3 Tips to Be Happier in Work and in Life


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3 Tips to Be Happier in Work and in Life
Great advice from Tiny Buddha that anyone can put into practice.
VIDEO: Fan Accompanies Billy Joel; 'Greatest Moment Of My Life,' He Says
A feel-good story about a young man who wasn't afraid of taking a risk to make a dream come true, from NPR.com.

When Exercise Stresses You Out

For some people, exercise is anything but fun. NYT.com's Well blog examines whether working out when you hate it does more harm than good.

Water becomes America's favorite drink again

I suspect SparkPeople members might have something to do with the rise in popularity, as water climbs to the #1 drink in America again, from USA Today.

One Small Change I Made to Improve My Health

Anne Mauney, R.D., MPH, (of FANNEtastic Food) shares how she improved her health with one quick workstation adjustment.

Top Food Trends From the Natural Product Expo West

Fit Sugar shares the hottest new products you'll soon see on supermarket shelves. Hint; I hope you like chia seeds!

9 Reasons You Need to Unplug

Beyond making time for real life, there are other reasons you need to give your laptop (and tablet and phone) a break sometimes. From Fitness Magazine.

5 Healthy Foods We Thought We Hated—But Now Love!

Though the crew at Fit Bottomed Eats (from the Fit Bottomed Girls) loves eating healthy food, it took awhile to warm up to some. I'm sure we can all relate (hello, kale!?).

10 Healthy Chip Recipes

If you love crunchy snacks as much as I do, you won't want to miss this recipe roundup from Shape.com.

The Only 3 Questions That Matter

Mind Body Green tells you what really counts--and what you can forget about.

Infographic: How to Choose the Safest Seafood

If you eat seafood, you'll want to check out this graphic from Greatist, which shows why sustainable seafood matters.

Chronic Insomnia Affects Heart

Yet another reason to get enough Zs: Lack of sleep cam harm your ticker, says the Well blog.

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