5 Good Reasons to Join the 'Spark Your Body' Bootcamp

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If you're resolving to lose weight, get fit or tone up in 2010, then I have some news for you. It's going to take hard work, will power, dedication, and some sweat (but not necessarily blood or tears). But you can make it easier—even fun—by joining SparkPeople's "Spark Your Body" Bootcamp, a challenge that includes a workout plan, built-in support, and motivating prizes!

We created the Spark Your Body Bootcamp Challenge and Contest to motivate and inspire you to reach your fitness goals in 2010. We call it “Bootcamp” not because it’s highly intense, but because it involves daily exercise and commitment so you can get real results.

That may sound daunting, but each workout can be tailored to your own fitness level, and you also get to pick activities that you enjoy! Following our 4-week fitness program will help you look good and feel great in a matter of weeks—and also help you build momentum to make fitness a priority all year!

Here are 5 reasons to join today—and tell your friends!

  1. It's simple. We designed the Spark Your Body Bootcamp workouts to take the guesswork out of working out. You'll follow one of my free 10-minute workout videos each day, and do your favorite cardio activity 5 times per week. Because there are seven different Bootcamp videos and you get to pick your cardio, working out will never be boring! All you need is a stability ball, a set of dumbbells, and a computer to follow along with the free workout videos.

  2. It's free. You'll save money because you won't need a gym membership or any fancy equipment to get in shape. Like all SparkPeople resources, joining Bootcamp is completely free!

  3. It's motivating. Every day, your wonderful Team leader, Coach Denise, will post a daily workout and a special challenge that will help you reach your goals. She'll also send weekly SparkMails to participants! Other Bootcamp members will root you on, answer questions, and offer support when you need it, too.

  4. It's fun! By taking part in the challenge, you're doing something new every day. Plus, we're giving away weekly prizes: copies of our new book, The Spark, copies of my newest DVD, Fit, Firm and Fired Up, and gift certificates to The SparkPeople Store.

  5. You could win an iPod touch, iPod nano or iPod shuffle! One lucky—and newly fit—participant will win the grand prize: an iPod touch! All you have to do is join the challenge and log your workouts on SparkPeople.com to be eligible for these great prizes!
    For more information about the Spark Your Body Bootcamp and contest, click here. To join the challenge right now, go to Teams.SparkPeople.com/SparkYourBody. Hurry, Bootcamp starts January 3, 2010!

    If you've participated in one of SparkPeople's Bootcamps in the past, tell us about your experience below. Do you plan to join this challenge?

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I want to start the bootcamp but I have missed the first week. What should I do? Report
Sounds great! Report
This was supposed to be my first bootcamp, but before I could start, I injured my foot and I will be on crutches for at least 2 weeks......total bummer..I was really looking forward to it!!! My plan moving forward is to try and eat better and continue to do abs and upper body. I wish you all luck though!! Report
Just finished my first day and feeling great. Do I need to check in or something?? Report
Hea I was looking for something fun on the front page about Boot Camp! There wasnt even a comment and where to go or what to do! It would have siked us up and got us going. I will do it anyway but where to go? I used a search and found it I was just surprised! Report
I did the workout and now need to know where to track it. Report
Talk about having to modify boy I'm out of shape Report
Woo Hoo, I just finished my first day of boot camp!! Even though I had to slightly modify a couple of things, I did it!! Report
Ready and willing. This and Jenny Craig and I know I can do it! Goal wt = 140, that's 36 pounds away....never to return! Report
This will be my first time trying this bootcamp, not sure how it works but will give it a try. Report
I want to join but curious how it works - it's in Spark's site right, I don't have to deal with email? And can we do it still if we have to modify activity due to an injury? Report
Are age or other factors taken into consideration when exercise assignments are handed out? Report
I did the New Year, New You bootcamp last January. It was a great starting point for me re-joining the world of the seriously physically active. Now I'm doing P90X along with my cardio !! Report
This is my first time using bootcamp and I am looking forward to a new year and new goal. Report
Hope I can keep up! Report
I just joined, and this is my first ever bootcamp, hoping it will help me get into a routine, and get me healthy. Report
This will be my first time in something like this but am looking forward to it, I currently use Leslie Sansone dvd's and could use the change in pace. This should be fun. :) Report
I really fell off track of my fitness in 2009. Really badly. I suffered through depression, health issues and moving out onto my own while trying to keep on track through my first year at University. Spring will be my last quarter at school and I plan on making this year count. I've high my all-time high in weight, and I feel so horrible about it. I plan on getting through it, over it, and get rid of it so I can feel healthy again. I'm really hopeful for this program! I have my iPhone already set and ready to rock this year. Let's do this! Report
I"m curious, how can in one sentence state this is free and then state that one requires stability ball and dumb bells - which if you don't own them, they will cost money. I'm also curious, what about those like myself who are not allowed to use those items or cannot afford to purchase these items? It also states one needs a computer. Is there anyway that exercises could be also written down for those who access internet use in a public forum and can't afford their own computer? I'm simply curious as I won't be participating anyhow for a few reasons, main one is due to health issues. I was simply curious as I saw this before with bootcamps and wondered why there isn't an alternate for those who cannot use the ball or are not allowed to use the dumbbells. Report
I'm willing lets pray the old body is able. Report
I need the extra effort to lose 30lbs this year. I lost 70 but gained back 10 and need to ramp this thing up. Hup Hup Hup Report
This is my first time for Bootcamp, really excited about jumping into the new year with a fresh start! Report
Have been with Sparkpeople for a while but never been confident enough to do a boot camp before now. Looking forward to the challenge. Report
Ok, I am taking the challenge! I have been playing around with the same 10 pounds for TWO (2) years now... Enough is enough! I will keep you posted! Report
This is my first time. Will try to keep up. Report
I don't know how to start but I will do it? This is my first time. I will need all you help I am really big 230 pounds 5.3 high Report
I'm in and looking forward to receiving my book (today???) Report
I joined....looking forward to it Report
JELLIO and all, congrats for your decision to join! I love the SP bootcamps and will be there this time as well, cheering you on. Report
I did it! I joined the challenge! 30 minutes a day, for 4 weeks? I can totally do this! Especially with my new book, The Spark! Woohoo! I have totally decided that being fat is NOT an option. I will definitely need support and encouragement! I will definitely root you guys on, too!!

