Brooke Shields Spins Into Shape

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You’ll find veteran actress Brooke Shields on the cover of Shape’s October issue. She looks amazing at 43 and as a mother of two children. In the interview, Shields shares her “5 Secrets” to staying fit, happy and confident. The story is full of some great info about Shields, who seems really down to earth, talking about the lack of self-confidence she struggled with in the past, and how she fits healthy habits into her busy life.

In terms of fitness, Shields is a big fan of Spinning (group cycling) classes, saying, “Spinning is the only way I ever lose weight…It’s purely about keeping my heart rate up and burning calories.” If she ever experiences weight gain (she recently gained 9 pounds while recovering from foot surgery), “I know I’ll get back into shape pretty quickly once I can start Spinning again,” she told Shape.

As a Spinning instructor myself, I was excited to read this. It’s by far my favorite form of cardio, too. I love it because of the group environment, which is more motivating to me than hitting the treadmill alone. (Shields agrees, telling Shape, “I’m not really a gym person but I love taking classes!”) The music makes it fun, and it really is a great workout for people of all fitness levels—you get out of it what you put into it.

In terms of calorie burn, Spinning can burn up to 500 or 600 calories per hour. However, when I wear my heart rate monitor (a more accurate way to estimate calorie burn) it usually reads about 350-400 calories per hour.

You could burn calories like Brooke, too! Check out my Favorite Things for Spinning, as well as this Spinning Primer to learn what Spinning is and what to expect during your first class. You can also visit for more info and to find a free trial class near you.

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I love love LOVE to spin. It truly is my drug of choice! Unfortunately, because of my schedule, I only get to do it once every other week. HOWEVER, this summer, I did it TWICE a week!! Yippee!!

Using my HRM, definitely pushes me further because I know how much I usually burn, and I definitely don't want to be below that! Report
Sounds great !! Report
A classic beauty, I thought I saw her more firmed up in an episode of nip tuck. Don't know about spinning. But I can not wait until I got myself a new bike instead the noisy clunker I have at home an older model stationary bike. Report
Wow, Brooke Shields looks great! That photo is great inspiration for me. I suffered from some sever PPD like her and to see her bounce back like that is amazing.
I would love to try spinning. Report
This was a great article to read. I love spinning as well. It's a great workout and allows you to burn a lot a calories and makes you feel great. I'm deployed and I wish they would have spinning bikes here but they don't. I guess I'll have to deal with the conventional stationary bike. I love reading SHAPE. There are always great workout tips for everyone of all levels. Report
why do you think my tag name is spinningrachel? i loved this sport for the same reasons, but gave it up cuz i couldn't get to the gym often enough and don't have room in the house for a stationary bike. amongst my other exercise solutions, though, i've recently found (finally!) a good replacement that i can do in my own living room with my videos - JUMPROPE. WOW! what a boost! Report
I'm not a class person, but I bought an indoor stationary trainer for my road bike (this great gadget that holds the front bicycle wheel still, while allowing the rear to spin in place). I'll get on board for an hour or so, and do intervals with the gears, alternating from high to low. This keeps my heart rate in the 80-85% zone, I sweat about a half gallon, and it's all accomplished in the privacy of my own home! Report
I love spinning! It kicks my butt everytime and you know that you are getting a good workout because when you are done you are dripping with sweat! Report
I want to try Spinning, but I really want a friend to go with me. Report
after reading this blog-- i am intruiged !! i want to try spinning!! Report
I do interval training on a bike once a week. The machine tends to over estimate the calories used but I don't care much about that part of my workout so it's fine with me. Report
I dont like using stationary bikes, they tire me out in like 30 seconds, but i can kick butt on treadmills, elipticals, stair climbers, ect. Report
I'd love to try spinning again, but it hurt my tailbone like crazy last time and padded shorts are EXPENSIVE! And they don't feel that padded, I don't have any of my own padding!! lol Report
I love love love spinnning. I did two spin classes this morning . I spin usually 6 days a week and 2x 3 days a week. I don't burn calories like most took me 105 minutes of spinning today to burn 725 calories. It makes me feel like " superwoman" and I am happy the rest of the day after spinning. Great endorphins!
pj Report
Spinning is a sycling class....excuse the typos lol...
I wish I could spin but I have chronic back pain and it just kills me. :( Report
I went to spinning class for 2 1/2 years and LOVED it! I decided to move outdoors to a road bike! I have been cycling for 2 1/2 years now! Last year in Sept. I did my first metric century and century ride events! This Sat. I will be cycling in an event called Sumter to the Seas and it is a 100+ ride from my home town to Murrells Inlet on the coast! It will be challenging but great fun and exercise! Report
i would like to try spinning, but im so overweight and out of shape.I do belong to a gym which i haven't been going because i've been busy and the cost of gas. can anyone give me some advice.Brooke Sheilds always looks great. Report
I've been a spinning enthusiast for almost 2 years now. It's the most awesome way to do cardio! I plan my entire gym visit around the class, which I do 5 days a week. You are so right about the group atmosphere, and the music. I can go into the class feeling drained and unmotivated to work hard, and find myself after a few minutes pushing as hard as I possibly can. If I were to jump on the treadmill instead, while in that state of mind, I'd do a lousy 30 minutes without pushing myself at all. I highly recommend taking the class, and investing in a pair of shoes, they make all the difference in the world! Report
I am trying to like Spinning, because it's a great workout. I like it, but not as much as I enjoy some of my other fitness classes. Report
The links at the end of the story explain what Spinning is. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
She's always been gorgeous, but to still maintain that shape at 43--congrats to her. I've always been too intimidated to try spinning at my local Y, but this inspired me to give it another shot, if nothing else but to mix up my workouts between runs! Report
I love spinning as well. I find it the most efficient workout for me; it burns calories efficiently and it doesn't bulk my muscles. And it tightens my butt and thighs! Report
I never heard of spinning. What is it?

Thanks for the information. Report
I love spinning it is my favorite! Thank you for the/ information regarding 350-400 cals burned as I was wondering if my heart rate moniter was correct. The other thing I love to do is to add weights so I do 10 minutes warm up and then 5 minutes weights and then 5 spin for 60 minutes. I alternate back & biceps one day, next day shoulder chest and triceps and do legs on the 3rd day. Thank you for the information I love learning new ideas! I need bike shoes next. Report
What is spinning? How is it different from stationery bikes? Report
How does spinning differ from just using a stationary bike...other than being in a group environment? Report
I love spinning too. I started in mid may and have been hooked every since. I credit most of my weight loss to spinning and when I invested in my heart rate monitor and spin shoes it made my spinning experience even more incredible. I average about 600-700 calories in a 60 minute class. I love it!!! Report
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