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You Made It to the Gym -- Now What?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
So you've finally taken the plunge and joined a gym—congratulations! Your first visit may seem a little (or a lot) scary, but with the right preparation, planning and positive outlook, it can be a productive and, dare we say, fun experience.

Follow this handy guide for navigating your first month at the gym, and you'll be on the fast track to fitness. Print the graphic and share it with other would-be gym goers! 


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JULIJULINN 6/12/2021
TY Report
WONDERGALE 5/29/2021
Thanks! Report
CECELW 3/13/2021
some good ideas Report
ILOVEROSES 11/24/2020
Very good advice! Report
ROBBIEY 8/2/2020
excellent Report
_CYNDY55_ 7/19/2020
Thanks Report
PATRICIAAK 7/13/2020
:) Report
good advice.. thanks Report
Great guidance! Report
Good start ideas: encourage: Like to see 'REAL People"none of these appear to have 'just joined' a gym.. Report
Great advice!! Thank you! Report
Great Tips! Thanks for sharing!! Report
Thanks, this is a good reminder for me as I return to the gym after a couple of years hiatus. Report
Whoop whoop Report
This looks like good advice. Report
Great info Report
Absolutely Report
I like this idea of working up to working out in the gym. Report
great information Report
Very good advice. I definitely need it right now. Thanks for sharing. Report
Great Report
Great advice. Thanks! Report
Great advice....thanks!!! Report
That was good advice. Report
Some physical therapy place have exercise programs too, and will work with you to make sure you are using the proper form. Report
I found that I was going to the gym, doing my cardio, then leaving. My workplace has a wellness program. I signed up to work with a coach. She asked me if I was getting any weight training in and I said "sometimes". We talked about it and since then, I've been doing my weight training each session.

What's different? I do 10-15 minutes of a warm up on the recumbent bike and then I do the weight training. I finish with my cardio. I'm on my third week of this.

As a 50 year old, I need the weight training. Report