Surround Yourself with the Positive

If you put yourself in a positive frame of mind, you can accomplish anything. If you can clearly see your goal, see that it’s within your grasp, there’s nothing stopping you. That’s why surrounding yourself with positive images and visual reminders can be just what the doctor ordered.

You may already have an inner voice telling you that you can do it, that you can reach your goal. But sometimes, that inner voice could be distracted, a little discouraged or even intimidated. Sometimes, it lacks conviction. Sometimes, you need an external voice telling you the same thing, reinforcing your confidence and determination.

Think about what might happen without that positive reinforcement. Suppose you had a parrot sitting on your shoulder, cackling in your ear all day long that your efforts are useless, that you will never reach your goal. Or suppose that every day, you were faced with a taunting picture of you looking your god-awful, embarrassing worst. Sounds pretty discouraging, doesn’t it?

Surrounding yourself with negativity will drain the energy, life and hope right out of you like a leech. Seems pretty obvious, but too often, we allow these negative messages to seep through.

Thankfully, the opposite is just as true. One of the quickest ways to boost your spirits and keep motivation high is to keep a positive picture of your goal close by. A picture or other visual of your ultimate goal is a huge motivator. Having it around all the time is a voice of encouragement whispering in your ear, helping you stay focused on the prize and energized to overcome any obstacle.

Everyone runs into a wall at some point. You’re not alone if you feel discouraged. To keep it from happening, or to deal with it if it does, try these ideas:
  • Use positive images. Find a visual that shows why you want to get healthy in the first place, or what you’ll be doing after you reach your goal. A picture of your family, the new dress you want to wear, or a basketball.
  • Use positive words. Keep notes of encouragement with you or choose a few favorite inspirational words. You can get plenty of these words on the Message Boards.
  • Use positive books and movies. Watch and read positive things that show you what’s possible. Trade your favorites with friends. Find a hero and try to adapt their qualities to your journey.
  • Use positive quotes. They could give you that lift right when you need it most. Choose one as your personal motto and plaster it everywhere.
  • Use positive music. Let music that makes you feel good become the background theme of your life.
With a visual nearby, your goal is right there. It’s clear what you want. It’s clearly within your grasp. You have the power to reach out and just take it. 
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Member Comments

Positive people really do make a difference! Report
Good article. Report
I have a friend who is also diabetic and was always negative about it. Since we have been in communication his attitude has completely changed. Report
Great article. Reminds me of a saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln that “most folks are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Report
Wonderful article! Thank you!

My old tapes tend to be from certain relatives or alleged "friends". My real Parrot just says "pretty bird", "Night Night", or "thank you" for food or toys! She's pretty positive actually & good at getting her needs met! ;-) Report
I found it awful that you chose for your depressing images animals- a leech, a parrot... For your information parrots are really cool and make excellent companions. They live a long time too! They can live at least 80 years in captivity. And leeches have been widely used in medicine for 100s of years. When you have a wound that won't heal properly, and they want it very clean, they use leaches to help it to remain clean while you slowly heal. Don't be so down on the animals! How oppressive! Report
This is a great article! Just what I needed since I stepped out of my safe place this morning. Being tired and lazy I grabbed 2 big slices of chocolate cake on the table then threw extra pecans on it. I knew this was wrong and felt very guilty afterward. I then went to sleep on it. I think I am in a pre diabetic stage and this doesn't help I know. I have decided to stop thinking about my mistake but try even harder to seek help and never give up. That's why I am here... receiving the best dose of inspiration for my day. I will try not to just read but take the advice given. Ok, this will be another report to add to my blog which helps me to track my mistakes and successes. I may fail but I am determine to fail forward! Report
Loved this article, I'm trying to be more positive and this is exactly what I needed Report
Just what I needed today to remind myself the more positive my surroundings, thoughts, words and actions, the more I will experience positive change. Thanks! Report
This is a great article! Report
Thank you for sharing... Report
DEBCYN22 --Having been through some dark places myself, I can say that you have just done the hardest step--seeing the darkness for what it is and that you are, indeed, in it. After that the light comes, sometimes in small doses, sometimes in great beams. Be open to it all. Stay strong, it gets better. Report
DEBCYN, you are in exactly the RIGHT place, you are in a good place, a safe place. You will survive your obstacles and thrive in your environment, now and always. There is no need to be overwhelmed when you have others ready to shoulder some of the burdens. You will learn and grow. You are in a good place! Report
I'm just starting to get into spark people. I'm in a really bad place in my life and I kno it. I'm hoping this will help me to find some motivation and some inner peace. I know these are the things I need in my life but I also need to work my way out of my problems. Sometimes they just overwhelm you, Report
Really great article Report


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