Test Your Food Safety Smarts

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Don't wait for a food recall to start thinking about food safety. Brush up on the facts with this short quiz.

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Great 👍 Report
Very informative. Report
I'm getting volume, but no picture... just a little puzzle piece with frownie face.
At least I could hear all of the info. Report
I don't eat anything that is on the floor. Well one time. I dropped my birth control pill. I ate it. It was worth the risk. Lol Report
I have watched 3 videos today and did not receive points for any of them, this is not the only time this has happened, you click the box once video is finished and the program says you have received the points but then no points show up when you check the final SP page for videos. Report
This is the second video I have tried to watch today, and cannot get vocal. Report
The 5 second rule was new news to me but good to know. Report
Wow, I learn some good information on this video, thanks for sharing Report
The videos were very helpful I got them all right Report
The videos were very helpful I got them all right Report
good to know Report
Good info and entertaining! Report
good info Report
I loved the information about the sponges! Never heard of this before! Report
I was quite surprised by the "five second rule" results! The video was very helpful and also fun, adding some info on detecting the freshness of fish would be helpful for me, as that is a gray area for me but we love fish! Thanks so much to all involved in making the video Report