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Although it doesn't get nearly as much fanfare as those cute yoga capris or that brightly patterned running tank, your sports bra is an essential part of your exercise ensemble. That single garment forms the foundation of your workout, impacting the way you move, feel and perform during a three-mile run, hot yoga class, strength training session or daily walk with your dog. Studies have shown that the type of bra worn has a direct impact on the way women run, and that most of us are wearing the wrong size bra for our body types.
Not all sports bras are created equal—for you. Whether your bust is perfectly petite or your cup runneth over, it's important to find the bra that's best suited to your size, shape and activity level. Don't have the time or patience to spend hours shopping for and trying on bras at the store? Amazon offers hundreds of sports bras in all sizes and styles, so you can order a few online and try them on in the comfort and privacy of home. To help you get a head start on the shopping,  we’ve narrowed down our favorite options for small, medium and large bust sizes.

Sports Bras for Small Busts

1. Moving Comfort Fineform A/B Bra ($49.95)

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This versatile sports bra lives up to its name, featuring a contoured unicup design for a flattering silhouette and flexible comfort. The adaptable straps, stretchy band and Spandex-enhanced fabric create a personalized fit.
2. Jockey Women's Melange Pop Push Up Seam-Free Sport Bra (starting at $14.87)

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Designed for medium-impact workouts, this polyester/nylon/Spandex-blend bra features removable push-up bra cups to enhance your shape.

3. Champion Women's Shaped T-Back Sport Bra (starting at $15.73)

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Available in sizes A through C, this racerback sports bra features seamless shaping cups that provide high support for A and B cups. The hundreds of rave reviews confirm its wide appeal.  
4. Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra ($41.90)

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Thousands of satisfied Amazon reviewers have discovered the comfort and support of the Fiona. The slim straps are adjustable and the padded band stays put, making this bra a great choice for women sizes A through C who need support for high-impact activities.

Sports Bras for Medium Busts

5. AKAMC Medium-Support Sports Bras (starting at $15.99)

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Made from a breathable blend of nylon and Spandex, this stretchy, lightweight bra provides ample support and coverage. It's a great choice for yoga, walking and biking. So comfortable, you'll want to wear it all day.

6. Victoria's Secret Incredible Strappy Back Sports Bra (starting at $39.99)

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The soft elastic band moves with you during exercise, and the concealed wire provides added support without sacrificing comfort. And can we talk about those super stylish back straps? Available in sizes B through DD.
7. Under Armour Women's Armour Bra Protégée (starting from $27.90)

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Forget about the daily struggle to get in and out of your sports bra—the Protégée's front-zipper closure makes it a breeze to get dressed for workouts. The molded cups enhance your shape while providing just the right level of support for medium-busted women.

8. The North Face Bounce-B-Gone Bra (starting at $30.05)

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Bye, bye, bounce! The smooth, compressive fabric provides just the right amount of stretch and support for everyday workouts, and the wide elastic band won't slide up as you sweat.

Sports Bras for Large Busts

9. Panache Underwire Sports Bra (starting at $32)

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Available in cup sizes DD and up, this underwire sports bra features ventilating mesh panels, adjustable convertible straps and a hook-and-eye back closure. Choose from a slew of stylish colors and patterns.

10. Moving Comfort Women's Plus Size Maia Bra (starting at $39.99)

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This underwire sports bra provides maximum control, full coverage and wider, gel-padded straps that won't dig into your skin. The stretchy microfiber fabric combines comfort and breathability.

11. Glamorise Women's No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra (starting at $21.87)

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You won't have to worry about cleavage playing peek-a-boo with this full-coverage, maximum-support bra. It's equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, a mesh front panel and hook-and-eye back closure.
12. Playtex Women's Play Outgoer Underwire Lightly Lined Sports Bra (starting at $18.05)

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The Playtex True Support System offers full cups, wide straps and taller sides, with a secure hook-and-eye closure, making sure everything stays exactly where you want it.
What's your favorite sports bra? Would you like to try any of these on for size?

