10 Medicine Ball Moves to Help You Get a Leaner Body


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Medicine Balls provide a great alternative to the standard free weights and resistance bands many of us own and use for strength training at home. Not only do medicine balls provide us with a larger range of motion compared to other workout equipment, but they also provide us with greater dynamic flexibility. Depending on the weight you choose, medicine balls can be an inexpensive addition to your at home workout equipment while providing you with variety to help keep your workouts fresh, therefore making them a great supplement to your strength training routine.

Glutes and Hamstrings

Bridge on Medicine Ball

Quads, Hamstrings, Obliques

Walking Lunge with Medicine Ball Twist

Quads, Hamstrings, Abs, Obliques, Shoulders


Figure Eights

Shoulders, Back and Chest

Medicine Ball Pullover

Pectorals, Latissimus dorsi, Deltoids, and Triceps

Lying Overhead Pullover

Obliques, Arms, Abs

Medicine Ball Tap


Alphabet Abs with Medicine Ball

Medicine Ab Workout

Do you own a medicine ball? If so, do you use it as part of your strength training routine? If you do not own one, do you think this would be something you would want to add as a part of your home fitness equipment? What are some of your favorite medicine ball moves?

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    I need to continue health work and eating right. This exercise may help. - 12/7/2017   7:10:02 AM
  • 37
    I do not own one, but the next time I see one on sale, I'll get it. I need more ab work - 2/4/2012   12:20:03 PM
  • 36
    I read this blog when you first posted it, but I come back to it because I enjoy my medicine ball. I'm so glad you wrote this. - 1/22/2012   7:10:34 PM
    I love the variety of moves and the headings of muscles worked. - 8/2/2011   7:54:45 PM
  • 34
    Having specific medicine ball exercises right here makes integrating them into my routine soooooooo much easier! Thank you! - 3/23/2011   6:13:21 PM
  • 33
    Thanks for the information. I have one and really didn't know what to do with it; this blog was a lot of help. Thanks. - 3/23/2011   2:54:05 PM
  • 32
    I used medicine balls when I was in rehab for my back last summer. I have no idea where to buy them. However, I have a cat and am afraid he would claw a hole in it. - 3/1/2011   7:50:54 PM
    We recently relocated to Sydney, Australia. Due to weight, I sold all of my free weights. I did ship my resistance bands, mats, stability ball and medicine ball. I am always looking for new ways to incorporate my medicine ball into my strength workouts. Thanks for this! - 2/16/2011   4:28:41 PM
  • 30
    I have a medicine ball just afraid to use because I have been thru 5 of them...my cats think it THEIR ball and dig their claws into it...lol - 2/13/2011   1:45:59 PM
  • 29
    I have a medicine ball, just didn't really know what to do with it. - 2/11/2011   5:21:11 PM
    I got a small 4lb. one for Christmas and have never used it because I wasn't sure what to do with it. Now I know, and now I can start using it! Thanks so much for all the great info!
    Can't wait to try some of these! - 2/11/2011   11:17:57 AM
  • 27
    There are a wide variety of medicine balls on Amazon.com that have free shipping too. I haven't gotten one yet but I'm planning to now! - 2/10/2011   9:49:17 PM
  • 26
    I've thought about getting one to use, but haven't so far. I will though! - 2/10/2011   6:47:52 PM
    I have a 4 lb. medicine ball that I bought at Walmart. It came with a dvd. It is approximately a 40 minute workout. It has cardio mixed in with the workout. I love it. I do it quite often. I have been looking for a heavier ball but I haven't been able to find one yet.
    - 2/10/2011   2:59:45 PM
  • 24
    I have a little 4 lb. ball I bought from Target. It's great to use when I do waist twists. - 2/10/2011   2:27:47 PM
  • 23
    Thanks for the exercises. - 2/10/2011   2:02:51 PM
  • 22
    i love my ball thanks for all the great tips - 2/10/2011   1:44:42 PM
  • 21
    There's some at my gym that I haven't really used. Thanks for the tips! I'll consider it now that I've read this!

