Gear Up: C9 by Champion Sports Bras

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The right gear goes a long way in not only motivating you to work out, but also keeping you comfortable enough to finish your exercise session. Women need extra support to work out, and not just from a workout buddy. A great sports bra is a must! These days, they're available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. But a high price tag often comes with so much innovation.

I've seen sports bras that cost more than $50 apiece, and others that cost less than $10. Like many things in life, you usually get what you pay for. I've found a new, less expensive favorite when it comes to keeping the girls in place. And you can get it at Target for less than $20!

The color selection changes with the seasons, but the C9 sports bra by Champion retails for $16.99 at Target (and online at where you can get free shipping on orders over $50). Now before you get all hot and bothered by that price, remember that a good sports bra will last you a long time, especially when you take good care of it. This price is one of the lowest I've ever seen for a non-sale item, especially for such high quality. I'd say that it outranks my high ticket Nike sports bras, which usually cost double or more. It's comfortable, supportive, and made of wicking materials that keep you dry (not soppy with sweat). I give it two thumbs up!

Quick Tip: When picking a sports bra, try it on at the store before buying. If it pinches in the wrong places or is too loose or too tight, it's not right for you. Wash after every use (hand washing will actually help extend its life) and hang dry for best results. I machine wash and hang dry mine. I have a few of these C9 sports bras that I've used for years! They still hold their shape and provide ample support.

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WOMEN'S MOVING COMFORT FIONA SPORTS BRA - this is the sports bra I use for a DD. It keeps the girls right where they should stay. I have used it for zumba and other exercise classes. I like that it has adjustable straps, that stay! I bought mine from Sheels, a sporting good store. You can get it online. Report
I couldn't tell you how many different sports bra's I've purchased. I am too a well endowed woman no matter what the weight. I need a d to a DD. That is hard to find, I feel bad for the women who have listed E's ! I can't imagine, and (a little off track) have you noticed once you hit the D cup the bra's aren't so pretty anymore? That's not fair! I will def check out the target one. Thanks for the info! Report
great comments. The target one doesn't work for me either. Too much bounce. I also tried the enell but it hurts my shoulders. I wear a 40 DD sometimes E but my shoulders are narrow and I just can't seem to find a keeper. Most of the time I wear two at a time. Report
I have this sports bra and love it! Report
I just bought the Champion Powerback Wirefree sport bra. I LOVE it! It is great for us bigger girls! It has the wicking feature too. It cost more than the ones I use to buy at Wal-Mart, but it was very worth it. (You get what you pay for.) I bought it at a Champion outlet store so the price wasn't too awful. Report
17 bucks??? I WISH I could get a good sports bra (or any bra) for that cheap. Unfortunately, mine end up being in the $150 range . . . Report
I thought about trying it but I'm afraid it will just end up with the pile of other ones that don't work for me! I buy Moving Comfort. They come in different styles to fit different needs. I'm a 36D. Running with no bouncing is a MUST for me. Report
I love C9 too--not just their sports bras but dri-fit tanks and shorts as well. I'm not patient enough to wash by hand so my sports bras shrunk a a lot in the wash but still do the job. I still think $16.99 is a hefty price tag for something your going to sweat in but buy a 3-4 and get free shipping. If you're really concerned about "brands" you can sometimes find the Nike and Adidas sports bras at Ross, Marshalls, TJMax for pretty cheap (9.99-19.99). Shop around for the best deals :) Report
I have one of these bras and LOVE it. Its comfortable and prevents the girls from moving around. I also enjoy that it doesnt give you the uni-boob look that most sports bras give you. Report
I use to be able to buy the Champion C9 underwire sports bras at Target but now I can't find them anywhere!! Not even on their web-site. All Target has is Non-underwire. ????? My girls move around and I need the support.

My dear husband did find me two Hanes thick underwire bras that work perfectly for the gym. I wonder why Champion got rid of them??? Report
I come in at about an F, and although the XL C9 "fits" I wouldn't wear it for any other activity than yoga... there is just too much bounce. Nice looking bra, keeps the sweat at bay, but not a good tamer for larger breasted women. Report
I got these last week at Marshalls for @ $10.00!! I'm a 38D & I'm very pleased with the support & comfort!! I wear them when I'm doing high-intensity cardio & I have absolutely NO bouncing or spilling!! Great investment!! Report
This bra doesn't cut it for full figured women (like me). I have two of them but had to double up the bra for long runs. However, there was still so much bounce I ended up with friction rubs at the shoulders and underneath (even using Body Glide). I just got the enell bra (the oprah endorsed sports bra) and it is FANTASTIC. I did a 10 mile run last week and lots of aerobics and had zero rub, zero movement. I love it and it was well worth the price! Sometimes cheap isn't the answer. Buying one quality bra is better than having 4 crappy ones. Report
I love *all* of the C9 stuff at Target. That's basically *all* of my workout clothes. Report
just found a $10 underwire, hook-in-the-back, "high intensity" danskin sports bra at wal-mart. i'm a 36/38 dd. let's see if this does what it's supposed to ... Report
CINDY Report
I love these! I have at least five different colors. Report
I will have to look for these I have a problem with straps falling and too much movement when exercising. You would think after 30 pounds gone I would lose some There too but.... Report
interesting comments-I like the Lily of France sports bra with underwire. You can get it on sale at Kohls-can't remember the exact price. Report
I'm a 36 E and also have a tough time finding comfortable bras. I finally went to a store in Denver recommended by Oprah's website. It was like instant relief! At $100 per bra, I was shocked by the price, but what a great investment. A supportive bra only 2 hooks wide in the back. My favorites are imported from France, but I have tried less expensive bras and found them on sale on the internet with good results. The best thing was getting fitted properly first. I have never found anything close to a proper fit in any of the department stores like Dillard's and Nordstroms. Report
i'll have to go check these out at target. Report
I love the C9 Brand of sports wear. I went through my closet a couple months ago (new school season) and realized that I've got 4 C9 Sports Bras, my husband has a couple of C9 workout shirts, and a new shirt I bought for my son's soccer season was C9. I didn't realize how much my family naturally gravitated toward this brand, and I'm pleased to see that it's being written about. Report
Thank you for bringing this up! I have always had this problem. Like so many of you have mentioned, sports bras that come in S-M-L sizes are useless; we need cup sizes!

