18-Minute Boot Camp Cardio Sculpt

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Curious about Coach Nicole's "28 Day Boot Camp" DVD? Try this super efficient workout from the DVD before you buy!

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Thanks Report
Coach Nicole kicks my butt again! Report
Workout Completed! Report
I wish thee was more instruction for what we needed before it got started..didnt expect to need mat out. Found if a little more than I was ready for yet... will be more prepared next time.thanks Report
Whew it's been a while since I did a Sparkpeople video. This on e is truly a good one, I'm sweating my butt off! Report
This is a good one Report
WOW!! LOVE IT!! I'm putting this INTO my goals at 2 times a week (and a different one another day for core ST) because it KICKED ME!! WOOHOO!! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Have bought this DVD set very good Report
Thanks for sharing great video Report
started using the videos love them thank you short but easy Report
enjoy doing my workout in the morning before i go to work Report
such a good workout.just what i need to get back in shape Report
why can't you do mat work all together at the end..??

I do like this workout..three people to watch and, to show me how to do the movements.. Report
Always a good workout with Coach Nicole! Great one today! :D


Nola Report