8 Resistance Band Exercises for a Full Body Workout


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Full body resistance band workouts are great for when you are short on time and going to the gym is not an option. They provide an excellent alternative for a full range of exercises when you do not have access to free weights or other exercise equipment.

Shoulders and Back

Lat Raise Combo

Chest Press

Chest Press with Band


The Thinker


Double Triceps Extension


Leg Extensions


Prone Hamstring Curls

Inner Thighs

Inner Thigh Stretch with Band

Outer Thighs

Tube Walk

Want more resistance band exercises? Be sure to try Coach Nicole's workout!

Do you workout with resistance bands, if not, would this be an option for you?

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  • 10
    I have a band but have not used it. This has inspired me. - 8/11/2010   4:10:03 PM
  • CESARIO1946
    I have several resistance bands and have used them in the past but haven't for several years. After reading this, I will pull them out of their drawer and try these exercises. I did always like using them when I couldn't get to a gym. - 8/11/2010   3:58:28 PM
  • 8
    Yes I do and I am going to check this one out. - 8/11/2010   3:32:03 PM
  • 7
    I really enjoy using my band with the wii fit games and in my jazzercise class :) - 8/11/2010   3:13:29 PM
  • 6
    We use small one on our legs in class, but I would like to try them for other areas also. Will check these out - 8/11/2010   2:38:45 PM
  • BSWEET101
    I used resistance bands for PT after experiencing some tendonitis in my shoulder, and have wanted to do more ... now I have some moves for my whole body. :) Thanks, Nancy! - 8/11/2010   2:32:52 PM
  • 4
    I'm not a fan of resistance bands normally but they're great for recovery. I have a: "40lb" and "50lb" version. When I use free weights, I rarely go above 48lb (combined, 24lb each hand) for lower body but after injuring my rotator cuff, I had to do physical therapy moves w/o any weight! So, when I started getting back, it was easiest to use the 40lb band for upper body. The varying resistance was easy to manage. - 8/11/2010   2:28:26 PM
    I have a workout band that came with my wii sports active. I feel inspired to use it for other exercises now! - 8/11/2010   1:59:31 PM
  • 2
    I don't, but after reading this, I think I might look into it! - 8/11/2010   1:57:33 PM
  • 1
    Yes I do use esistance bands - 8/11/2010   1:54:44 PM

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