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You have heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While some people question this recommendation, others have quick and healthy breakfast favorites they regularly include at the beginning of their day. Many of us enjoy a warm bowl of oatmeal during cold winter months and have created healthy recipes to tickle our taste buds. As the weather changes, some of us seek out cooler healthy breakfast alternatives like fruit smoothies, yogurt or cold cereal.
With all the food-labeling loopholes, selecting a healthy cereal can be tricky. Ignore the catchy claims on the front of the box and go straight to the nutrition facts label instead. Here's what to look for:
  • Remember the "Rule of Fives": Choose cereals with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving, and less than 5 grams of sugar.
  • Look for each serving to contain at least 3 grams of protein.
  • Read the ingredients list. The top ingredients should be "whole wheat," or "wheat bran"—not just "wheat." These whole grains are naturally low in fat, and high in fiber.
  • Avoid cereals that list hydrogenated oils, artificial dyes or colors, and chemical preservatives as ingredients—these have no place in a healthy diet!
Here are 10 of the best cold cereals to keep on your pantry shelf.

Cereal Serving Size Nutrition Profiling Index (NPI) Score Total Carbs (g) Fat (g) Protein (g) Fiber (g) Sugar (g)
Post Spoon Size Shredded Wheat 1 cup 82 40 g 1 g 6 g 6 g 0 g
Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs 2 cup 82 30 g 1 g 4 g 2 g 0 g
Kellogg's Unfrosted Mini Wheat Bites 1 cup 82 46 g 1 g 6 g 6 g 1 g
Uncle Sam Flakes 3/4 cup 78 38 g 5 g 7 g 10 g 1 g
Fiber One - Original 1 cup 78 50 g 2 g 4 g 28 g 0 g
Nature's Path Synergy 8 Cereal 3/4 cup 78 24 g 1 g 3 g 5 g 4 g
Weetabix 1/2 cup 74 26 g 1 g 4 g 4 g 4 g
Kellogg's All-Bran Original 1/2 cup 72 23 g 1 g 4 g 10 g 6 g
Cascadian Farms Multigrain Squares 3/4 cup 70 25 g 0.5 g 3 g 2 g 4 g
General Mill's Cheerios 1 cup 58 20 g 2 g 3 g 3 g 1 g
The Nutrition Profiling Index (NPI) Score is a measure (0-100) of overall nutrition quality based on both the positive and negative aspects of the nutritional profile.
According to Cereal F.A.C.T.S. (Food Advertising to Children and Teens Score), cereal companies spend millions of dollars each year specifically marketing to children. They estimate that the average preschooler will be over 600 cereal ads in a year with colorful and fun loving character mascots. Unfortunately, many of the cereals with the lowest NPI scores have the highest marketing rate.
Here are 10 of the worst cold breakfast cereals that you will want to limit on your pantry shelf.
Cereal Serving Size Nutrition Profiling Index (NPI) Score Total Carbs (g) Fat (g) Protein (g) Fiber (g) Sugar (g)
Kellogg's Froot Loops 1 cup 38 25 g 1 g 1 g 3 g 12 g
General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch 3/4 cup 36 25 g 3 g 1 g 2 g 10 g
Kellogg's Corn Pops 1 cup 36 29 g 0 g 1 g 3 g 10 g
General Mills Lucky Charms 3/4 cup 36 22 g 1 g 2 g 2 g 10 g
General Mills Reese's Puffs 3/4 cup 34 22 g 3 g 2 g 1 g 10 g
Kellogg's Choconilla Cocoa Krispies 3/4 cup 34 27 g 1 g 1 g 0 g 12 g
Kellogg's Special K Blueberry 3/4 cup 32 26 g 0 g 2 g 3 g 8 g
Kellogg's Special K Chocolatey Delight 3/4 cup 32 25 g 2 g 2 g 3 g 9 g
Belgo & Bellas YogActive Chocolatey Pillows 1/3 cup 32 19 g 5 g 2 g 1 g 10 g
Quaker Cap'N Crunch Berries 3/4 cup 30 22 g 1 g 1 g 1 g 11 g
The Nutrition Profiling Index (NPI) Score is a measure (0-100) of overall nutrition quality based on both the positive and negative aspects of the nutritional profile. 
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Do you regularly eat cereal for breakfast or as an evening snack? Which list does your favorite cereal come from?

