Get Even More Nutrients from Your Veggies

All vegetables are not created equal. Get the most nutrition from your veggies by following these healthful hints.

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It is SO easy for me to get in about 10 servings a day.... what are people NOT eating, so they dont get them? Fun video!
These are excellent tips. I plan on using some of these suggestions. Thanks
How can you not want to eat more veggies after listening to MS Hand?. She is so cheery and vibrant. What a SPARKLE she brings. So I say bring on the veggies. Put them in your eggs. Eat them as snacks. Keep a cup handy and measure them out.
Great tips! Going to start incorporating some of these today!
Great advice. I'm learning to love veggies.
I am lucky, I never have a problem getting in at least 5 fruits and veggies each day. I just love my raw fruits and veggies and if I am eating cooked veggies they are only steamed so that they are still vibrant and have lots of texture to them.
I also microwave all my veggies! Have a Terrific & Blessed Tuesday!
enjoying my vege's all microwaved.
I was aware I was overcooking veggies, but Hubby won't eat them unless they are soft.
I did not know about the vitamin c loss when cutting green beans. I'll be leaving my fresh garden beans whole this year. Thanks for the tips!
Very interesting to know.
Great info, Thanks
I wasn't aware that cutting your veggies into smaller pieces depletes the nutrients. I wonder if that applies to soups where you drink the broth? Great video.
Excellent tips.
When we microwave veggies, we rinse the veggies in the dish we're going to microwave it in, then drain the water out of it and our veggies are always perfect cooking with what water stayed on them after the rinse and drain.