WE CAN *DO* IT!! Report
THe old me is very non-committal. I am going to do this. I've never done anything like this boot camp before. I'm a little scared. Report
I joined Sparkpeople and then the next week (summer 2009) I sprained and strained the muscles, ligaments and soft tissue in the right side of my back and right arm. It has been a very slow recovery. Before I hurt myself, I was doing very well with my new excercise routine. My physical therapist just gave me the green light to start seriously exercising so I'm looking forward to this challenge! I wish everyone the best of luck!! Report
I am ready to start the first boot camp. I weigh in on Jan.4th, Dizzie100 Report
Excited about some new goals. Very numbers and goal oriented so having some set goals will be great. Report
I'm game to, never joined anything like this. I need some guidance and support. Report
i so wish i could join, i have torn rotator cuffs both arms and almot no cartiledge in both knees. Report
This is my first bootcamp and I'm so looking forward to it! I need a little "something" to Spark up the routine I've fallen into. Report
This is my first try at the boot camp. I have tried other diet programs and had very little results, so I am looking forward to this boot camp and 2010. Report
Never joined an group thing before, keep me going guys!! Report
ok I have a question. For the cardio..can I do two days of 60 mins and one day of 30? Or does it have to be 5 days of 30?? Report
Really looking forward to this! In March I find out if I get a bid for the 2010 nyc marathon, and this bootcamp will be a great jumpstart to get my fitness up, and mentally prepare. I need to think about it as if I am running the marathon so if that bid comes my way I already have a jumpstart!! WOOHOO 2010!! Report
Looking forward to the Challenge * Watch Out 2010 * Here come a fitter, healthier Me! Report
Count me in. I really need this. Report
Bring it on! This is going to be fun! Report
Are there any options for those of us that don't have any exercise equipment? Report
I joined and really love the idea - I am ready to do this. However, I do not have a stability ball - will there be alternative options? Report
I always get all worked up in the beginning of a new resolution to start exercising. I already know where all my muscles are after one day of exercising on my own. I did the same last year, but quit once spring rolled around. I've never joined a bootcamp and hope to stay motivated. According to my BMI of 21 I am not overweight, but my bone structure is very small and I feel more comfortable at 120 than 130. My age may be an issue, but I'll see. Report
First bootcamp! Very excited to get started. I have about 60 lbs to loose-so hopefully this will be just the jumpstart that I need. Report
I joined last year but got sidetracked with a heavy school load. I finished up 2009 with a 10 pound weight loss and I am committed to keeping the momentum. I will complete 2010 boot camp. ( I also have a slightly lighter school load this semester) Report
In 2009 I did get rid of my pregnancy fat. The baby is 24. I would like to drop another 6 pounds, to a healthy BMI of 23.9 . Winter is here and I need more motivation to get moving. I have started cardio 30 minutes a day. Report
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