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  • 103
    I don't think you can take a list like this and say these are the best or the worse. So much depends on the individual's needs. Are you overweight? Underweigth? Are you diabetic? List goes on and on. The bottom line is that you need to know your body and what works for you. Use good judgement and eat everything in moderation. I good thing becomes a bad thing if you over do it. This goes for exercise too. And if you have been in a bad rut for a long time and no longer know what is good for you get the advise of a reputable professional. It doesn't necessary have to be someone with a degree behind their name. Just someone with good common sence. I am learning a lot on my own just by tracking and reading about food from Spark People. - 6/1/2012   6:38:10 PM
    If the recommended rule is "Choose cereals with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving, and less than 5 grams of sugar," why do 4 of the 10 best cereals have less than 5g of fiber and 1 of those cereals have more than 5g of sugar? - 6/1/2012   2:59:49 PM
  • 101
    Thanks, Oobarboo. If it weren't for advances in agriculture we wouldn't even have enough cereal on the shelf to feed the 6 billion people on our planet. When is the last time that you ate a banana with a seed? Bananas were hybridized in the 1880's. Macintosh apples were created by a freak of nature and only exist because of grafting through human efforts. I know it's not genetically modified by human hands but... Part of the reason we have a weight problem in the developed world is because of our consistent access to processed food. Even my parents who were farm kids in the 30's lived with limited food and during the war years, rationing. GMO's exist because they meet the need of feeding the planet. We are too fortunate in North America that all of us who belong to the middle class and higher have never had to look hunger in the face since the end of WWII! We should be thankful to whatever god, economy and luck of birth landed us here with so much good (and highly processed fatty)food and that we even have the option of organic if that is where our conscience leads us.
    Personally, I love shredded wheat with nuts, fruit and a tiny bit of brown sugar. It makes my morning rock! - 6/1/2012   12:41:52 PM
    Heavy sigh of frustration as I read the comments regarding GMO crops...My family, also, has been in the farming "Agribusiness" for generations. I agree with Ma_Two_Five's comments and wholly support the use of foods derived from GMO commodities. It is true that GMO practices are nothing more than glorified hybridization. The foods that are produced are 100% safe, and no one has proven otherwise. And, FYI, Round-up becomes totally inert after application, there is no residue that gets absorbed into the plant or seed. Prior to the use of GMO "Round-up Ready" crops, fields were treated with much more dangerous chemicals that could leave residue which could be harmful if consumed. The use of GMO crops has led to SAFER foods for all of us. It is the misinformed opponents of GMO practices that need to get their facts straight. Look at the great strides science has made through the years by taking chances with modifying genetics. If there would have been such an outcry from people years ago, we would not have antibiotics to treat many once life-threatening diseases, we would not be able to produce antibiotics in mass quantities, and now, we would still be dousing our food crops with dangerous chemicals. Opponents to GMO have done an excellent job of instilling fear in the minds of the public. But this is one farm gal that doesn't buy into any of it. America still is producing the safest and least expensive food in the world. - 6/1/2012   10:59:39 AM
    Really surprised that Kashi Good Friends didn't make this list. There's even a shop rite version of it, which is way cheaper than the name brand available. My mom's been eating it for years. - 6/1/2012   9:26:25 AM
  • 98
    Thanks alot for the list, but I was kind of surprised by the Special K I will have to find someone to give them to! - 5/31/2012   10:34:45 PM
    I'm not particularly concerned about the involvement of Monsanto or GMOs in my cereal (although I totally respect the opinions of those who are), but I am REALLY interested in the taste of my cereal. And unfortunately I don't think any of the "ideal" cereals listed taste good at all without extreme modifications. Generally I just dodge the issue by not eating cereal, but I am disappointed that this article didn't try to strike a good balance between taste and nutrition or at least provide taste-enhancing suggestions for the approved cereals. As is, it's not going to make any impact on my food choices. - 5/31/2012   1:06:06 AM
    Wish the poster attempting to burst the GM bubble was correct. The whole GMO issue is a far cry from hybridization--corporations like Monsanto are engineering between species, not other varieties. Genetic engineering is gene splicing between species, including plants and animals. Never before in the history of mankind has bacteria, viruses or genetic material from unrelated species been spliced together to make up new foods. Trans-genetic transfer--gene splicing--is hazardous, imprecise and unpredictable. One primary motive behind genetically engineered crops is the ability to patent them and claim ownership in perpetuity. Further, consider the push to engineer crops to withstand enormous amounts of glyphosate (round-up, an herbicide). The grower of the crop will profit enormously from drenching its crops in this toxic substance--but what will the effect be upon your children? Education on the truth of GM products is the first step, labeling GM products is the second. - 5/30/2012   6:28:36 PM
    I eat Fibre 1 with a little bit of All Bran Buds and a handful of fresh blueberries every morning!! I also have a medium sized banana along with it. I don't feel any hunger for at least 2 1/2 hours. - 5/30/2012   3:26:49 PM
  • 94
    Has anyone heard of a brand of cereal called "Mom's Best Naturals"? They have several varieties of cereal, including 'Toasted Wheat Fulls' and a few others. Anyway, they tend to have very little sugar, a lot of whole grains, with fiber and protein. And it is much less expensive than Kashi and other brands. - 5/30/2012   3:22:03 PM
    My favorite cold cereals for breakfast (or even for a snack) are Multigrain Cheerios, regular Cheerios and Special 'K' with Red Berries. I stick to the posted serving size and use 1% milk. - 5/30/2012   3:01:11 PM
  • 92
    I eat Post Raisin Bran, Grapenuts, and Fiber One Honey Clusters. - 5/30/2012   11:00:09 AM
    I agree with Turtle1976. Life is too short to eat cardboard for breakfast. I like All Bran and Honey Nut Cherrios and Wheatees. None made the list. - 5/30/2012   10:59:20 AM
  • 90
    No offense, but I really can't stand any of the top ten cereals. Life is too short to eat cardboard with no flavor. I've found that if I eat something I really like, I eat less and am more satisfied. - 5/30/2012   10:12:56 AM
  • 89
    As a diabetic, I was told to check the carb content and to choose only those cereals with less than 30 carbs. - 5/30/2012   8:38:19 AM
    Please consider paying attention to cereal's without any sugar at all as some use ASPARTAME instead. Personally, I try to avoid this chemical along with other preservatives. I thought Fiber One was an awesome healthy score and delicious until I read the ingredients. Shredded Wheat has no sugar or aspartame. - 5/30/2012   12:03:54 AM
  • 86
    I'm wondering why Shredded Wheat N Bran didn't make the list..........it meets the criteria for "best cereals" ??? - 5/29/2012   7:33:25 PM
  • 85
    I'm a Dukanian.We all eat only oat bran everyday.I have lost 102 pounds since I started - 5/29/2012   5:57:10 PM
    I'm a big fan of Grape Nuts. They're a bit high in sugar, but they have a lot of fiber and protein, 5 g of fiber, 6 of protein per serving,with a decent amount of whole grains. I like that a serving takes a long time to eat because of how crunchy it is. It's one of the few cereals that makes me feel very full for my entire day. - 5/29/2012   5:30:03 PM
  • 83
    The only cereals I eat are Kellogg's Raisin Bran, and old fashioned long cooking cereals like steel cut oats or large flake oatmeal. I also eat Red River cereal, which is a cooked whole grain cereal that contains a variety of grains and seeds in it. I generally skip adding any sugar to any of them, and I only use non-fat skim milk.

