Those 95 Pounds Will Never Weigh Me Down Again!

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SparkPeople member STACEY-P is a mother of 5 who lost 95 pounds with SparkPeople. Check out here amazing video!

Member Comments

that is awesome, you look great Stacy Report
You are an overcomer, SparkFriend. That's the spirit Report
Would love it this were remastered and the piano taken way down -- it overpowers her speaking. Report
Excellent thanks so much for sharing! I am inspired Report
Thank you very much for sharing this!! This is exactly what I needed to see/hear. I am also 35 and a mother of 5. I can completely relate with where you started and just knowing that someone in a similar situation has been able to do what I want to just means so much!! Thank you!! Report
Thank you for sharing!! You are helping me to refocus and realize that it is never to late to start again. Report
Wow - good for you, and good for all those around you! And good for me - it gives me hope that I can reach my goals as well!! Report
Thanks for making this video and sharing it with everyone. I'm older than you, but face the same amount of weight and lifestyle changes that you did. Keep up the good work, and be the inspiration for your friends and family. Report
Wow, good job. You need to be proud of yourself. You Spark People Family is proud of you! Report
Congratulations! you are an inspiration to us all! Report
congrats #inspiration Report
Congrats.....U look awesome! Report
You look fantastic! It's never too late to start new challenges. I walked my first 5K Christmas 2014, and last fall I met two SP friends for an 8K (500 miles away by the way) on my 65th Birthday. What a blast! Report
Where there's a will, there's a way. Report
You look great! Report