A Simple Tip to Reach Your Weight-Loss Goal

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Good Idea! Something I need to try. Report
I've stupidly avoided doing this for fear of what other family members will say. But then, those are the same folks who continually bring chocolate goodies in by the Costco size when they're here, and refuse to keep them in their own room so really, I shouldn't care, right? Report
It works in the start, but after a time, I stopped seeing the notices. I got used to seeing them and just don't look at them anymore than I notice the color of the towels or the texture on the fridge. Report
That is a great idea. I will try that. Report
I ABSOLUTELY AGREE !! ALL the way !! I have my weight loss goals on my calendar on phone. It reminds me to make these goals, I HAVE to do things much healthier than I used to. It does NOT mean depriving myself. I DO have sweets only now in their portion size,,, fitting them into my calorie allowance for the day.

"Seeing is BELIEVING" clearly this DOES work. Report
I was just thinking of doing this and also putting reminders on my phone throughout the day, focusing on the time that is critical-5:00-10:
00pm Report
Today afternoon I decided to write my goals an pt them on the wall and right now I discovered this tip here. So funny, as I almost predicted this tip today :-) Report
Will do...thanks for the tip Report
Thank you for sharing this tip! Report
Good tip, will do that now Report
I don't know why I didn't think of that. Thank you for sharing Coach Nicole. Report
I also need to do that! Everyone have a Wonderful & Blessed Wednesday! Have a Merry
Christmas also! Report
I also have it on my sign in page on my computer. So when I turn on my home computer I see it, others see it too. These are very good tips. Report
Wonderful idea. I especially like seeing my goals on my start page. Tapping them to the Br mirror will work best for me.🏆 Report
Great Tip, I gotta try this today. Report