15 Halloween Workout Songs to Burn Off Candy Calories


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A few years ago, the night I taught Spinning happened to land on Halloween—not once, but two years in a row. I figured that anyone willing to show up on Halloween night to work out is pretty dedicated (or childless?), but either way, I wanted to make the workout festive and fun. I created a healthy Halloween workout mix for the class, dimmed the lights, and handed out my homemade granola bar treats when the ride was over.

It may be silly to some, but creating your own Halloween-themed workout playlist could motivate you to work out on Halloween (a must if you're going to be dipping into the candy jar that day), and it's one of few ways to have fun that doesn't involve eating candy!

So here is my healthy Halloween playlist: 15 spooky songs to help you to burn off those candy calories—and have fun doing it.

These 15 songs vary in length, but add up almost exactly to 60 minutes! You can play them in this order for warm-up song, a workout that varies in speed and intensity (fast songs followed by slower songs), and a slower song at the end to cool down. Now, some of these may be a bit of a stretch as "Halloween" songs, but "Monster Mash" doesn't make me want to work out, so please bear with me! Links provided will allow you to preview and/or purchase mp3s from Amazon.com.

(Time) Artist – Song Title

(4:26) Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride

(3:37) Charlie Daniels Band – Devil Went Down to Georgia

(5:05) The Cranberries – Zombie

(5:57) Michael Jackson – Thriller

(3:58) Rihanna – Disturbia

(3:59) Rockwell – Somebody's Watching Me

(4:36) Rob Zombie – Dragula

(4:03) Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters Theme

(3:57) Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax (I couldn't find the mp3, but the Powerman 5000 version is a little "creepier" for Halloween!)

(3:26) Rick James – Super Freak

(3:28) Linkin Park – Crawling

(3:19) Three Dog Night – Mama Told Me Not to Come

(3:00) The Offspring – The Kids Aren't Alright

(2:19) Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising

(5:12) Carlos Santana – Black Magic Woman

Have a happy and healthy Halloween!

Do you plan to work out on Halloween? Will you exercise to any of these songs just for the fun of it?

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  • 93
    What an imaginative idea. I like it! I'll even do it! - 11/2/2009   11:23:42 AM
  • 92
    Sorry I'm a couple days late, but here are a few more songs from my Halloween playlist:

    Rocky Horror Picture Show - Over At The Frankenstein Place
    Evanescence - Haunted
    Evanescence - Even in Death
    Evanescence - My Immortal
    Will Smith - Nightmare on My Street
    Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night
    Midnight Star - Freak-a-zoid
    Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now
    Police - Every Breath You Take
    Janet Jackson - Black Cat - 11/2/2009   6:20:56 AM
    Super. Found this the day after but will use next year. Kept wondering where all the Hallowe'en songs were on the radio. Definitely start a Xmas one! I'm in. Thanks!The best! - 11/1/2009   6:48:54 AM
  • 90
    dont like 3 of the songs but the rest are OK.
    I second the suggestion to add "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter...its great workout music, LOL - 11/1/2009   4:58:23 AM
  • 89
    Fun list :) - 10/31/2009   9:18:14 PM
  • 88
    Thanks for the fun list to listen to while working out. - 10/31/2009   3:44:40 PM
  • SHERI1969
    I hybernate on Halloween because I live in off-campus university student central - sadly. It is the most wicked of all nights around here unfortunately. No children come down here which is a good thing because I'd hate to see anything happen to them. So I'm glad for this list because it is at least a fun list of songs to listen to while I hybernate from the dangers of the student population. - 10/30/2009   11:51:32 PM
  • 86
    This is good info. I need more lists like this. - 10/30/2009   10:40:28 AM
    great list, I work a 12 hour night shift so will probably not work out except getting my exercise running around at work. - 10/30/2009   10:31:12 AM
    What a wonderfully creative list! Thank you! I'll be listening to some of these on Halloween. - 10/30/2009   9:31:12 AM
  • 83
    Yes, I will work out on Halloween; it's a Saturday and my Rest day is Sunday....but no, I probably won't work out to these songs...unless I hear it on the radio, then I might break out into a dance - I guess you could call it a mini workout :D - 10/30/2009   8:31:05 AM
  • 82
    Where's Ministry's "Halloween is Every Day"???? - 10/30/2009   6:05:59 AM
  • 81
    Great song list. Does any one out there have a list for Christmas yet. I do a line dance/Zumba type of class. "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" and "Jingle Bell Rock" is all I can think of right now. - 10/30/2009   1:38:51 AM
  • 80
    one more everyone should have: Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor
    download it for free: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:T

