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Solutions to the Challenges of Living Large or Less Mobile

People of size or those with limited range of motion have special challenges when trying to get fit. Indygirl shares tips on finding clothes and equipment that suits you.
Posted 4/8/2010  9:08:53 AM By:   : 164 comments   53,940 views
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Habits of Fit People: Sleep in Your Workout Clothes

Could sleeping in your exercise clothes help you stick with a morning workout routine? Here are 3 reasons it can help!
Posted 10/23/2009  10:44:13 AM By:   : 444 comments   122,600 views
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Gear Up: SparkPeople Fitness Apparel

We've added pants, tank tops and performance shirts to our SparkPeople store. Revamp your workout wardrobe!
Posted 5/13/2009  10:47:43 AM By:   : 108 comments   32,986 views
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Gear Up: C9 by Champion Sports Bras

Want a great sports bra at a great price? Look no further!
Posted 8/29/2008  3:00:00 PM By:   : 94 comments   22,534 views
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Does It Really? We Test Win High Performance Sports Detergent

The official detergent of the US Olympic Team claims to eliminate embedded sweat and odors from workout clothes. Does it really work?
Posted 8/26/2008  5:00:36 PM By:   : 56 comments   53,520 views
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