A 5-Minute Workout to Work Your Butt Off


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What does it really take to have a great butt besides good genes and, well, good jeans? For those of us who weren't born looking like supermodels, it takes a little work (the sweating kind, not the surgical kind).

To help you reshape your rear, I created a simple plan that takes just five minutes per day. If you're thinking, "Hey, I thought there was no such thing as 'spot' training," don't worry. It's true that using specific muscles won't help you trim that area of your body. That's why this plan combines fat-burning Tabata cardio intervals with targeted toning moves for your glutes. Along with your healthy, calorie-controlled diet from SparkPeople.com, you're sure to see results in how your jeans fit and how your body looks. Are you ready to try it?


Will you try this plan? What is your all-time favorite butt sculptor?

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    Of all the weight/shape problems I have, the butt is definitely not one of them. Was literally born with a "shapely" butt. My only problem is that it continues to get bigger. :) - 10/12/2012   10:03:43 AM

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