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  • 19
    I don't buy underwires - ONCE was too many - chafing, rubbed raw in 45 minutes. - 3/24/2017   12:00:06 PM
  • 18
    Just ONCE, I would love to read an article about sports bras, that actually showed a full figured woman wearing one!! We cant get an idea of how they will even fit or look on us when we see only smaller busted physically fit women modeling them. The Enell was always my go to sports bra. However lately I find the quality to be inferior. They dont hold out as long as they once did and I feel they arent made as well as the very early ones I bought. It is very difficult to find an everyday bra let alone a good sport bra for us gals with very large busts. Out of these bras listed in this article, there might be two I could wear if I really just didnt mind less support. - 3/15/2017   1:41:15 PM
  • 17
    For the big busted girls, someone also mentioned Enell, which is fantastic for no bounce but also has major uniboob going on. But I have recently discovered I LOVE the Soma Sport Max Support bra. It's a work of art! - 3/14/2017   9:06:30 AM
  • 16
    Very interesting, I just went out today to buy a few sports bra's. - 3/11/2017   9:50:21 PM
    Great article
    www.healthyquake.com.com - 3/10/2017   5:19:18 AM
  • 14
    I wish this article was more inclusive of more body shapes. "All shapes and sizes" means more than just bust size. For example, I have a medium bust, but a larger rib cage, so it's hard for me to find something that addresses both of those. If there is a follow-up to this article, I would like to see more options, especially those that come in larger sizes. - 3/9/2017   7:43:06 PM
  • 13
    Disappointed that my favorite isn't listed. I've tried most of the bras listed with regular back closures and they don't come close to Champion Spot Comfort® Sports Bra in comfort and ease of use. Are there really women who like running with an underwire bra? Not me! - 3/9/2017   8:53:03 AM
  • 12
    I am grateful for this article, since I am blessed with a larger cup size. I'll be glad to check these ideas out. - 3/8/2017   10:34:06 PM
  • 11
    I have the same problem as many of you. It is hard to find a bra my size. I love the Enell bra with the only exception that it has a seam going across the cups that is not appealing because you can see it. I also use Moving Comfort. I thought they have E and cups.
    You are right, large breast is a curse. - 3/8/2017   8:21:49 PM
  • 10
    Unfortunately, the bras listed are not in my size and don't come in my size. I have to order my sports bras from online websites, which is frustrating. You would think that some of the more popular brands would have a plus size sports bra line. I know they would make money. - 3/8/2017   2:15:19 PM
    Wow, great article! I am small busted and just like those that feel that they are cursed with large breasts, it can be hard to find really supportive bras when you don't quite fit into an A cup. (I just don't require the same amount of support as those who with large breasts). Can't wait to check some of these out! - 3/8/2017   11:14:17 AM
  • 8
    For those of us cursed with big breasts, it is difficult to find clothes that fit... I have found myself taking the top of one bathing suit and the bottoms from another at the store. As for bras, I hate shopping for them. The larger ones are usually ugly or they look great in the stores, but when I get home, the bra straps start sliding or they quickly wear out.
    I will probably check out a few of these bras. I haven't been to a Victoria Secrets in a long time since I have had bad luck finding bras that fit there. The Glamorise No-Bounce Full Support Bra is the one that I am most interested in since I really hate bouncing while I work out. The other one I am really interested in is the Moving Comfort with gel straps.
    Thanks for the great article. - 3/8/2017   10:56:28 AM
  • 7
    I love the champion sports bra, not the one mentioned here, but another style the provides great support for my 38Cs! - 3/8/2017   10:15:03 AM
  • 6
    I'm a 36B and my favorite sports bra is the Champion one on the list as #3. - 3/8/2017   9:52:59 AM
  • 5
    also good for larger busted women are the sports bras sold by Lane Bryant. They are the only ones I can stand to wear most days. Tho I've been looking for more.
    - 3/8/2017   9:44:03 AM
  • 4
    I didn't see my size for the bras listed. - 3/8/2017   8:18:24 AM
    This article is quite interesting as it shows many styles. I might have found some that I like, even if I have specific caracteristics in mind. Thanks! - 3/7/2017   7:22:23 PM
  • 2
    Thanks for this article--always an issue! - 3/7/2017   9:57:16 AM
  • 1
    Thanks - 3/7/2017   7:24:30 AM

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