun little stuff. socks, books, nail polish, eye shadow, nail files, just little stuff like that. This year I asked for some various colored bands for my fit bit. I asked him to keep the candy to a minimum. Report
As long as it fits into my calorie range I won't sweat it, but if I go over on calories then I would do a little extra work to work it off. Easter means a big family dinner so I will probably be loosening up (a little). I may have one tiny chocolate but two king Hawaiian rolls at dinner. Report
I think as long as I see it as a treat I can adjust my calories in other ways. I know if I live a life that's really strict by inner brat will revolt later. On the other hand, I recently started strictly tracking my calories and have come to realize how much I have been sabotaging myself on the weekends. Report
Do you have to do the jumping jacks all at once to offset the calories from the chocolate. You can do some throughout the day. Report
This is why I choose more intensive exercise! Jumprope burns about 720 calories per hour. But it's boring to jump rope for an hour. So, I mix it up - jumprope for 5 minutes (60 cals), interval mountain climbers for 2 minutes (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off - another 30 cals), front kicks for 3 minutes (30 cals). Repeat, and you're done in 20 minutes! Report
I ate an ENTIRE Reeseter Bunny! About 800 calories which is about 5400 jumping jacks. Wish I had read this article before I ate him! Report
Not long ago I couldn't hop at all. Now I can do a few jumping jacks and try to do some each day. But, I'll never make it to enough to offset that chocolate bunny. lol! Report
Regular retail chocolate Easter bunny? Just think of it as eating poison, because IT IS.

An organic chocolate Easter bunny? ABSOLUTELY, special occasions are special because they are not every day of the year, and they are meant to be celebrated as part of a whole and healthy life. Report
LOL...I stay away from any type of "corporate" candy...it's all garbage, SO not worth the calories, and doesn't provide anything beneficial to your body...ever since reading a doctor's report that processed sugar (especially corn syrup) wrecks havoc on your insides, I quit eating candy, cake, cookies, etc. (and I was a total sugar junkie)...Though I now usually eat chocolate almost EVERY day, 6 squares of a sinful, 85% cocoa bar...organic, no processed sugar, and I truly savor every square (I usually eat it with fruit, as fat slows insulin production)...125 calories, 7 grams of fat, and loaded with antioxidants...why would I want to eat anything else? Check out Green & Black's chocolate in your local supermarket...it's pretty awesome... Report
I've never known anyone that has a chocolate easter bunny every day of the year, so wouldn't worry about having a treat or more on Easter. Good grief, life is short! We don't have any candy here because kids are gone, mainly. But anyway, it's what you eat during most every other day of the year that counts, not some holiday here and there. Let's spread the news! Report
Today is Easter Sunday, and I had one Laura Secord chocolate. I'm trying to behave. Report
White chocolate is worth every bite. A little bit every day :) Report
I can't resist the peeps. I can knock off a whole box by the time I get home from the store! Report
Reese's Peanut butter eggs & Cadbury Caramel eggs. Report
I'm waiting for the after Easter sales to buy my fave treat; Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. Report
I'm not much on eating chocolate, so isn't a big issue for me. We did see a huge chocolate bunny at the grocery for $18 the other day. Laughed and said Mr. Duggar with the 19 Kids and Counting could buy it and feed the family. LOL Report
I love Easter, I bought smaller bunnies- and plan to eat mine in more than one sitting. Report
I am not buying any Easter candy, I don't need it, and I don't have the temptation in my house that way. Report
Thanks so much for the info!!! Report
Wow that is a lot of jumping jacks! But I do have a major sweet tooth. It might just be worth it! Report
That's a lot of hopping! I remember one day I started jumping rope, and it started off well...then my heart rate shot up and my breath was shortened, and I realized you can't keep that up at the same pace for a long period of time. Good workout, though! Report
I love Easter eggs, easter bunnies, easter chocolate. I love chocolate.
My 6yo & I planned the Easter Egg Hunt this year...we made little bunnies from craft materials for each member of the family and decorated a basket, he made a paper bunny crown at school, and I bought a few assorted egg, bunnies for the basket.
I can't wait for our family get together at grandmas home.
Will I eat chocolate? Yes! It is part of my healthy lifestyle: celebrate, eat, move, love, live. Happy Easter everyone! Report
Well, we allow ourselves two desserts each month - with that system we feel the calories take care of themselves during the rest of the month (which has worked out so far). We picked up 10 dark chocolate eggs, a package of 2 peeps dipped in chocolate (not enrobed), and the small carton of robin's eggs. We will split that this weekend and enjoy it guilt free! Report
BTW...to quote the artiicle via copy paste...she wrote 1 jack per second...

