Coach Nicole's '28 Day Boot Camp' Workout DVD

Thank you for purchasing SparkPeople's "28 Day Boot Camp" workout DVD! This article should answer some of the most common questions about using your DVD. If you have additional questions, please join our 28 Day Boot Camp SparkTeam to get the answers and support you're looking for.

Where is the 28-day workout plan?
Your DVD menu will allow you to view the 28-day workout plan that Coach Nicole created, and the interactive calendar will play the workouts schedules for your particular day of Boot Camp. For reference, a screenshot of the 28-day plan can be seen below. (Note: People who purchased a digital download to not have a DVD menu screen. Please print or reference this article for the workout plan.)

Do I have to follow this workout plan? Can I just do the workouts however I want to?
You don't have to follow this plan to benefit from the DVD. You can choose to follow or combine the workouts however you'd like!

How do I track the "28 Day Boot Camp" workouts? How many calories do these workouts burn?
All of these workouts are intergrated with SparkPeople's Fitness Tracker. Simply go to your Fitness Tracker, and type in the actual workout name (see segment names in the graphic above), or any keword from the DVD title (such as "28" or "Boot camp"). Select the approriate entry, add the number of minutes you exercised (each workout is between 12 and 30  minutes long), and then click the "Add Exercise" button to track your workout and estimate your calories burned (based on your current body weight). We don't recommend including the additional minutes you warmed up and cooled down as these are not as intense and the calories-burned estimates are not based on these lighter activities.

Does it matter what day of the week I start the 28-day plan?
You don't have to start on any particular day or week. As long as you follow the workout plan as listed, you don't need to worry about what days you do them on.

I purchased the digital download of "28 Day Boot Camp." How can I play the individual workouts?
A digital download is different than the DVD because the downloaded file is one long streaming sequence of all the workouts whereas the DVD has multiple different files/chapters along with a menu to make a selection. Below you will find the timecodes for each workout (chapter) so you know exactly where to fast forward to the workout of your choice. Please save or print this article for reference later.
  • Warm-Up (6 min.) 0:00-6:13
  • Cardio Burst (12 min.) 6:14-18:37
  • Short Cardio-Sculpt (12 min.) 18:38-30:32
  • Tone & Burn (20 min.) 30:33-51:44
  • Total Body Challenge (30 min.) 51:45-1:21:57
  • Cool Down (4 min.) 1:21:58-1:26:41
What if I have more questions or need support?
Join the 28 Day Bootcamp DVD Fans SparkTeam to connect with other SparkPeople members who are working out with this DVD. You can ask questions, share ideas and get support for reaching your fitness goals.