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Beginner HIIT Exercises Even You Can Do

A HIIT Workout That Won't Make You Hate HIIT Workouts

A heart pounding workout you can complete in 30 minutes or fewer that requires little or no equipment—it's no surprise that high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, has continued to gain popularity in recent years.  While it might sound ideal on paper, HIIT's reputation is that it is designed for the very fit and only those looking for a maximum challenge. If you're not interested or not able to push yourself to a level that leaves you in an exhausted heap on the floor, does that mean that HIIT isn't for you? Certainly not. With a few tweaks, it is still possible for beginners to do a modified version of HIIT and see results from their hard work.

One of the great things about HIIT workouts is that they can be tailored to your abilities, interests and equipment available. Enjoy cycling or running? Create a HIIT workout using those activities by playing with speed and intensity. Are the "work intervals" of the workout you've attempted too long? Try 15 seconds instead of 20, or lengthen the recovery periods in between. Are the exercises in the workout too difficult? There are simple ways to modify most exercises to decrease the intensity to the level that's right for you. As with any new activity, it's important to check with your doctor before you begin.

Set Yourself Up for Success

You've decided it's time to shake things up and try a HIIT workout, but where do you start? If jumping lunges, burpees, sprints and pullups aren't quite what you're ready to tackle, start slow with easy modifications so that you stay safe, challenge yourself and actually enjoy your workout enough to want to attempt it again. Any workout that leaves you completely miserable and in pain isn't something you'll want to stick with long term, so don't be ashamed to take baby steps and build up strength over time. This list of common HIIT exercises along with lower intensity options gives you a variety of ideas to choose from.

Very few types of workouts should be considered "off limits" just because you're working at a beginner level. As long as you exercise caution, go at your own pace and make modifications when necessary, you shouldn't be afraid to try a new workout that's interesting and challenging.

Are you ready? Here's one to get you started!

HIIT the Starting Line Today

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