" At a rate of, say, one jack per second, that equals 1,620 jumping jacks to undo just one little chocolate bunny." Report

I am gonna start thinking like this for every treat or not so good meal. Do I wanna do 1600+ jumping jacks for this one moment of pleasure??? The answer will probably be no.

I'll start tomorrow since today is almost over. Report
Does it count to complete the jacks over several days? I would definitely have to jump for the bunny. 8) Report
that's a lot of calories... thank goodness i don't like chocolate! Report
1620 vigorous jumping jacks???? I'm impressed. I've never thought of candy this way. Thanks for the insight! Report
My boss gave me a Ghirardelli milk chocolate caramel bar after lunch, and I ate it. It was good, but I do prefer dark chocolate, and have a little every morning. Report
That is a lot of exercise for a choc bunny. But I think moderation is key as mentioned in several posts. Even a few bites (like his ears hehe) would be fine imo :-) Report
I know I shall be getting candy for Easter, I think I'll just take a nibble and then let my boyfriend finish the rest for me lol. Report
I find that whenever I have a special event involving food and eat too much that my weight will go up for a couple days and then come right back down a few days later. So I'm not going to count out 1,620 jumping jacks. I've done the super-strict, beat-myself-up over every eating indiscretion thing, and all it lead me to was a three-pound-per-week weight loss for a few months followed by misery and then of course a gain back of every last pound! Moderation for me means that I can eat a chocolate bunny without guilt if I feel like it! Report
So is it ok to compensate empty calories such as chocolate and not eat beneficial calories to balance out caloric intake for the day Report
Ooooh booy.... yeah, that IS a lot of jumping jacks (or jump squats, or jump rope or running)... but I'm a chocolate FIEND.... I'm afraid I'll probably be indulging in a chocolate bunny or cadbury caramel egg or Reece's peanut-butter egg on Sunday. Gave up sugar for the last week, and I'm resolved to NOT binge, but just enjoy a small treat. :)

I'll skip the jelly beans and peeps though. Meh. Those don't appeal to me so much! :)

Hoppin' along now... Thanks for the blog! Report
How many jumping jacks for a piece of coconut cake????? Report
Great article......however......I do believe it is worth the extra work (since I have a love love relationship with chocolate, I love it and it loves my hips!) BUT I have thought more about what I would rather spend my "goodie" calories on.......I guess I should Jump on..... Report
Oh man, I better start jumping! I just ate one! Report
I can do without the chocolate bunny, but the Starburst Jelly Beans are worth hopping for! Report
I usually lose interest after I bite off the ears. Oh, who am I kidding? I don't lose interest, I just get distracted by jelly beans and Peeps. Report
I love chocolate and haven't been able to eat it because of a gallbladder problem. When I craved chocolate, I would have one of those little fun size mini bars and sometimes it would take me three days to eat it. Since I had my operation last week, I tried a piece of chocolate and I was OK. Looking at this article, and having lost 60 pounds which I am not trying to find, I think that I will just let my mind continue to think that it takes me three days to eat a fun size candy bar. Report
Great way to look at it. I "THINK" I will be able to stay away from the Easter bunny now. Every time I look at a piece of candy I'll think about how long I have to work out. I'm kind of on burn out right now and struggling to keep it going so this is perfect timing. Report
I love the peanut butter eggs myself, and I am planning on having one. That will be enough candy for me! Report
Nope.....not worth it to me! I'll skip the Easter candy this year. Report
Totally not worth it to me! I don't even like milk chocolate, Now, if it was dark chocolate . . . Report
I dislike chocolate and could pretty easily go the rest of my life without eating it again. Report
I enjoy the chocolate bunny myself (look out kids) but after eating some, it is always encouragement for me to get out and cycle, my preferred form of exercise. I look at it in a positive light, some bunny a bunch of riding which I enjoy. Report
It's not the bunnies I'm worried about it...it's the four rounds of dessert after dinner!! Report
oh my gosh to late for me I'm going half to do better tomorrow couldn't resist the ''chocolate "EASTER Bunny going half to go walking in the rain "I feel so guilty hope "I hadn't gain sure can't lose like that. Report
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