    et_Fugue_BWV565.ogg - 10/29/2009   10:13:03 PM
  • 79
    Love it, love it, love it! I was actually thinking Monster Mash when you mentioned that it doesn't make you want to work out. Oh well, it's still a fun song. I think the Somebody's Watching Me is great song for Halloween. In fact I like your whole mix. Great job! - 10/29/2009   9:49:43 PM
  • 78
    LOL! Good list! - 10/29/2009   7:59:03 PM
  • SMILE75X
    One eyed-one horned-flying purple people eater; Witch Doctor, Dry Bones, Devil in Disguise, Devil with a Blue Dress On as well. - 10/29/2009   7:46:48 PM
    How funny! We just had our 2nd Annual Monster Mash at work today and the song Super Freak was mentioned somewhere in our conversation. I could def work out to that one! - 10/29/2009   7:40:46 PM
  • 75
    i am planning to work out on Halloween.i will probably work out to these song just for the fun of it. - 10/29/2009   7:29:41 PM
  • 74
    Othe fun songs are Witchy Woman, They're Coming to Take Me Away HA HA - 10/29/2009   7:15:33 PM
  • 73
    That is great! - 10/29/2009   4:54:57 PM
  • 72
    Fun songs, thanks....I did download Ghostbusters. Always like that one. Guess I will have to watch the movie again. - 10/29/2009   4:23:19 PM
  • 71
    OH YES Got to have Monster Mash!! & Dont fear the Reaper!!.. LOVE my music & YEAH I will be exercising to on that day..WOOHOO!!!.. Besides I'm dressing for the event.. I'm 'Living Dead Girl" -Rob Zombie.. - 10/29/2009   3:50:26 PM
  • 70
    I WAS LOOKING FOR MONSTER MASH TOO! - 10/29/2009   3:08:18 PM
  • 69
    Oh what about MONSTER MASH - my fav! - 10/29/2009   12:49:52 PM
  • 68
    I love Jazzercise and a lot of the instructors will make up set lists for the different holidays. Yesterday's class featured a Halloween theme. It was so much fun and makes the workout fly by. - 10/29/2009   12:28:54 PM
  • 67
    yep! planning to bike 12 miles on the Three Rivers Trail and jog for 25 minutes as i finish up week 6 of C25K.

    my selections from those listed (and one humble addition of my own):

    (4:03) Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters Theme
    (5:57) Michael Jackson Thriller
    (3:59) Rockwell Somebody's Watching Me
    (5:05) The Cranberries Zombie
    (3:37) Charlie Daniels Band Devil Went Down to Georgia
    Theme from X-files
    Theme from Twin Peaks
    Thriller - Michael Jackson
    King of Pain - The Police
    Don't Fear the Reaper - BOC
    Werewolves of London
    "Hell" by the Squirrel Nut Zippers
    Monster Mash - 10/29/2009   12:19:50 PM
  • 66
    What a great list! - 10/29/2009   11:54:51 AM
  • 65
    Good idea. I will add these since I plan to run on Saturday. I may take a class too . Wonder if they will use any . - 10/29/2009   10:48:35 AM
  • 64
    Very cute! Yes, I will add them to my ipod and use them for the rest of the week! - 10/29/2009   10:09:51 AM
    What fun!! GREAT song choices. - 10/29/2009   9:24:37 AM
    I think this is a great idea and a really fun playlist. I appreciate that you've included them in order, including a warm-up and cool-down songs. I'll definitely download these tracks and give them a try. Thanks! - 10/29/2009   9:13:48 AM
  • 61
    Nice playlist.

    Yes, I do plan to workout on Halloween, especially Halloween. I am a sugar freak so this is one of those holidays that're hard for me. Chocolate ISN"T a food group??????

    Trick or treat...Deb

    - 10/29/2009   9:11:26 AM
  • 60
    This is great I love to get in the season and songs can shake up a your workout - 10/29/2009   8:57:05 AM
  • 59
    Great songs to exercise by - makes the workout much more enjoyable. - 10/29/2009   8:05:02 AM
  • 58
    How fun! I hope my Saturday gym classes have Halloween music! - 10/29/2009   7:36:17 AM
    This is a great playlist! I will have to download it is as I definately plan to workout on Halloween! - 10/29/2009   7:12:55 AM
  • 56
    Where is "Monster Mash" ? I wait all year to hear that on the radio! - 10/28/2009   10:46:07 PM
  • 55
    Nice list! Tonight at Zumba, we did a routine to "Thriller." I was hoping for more Halloween songs, since it was an extra-long work-out for the Halloween occasion, but that was it. Where was "Monster Mash?!" - 10/28/2009   10:45:20 PM
    Nice collection of songs! - 10/28/2009   10:39:50 PM
  • 53
    Some awesome choices on there! - 10/28/2009   10:08:11 PM
  • 52
    What a great idea - I'm going to have to use this - thanks so much! - 10/28/2009   9:56:01 PM
  • 51
    Oh wow, how fun is this playlist??? I will be traveling on Halloween so won't be working out, but maybe I can use some of this music on Friday!! - 10/28/2009   9:51:10 PM
  • 50
    Great idea! Yep, will be working out on Halloween .. will be running The Black Cat 5k. (Benefit for a local animal shelter) Animals for adoption will be on hand and I am summoning all the magic the universe has to offer, in order to NOT come home with another kitty. :) - 10/28/2009   9:18:23 PM
    this is just great
    - 10/28/2009   8:41:16 PM
  • 48
    My girls and I love all of your selections!!
    We will have a fun time exercising and dancing!!
    HAVE A SCARY HALLOWEEN!! - 10/28/2009   7:53:34 PM
  • 47
    Love this idea. Think I will get these songs downloaded for my MP3 player, and start listening to the songs while I work out. Thank you for such a great idea. - 10/28/2009   7:53:29 PM
  • 46
    What fun; I'm sending this to all my friends at work. - 10/28/2009   7:45:30 PM
    I celebrate Halloween. It is for the kids and (kids still residing in the adult body). The music list sounds wonderful. I will be working out and hope all the candy is gone by midnight-lol. - 10/28/2009   6:25:36 PM
  • 44
    We don't celebrate Halloween at all and I will be working out as usual. It's just another day here. - 10/28/2009   5:36:00 PM

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