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Chest Press with Band Exercise

Chest Press with Band

Starting Position Wrap a band underneath a tall bench or step. Sit on the bench near the edge, grasping handles in each hand at the side of the bench. Lie back until back is flat on bench, feet are flat on floor, knees are bent. Hold hands on each side of your chest, knuckles up.

Action EXHALE: Extend your arms straight up into the air without locking elbows.

INHALE: Slowly lower to starting position to complete one rep.

Special Instructions Keep back flat during entire movement. Make it harder: Wrap long/loose bands around the bench more than once and/or grip the band closer towards the center as opposed to at the handle/ends. Make it easier: Grip band at the very end, lower the height of the bench to decrease the amount of tension.

Muscles Worked: Chest, Triceps