    I think the thing that most amazes me, when it comes to cereal, is that people will complain about the fat and sugar in some of the boxed cereals, but when you watch them eat their cooked cereals, they load up on full fat milk (instead of skim milk) and brown sugar or honey. When it comes to calories, brown sugar and honey, are just as bad as refined sugar, and will stick to your arse just as firmly. - 5/29/2012   3:17:08 PM
    VRCATON and SNOWFLAKE70 I happen to be in the grass roots farming biz, GMO is GMO, they are developing bug and drought resistant grains so we don't have to use chemicals to control them and to help us raise more grain to feed a starving world and the people who insist on a certain level of food quality. An by the way, the "Big Agri" business that you refer to should be changed to "Big Corporate" biz. The grass roots people get very little of that money, get your facts straight before you start forming opinions. - 5/29/2012   2:12:42 PM
  • 81
    Wake up and smell the money people! The cereals listed are all BIG AGRI business moneymakers ... Organic and locally made is the way to go. - 5/29/2012   2:00:43 PM
    who knows what?? I'm a diabetic an nothing is good for you . Any one know what is the best cereal? I'm trying hard to do weight control also. Keeping done carbs and sugar ath the same time, so I gave up on cereal except for Red Mill raw oats, I put in flaxseed, and use some almond soy milk, I also add lots of fiber, I also found making my own muffins from the Red Mill Oat Bran recipe on the package is not only a good breakfast but is a healthy snak in evening if I want something sweet. I add cranberries, or dates,golden rasians to the recipe. Its load with fiber and I can make it sweat and leave out the brown sugar..use applesauce and add more fiber. I can do without the box cereal - 5/29/2012   1:46:59 PM
    I eat 1 cup of Kroger Value Puffed wheat with a 1/3 cup of blueberries and 1/2 cup of fat free milk every day. This cereal has no sugar, no fat, only 60 cal per cup and best of all is it only 99 cents for a bag. It can only be purchased at Kroger stores (Fry's in AZ) - 5/29/2012   1:32:06 PM
  • 78
    Ma-to-five-GMO is not referring to naturally crossed breeding. It refers to seeds that have been changed and modified to poisen and deter bugs, withstand drought, and make a host of other "fixes." It can easily take over ALL strains of natural generations of plants-not to mention we have zero idea of what it could do to us eating it long-term. This is completely different than what you are talking about, and is quite new to our food chain. - 5/29/2012   1:27:54 PM
    Sorry to burst some bubbles but you all need to get proper information about GMO's. The word hybrid means it is genetically modified, where do you think all of our different kinds of melons, apples, squash, tomatoes, etc. comes from, they have all been genetically crossed with other varieties, hence genetically modified. That rainbow of food that we are all trying to eat to stay healthy and ward off diseases, a veritable plethora of GMO's. The general public has the idea that GMO means chemical change which is so untrue. My suggestion is that you find a farmer that grows different varieties of grains, get a sample and take it to a laboratory of your choice and have them test it for proteins, chemical residue, etc. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. GMO's have been around for decades, don't know why it has become such a big deal, of late. - 5/29/2012   12:33:21 PM
    The cereal my husband and I eat almost every day is: 1/2 cup of Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain flourless Golden Flax cereal by Food for Life. No sugar, high in fiber, and awesome in flavor. We top it with fruit, unsalted nuts unsalted seeds, with a bit of fat free milk. Yum! And it keeps you feeling full longer. - 5/29/2012   12:26:31 PM
    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Processed breakfast cereals are not good for you no matter what they have in them. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and oatmeals/grains are best. Every day, I move farther and farther away from SP. And this is the reason why. It makes me sad. - 5/29/2012   11:41:19 AM
  • 74