    Jocelyn - 2/10/2011   12:43:19 PM
  • 20
    I don't have a medicine ball, but I do plan to get one. - 2/10/2011   11:26:02 AM
  • 19
    Nancy, sometimes I think you and Kelsey (the personal terrorist extraordinaire) are in cahoots. We have added Medicine Ball Pushups to my repertoire.
    One hand on the ball, one hand on the ground, do the pushup, then roll the ball to the other hand and repeat, then back again. 2 sets of 15 and I'm ready to collapse. I have a love hate relationship with the medicine ball!

    - 2/10/2011   11:24:15 AM
    Medicine balls come in various weights...you want it to be heavy enough to slow the motion of the exercise you are performing, but not so heavy you can't maintain proper form.

    As far as the size, choosing a ball proportionate to your size and shoulder width is best. However, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, choosing a smaller-sized, lighter medicine ball allows for one to build training speed while a heavy bigger-sized medicine ball helps build strength-speed and/or power training.

    I hope this helps!
    Nancy - 2/10/2011   11:20:29 AM
  • TSHEP65270
    Hi I'm new to this and my one big question is "How do you know what size of Medicine ball to get, Please help - 2/10/2011   11:05:00 AM
  • 16
    Definitely something for me to consider adding to switch things up. - 2/10/2011   10:33:24 AM
  • 15
    I don't have a medicine ball at home, but I've occasionally used them at the gym. I like tossing one around with a friend. it's a great workout. - 2/10/2011   9:51:36 AM
  • 14
    I have a medicine ball. I enjoy using it. My teenage son and I do trunk twists using it. - 2/10/2011   9:14:08 AM
  • 128PERFECT
    I just got a medicine ball as well. I really like it . - 2/10/2011   8:10:04 AM
  • 12
    They have them at the gym, so I wouldn't bother spending money on one, unless I found one at a yard sale for a couple of dollars (which could happen, since people sell everything at YS.) - 2/10/2011   12:26:06 AM
  • 11
    Do you own a medicine ball? no
    If so, do you use it as part of your strength training routine? If you do not own one, do you think this would be something you would want to add as a part of your home fitness equipment? yes
    What are some of your favorite medicine ball moves? shoulders, lunges
    - 2/9/2011   11:07:00 PM
    I will get one as soon as possible! - 2/9/2011   10:23:20 PM
  • 9
    I've got a medicine ball and used it for awhile till the exercises became stale to me, thanks so much for giving me new ideas. - 2/9/2011   7:52:41 PM
  • 8
    I purchased a medicine ball a while back, did not realize the great advantages!
    Thank you.... it will be added to my workouts! - 2/9/2011   7:32:52 PM
  • 7
    I'm making medicine balls right now per some of the DIY instructions available around the 'net! I'm hoping to make a couple sets form 5-25 lb. Training with them is going to be AWESOME!! - 2/9/2011   7:19:58 PM
  • 6
    Any tips on how to select the right size & appropriate weight for particular exercises or fitness levels? Looks fun! - 2/9/2011   5:55:39 PM
  • 5
    Any tips on how to select the right size & appropriate weight for particular exercises or fitness levels? Looks fun! - 2/9/2011   5:55:30 PM
  • 4
    I need to buy a medicine ball. I believe it will add variety to my workouts especially for core exercises. - 2/9/2011   5:53:32 PM
  • 3
    I have never tried using a medicine ball. Thanks for the info! - 2/9/2011   5:50:00 PM
  • 2
    I just got an exercise ball last night, and it made a big difference in my routine today. I feel like I burned more calories and I worked my muscles more than without one. - 2/9/2011   4:35:19 PM
  • STGT647
    I have used medicine balls in my gyms classes. They are a great addition for toning and for variety. Look forward to trying more exercises that you have outlined. - 2/9/2011   3:43:41 PM

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