I have one sports bra that fits and supports decently, but since it has no closure, I have to go through several contortions just to get into it. Honestly, getting in and out of the thing is half the workout!

For serious jouncing activities, the only thing that works for me is my cotton underwire with a smooshy sports bra on top, not the most comfortable setup.

I will look up some of the products suggested. Report
I just went and bought a few sports bras a few months ago (the first time in YEARS) and happened to grab a black C9. It is by far my favorite of the few that I grabbed. I like that it provides more support, and isn't "see through". Its very comfortable. It is definitely the go-to bra for me! Report
Thanks for the information. These blogs are so helpful. I'm glad I finally have an easy way to find them and use them. This is great!! Report
Funny! I just picked up a few of these last month. I love them!! Report
Being a well endowed woman I've also looked high & low for supportive & comfortable sports bras. So far, the company that seems to have the best selection and variety of bras is Title Nine - on top of that they are a company that focuses on "active" women.

Look them up on google! Report
The blog was convincing - I went to Target... holy moly... these are the greatest EVER!!! Soft and supportive (even for a busty honey like myself)! I recommend highly along with the rest of the posts - thanks for the GREAT info share!!! Report
Target should pay SP for this advertising. It's either really effective or I'm really impressionable- After reading this yesterday, I went out and bought one of these bras today. Well, I was already in Target and passed by the sports bra rack. The one I bought is quite comfortable. I jumped and down in the dressing room to check the support- great! And since it has separate cups there is no 'uniboob' look. Report
I have some of the C9s but I have to layer them to hold my big ol' girls in place when jumping or jogging. There are some great suggestions in the comments too, will check them out. Report
Thanks for the recommendation. I'm a regular Target shopper, but I'm so picky about sports bras that I haven't given the C9 a try, but after reading this I definitely will. Report
I am in agreement with the member who recommended Champion Powerback underwire. I have tried numerous bras and that is definitely the one that works. I use it to run and feel very comfortable. The C9 is fine but not if you are well endowed and doing more than walking or strength training (I wore 2 bras when I did anything with any intensity). For our less endowed sisters, I think it would be great. Report
Thanks Nicole for the information. I will try one on when I am in US next month. Report
Love them! Have them in many colors! So very very pretty! Report
I would love a sports bra that doesn't give me the uni-boob look. Report
I have started using sports bra recently, just want to know do i need to wear a regular bra under this during my workout session? Report
I've been using these sports bras for a couple of years now and really like them. I used to be a D (until I've started losing weight) and now I'm a C and haven't had any problems with them. Report
Unfortunately, being a larger size, these do not offer the support I need. I also hate the uniboob effect! Thanks for sharing though. Report
I just went to the Target web page and not only found these bras, but found a couple of the colors on clearance for $11.89. I ordred a couple of the bras on clearance since I happened to like those colors and was happy to have the extra savings. Report
Ladies- I have been very full since puberty and I need a very supportive bra to do anything that is more physically active than walking. I will definitely try these, but I just recently bought a GREAT (but pricey :( ) bra from Lululemon Athletica called the Bounce Breaker, and it does! It has a mesh panel between the breasts to allow some air in that cramped space, and I must say for big breasted ladies this is the best I have ever found. I paid $45 for it, but I would do it again because I love it. But I will check out the C9 because we don't have a Lululemon here, I was out on travel. But we do have Target! Thanks again- Report
Thanks for the tip! I will be keeping an eye out for this sports bra. I have found that by being a "blessed" woman, a sports bra actually gives me better support and is more comfortable than regular bras. As for the bras with underwires - well - I have bought them and then had to remove the wire because they tend to pinch me under my arms (no matter how good a fit they give me). Report
My suggestion for my fellow blessed (or surgically enhanced!) Sparkers --

A tip I learned from years of dance/cheering as a 34DD (the cups have grown since then, thanks to childbirth!) -- you want more support, double-up your bra! I often wear two sports bras, or wear my regular underwire bra under my sports support one.

That said, I'll be watching for these bras to go on sale at Target, and maybe try them out then! Report
Thanks for the advice. I am always looking for a great sports bra, so I will have to go to Target and try this one out. Report
I have not tried it as of yet but thank you for the heads up! Report
I love them too! I like the thin strap ones too and love how many colors they come in. I can always find one that matches my shorts. Report
I just bought a C9 Champion sports bra yesterday and tried it out today, and I love it!! Thanks for the info!! Report
I'm a 46D looking forward to trying the bra thanks Report
i love these bras from target! they are so comfortable and really are great quality!! Report
Thanks for the article. I have been looking to replace some sports bras and your article helped me in deciding what to buy. Report
Thanks for all the info...I think I will go to Walmart and give one of theres a try . Report
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