    Very poorly written article. How about some reasons why the bad cereals are bad? You reference NPI, but don't clarify what the acronym stands for. The labels "good" and "bad" are arbitrary, since there are no guidelines laid out as to what makes a cereal good or bad. Your journalism professor would be displeased. Fail/incomplete. - 5/29/2012   11:37:12 AM
    What size is a cup??? 30g? - 5/29/2012   11:10:52 AM
    I agree with several people who recommend steel cut oats as a more nutritional cereal than any cereal listed. In the winter I love it hot with cinnamon andnutmeg. In the summer I recommend not cooking it but leaving a bowl of the oats in the frig over night layered with organic yogurt and fresh berries. The oats are softened for enjoying the next morning and very tasty. - 5/29/2012   11:10:48 AM
  • TREESH08
    Ha! Fiber One original has a whole lot of chemicals including aspartame! - 5/29/2012   10:35:54 AM
  • 70
    My problem with this list is that a lot of thes cereals are touted as being "natural", "organic" and "heart healthy when in fact they are some of the less desirable cereals to eat. Some are not made of whole grain but just have a whole grain listed as the first ingrediant. Others are made with genetically modified grains (GM) which nutritionists have proven to lack the nutrients of non- GM grains! I get and use steel gut oats that are guarenteed to be non-GM and pectitide free. I very seldom eat any other cereal as ALL of the listed(both good and bad) are made with highly processed grains that now days are GM crops (oats, wheat, corn, soybrans) You have to remember, these corporations are out to make money, not healthy products! Many of them seem to care less as long as they can make a profit. One of the top 10 for sure uses these GM grains and you probably read about it. They deny it but independent lab tests have shown it!
    The steel cut oats look to be expensive but the small package you get cooks up to B a lot of cereal. I cook them in a 5 serving batch and refrigerate untill warming in a microwave! - 5/29/2012   10:03:42 AM
  • 69
    If your family eats cereal, by the time your kids are 6 or 7 they can help in the cereal aisle. I told my kids that they could get any cereal they wanted as long as there was less than 3 grams of sugar and more than some number of grams of fiber. - 5/29/2012   9:55:54 AM
  • 68
    Oatmeal is the only cereal you should eat. BTW for all you carb-addicted grain eaters, we don't need grains to survive. The fact bread has been around for thousands of years means absolutely nothing in terms of healthy nutrition. There is no evidence to support the inclusion of grains in our diet and some would argue that they are implicated in the decline of human health. - 5/29/2012   9:53:35 AM
  • 67
    My thought on this is that many cereals toute themselves as "natural" or "healthy cereals that are not as thsay seem. Take - 5/29/2012   9:51:07 AM
    Why does the author bother with her 5 of Fives "rule" if she doesn't even bother to go by it herself? I love Cheerios and eat them every day, but what a dumb list, given the author's self-imposed and completely ignored "rule." - 5/29/2012   9:46:45 AM
  • RAJACK48
    Oatmeal is a much better choice! - 5/29/2012   9:21:39 AM
  • 64
    What??? No All Bran Buds? I have IBS and that 1/3 cup everyday keeps me from spending half my day in the bathroom! If you are going to make a list of the best, at least stick to your own guidelines. - 5/29/2012   8:31:15 AM
  • TREESH08
    I wonder how many of the "best" cereals have chemicals and preservatives in them? I would have liked to see more natural cereals listed. - 5/29/2012   8:30:11 AM
    Lissakaytn, after I finish my Froot Loops, I know a great donut shop where we could meet for coffee! - 5/29/2012   7:47:50 AM
  • JPEARL127
    How wonderful to learn that the cereals I prefer made the cut, but how disappointingly obvious the worst choices. I would have liked to have seen how some of the purportedly "healthy" but not really healthy cereals rated rather than the obvious sugar-laden cereals that would be obvious to most people working on a program of healthy eating. - 5/29/2012   7:26:48 AM
    This is a list of sugar, sugar and more sugar. All carbs break down into sugar. All sugar causes blood glucose levels to rise, which triggers the release of insulin. Insulin causes the body to store food energy as FAT. The body, over time, will also eventually become insulin resistant, and after that, diabetic.

    And to answer someone above, no ... humans were not meant to eat massive amount of grains. No mammal naturally eats grains. Further, today the grains on market are genetically modified, grown with pesticides and Round-up. Wheat especially is bad, it has been mutated through cross-breeding into something that is toxic and causes and whole host of illnesses. See "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis. See the movie "Fat Head" also, available free on Hulu or Netflix. Learn the truth about what we are being told about food.

    Now I am going to go fix a nice healthy breakfast of bacon and eggs and wash it down with coffee and heavy cream. BEST way to start the day ... and while you cereal eaters will be looking for a mid-morning snack, I will be going strong, even long after your lunch and mid-afternoon snack. - 5/29/2012   7:20:03 AM
    I'm surprised that you didn't list Froot Loops. My nutritionist recommends that I always aim for a rainbow of color on my plate!! - 5/29/2012   7:19:47 AM
  • 58
    I did notice that the article did ignore one important nutrition factor that should be looked at, Protein. While most cereals on the list was low on sugar, I feel it was way to high on Carbs because when you subtract the fiber you still have up to 50% of the carb calories, and you know that if it is not sweet we will add sugar and you miss the point of low sugar cereal. I did find Kashi does make a higher protein cereal (go lean) that fits better for the people who are trying to dump a few pound while working out.
    Of course most of the time I eat a Protein bar (17g Cars, 4g fat, 20g Protein) and a Can of Coke (39g Carb, 0g fat, 0 gram protein, 34mg Caffeine).
    I guess it just boils down to; ďItís not what you eat, itís what you do with what you eat countsĒ
    - 5/29/2012   6:54:02 AM
  • 57
    I adore cereals and eat it only with low-fat yoghurt...integral cereals, fruit sereals. I just don't like chocolate cereals or stuffed with cream or something else. Only "ordinary" or, as I said, integral...I eat cereals or for breakfast or for dinner.
    - 5/29/2012   5:24:58 AM
  • 56
    I have to say this... WHO FREAKING CARES??? and the crowd going on about the gluten thing... you are fools... humans have been eating food with gluten in it for thousands of years... breads have always been made from grain smashed and called FLOUR... and yet we exist as a species...

    Cereal is a processed food... if you are smart, you choose wisely (and the original idea of 5 and 5 was great, the author should have stopped there...) and then you eat them as part of a balanced diet...

    Too many people are freaking about whether their body can take a couple servings of Fruity Pebbles or Raisin Bran or Kashi... are you kidding me? any of those still provides sustinence for life... and unless you make it the cornerstone of your diet... it won't make a difference in your quality of life or your total nutrition if you are eating wisely the rest of the time..

    Now, all that said.. I love to eat two to three bowls of Captain Crunch with Crunchberries... then go off and work in the yard, or pound out a 5K... it's eating like that and parking your butt on a couch that's going to hurt you...

    Relax people... enjoy life... you an lose weight much more easily if you figure you can eat anything you want as long as you manage your exercise and calories and set some basic nutritional goals... simply physics really. - 5/29/2012   4:32:59 AM
  • 55
    I don`t eat cereal anymore. - 5/27/2012   1:26:55 PM
  • 54
    Shredded Wheat has been a staple in my family since the 1970's. I buy the Spoon Size Shredded Wheat and the Spoon Size Shredded Wheat 'N' Bran. I can eat it plain with milk or control the amount of sugar I add. - 5/24/2012   7:40:27 PM

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