You Always Have A New Chance At Life

By , SparkPeople Blogger
No matter where you are or what condition you are in, you have a chance to make healthy changes to better your situation. I say that because I used to weigh 460 pounds, was bed-ridden with disabilities and chronic pain.  I now weigh 200 pounds less with no weight-loss surgery and can walk with a walker and on my own at times. The pain is still difficult to deal with, but not as difficult as when I was lying in bed and concentrating on the pain.  You see, I wasn't looking for a way out: I was accepting a fate.

I've discovered that staying on my SparkPeople plan gives me a sense of control that I wouldn't otherwise have in my dizzying world. Without SparkPeople, I would have nothing to ground me. It is my security blanket and passion. It is always there for me. Food used to be that security blanket, but now it stands between me and my new passion for health.

How the change came about, I'm not exactly sure. It was years in the making. I think I just began to want to live and do more than I wanted to eat. Then I wanted to prove to people who said it couldn't be done, that it could and anyone could have a second chance at life. For example, I did a 5K at the mall with my walker, named Freedom.  I had to rest on each side of the mall, but I did it!

Now I finally feel like I am in control. There are no more off-limit foods, just foods I choose to eat less often. People can't tell me what to eat or whether to exercise, because I won't let them anymore. Only my tracker and I deal with my food issues. I feel proud logging minutes of exercise- EVERY ONE COUNTS. I don't subscribe to the ''no pain, no gain'' theory.  I believe that if you move, you are better off.  Each move helps you reach a higher level of mobility.

What I'm really saying is that learning to eat healthfully and move is freeing. It puts the control ball back in your court. Never look at it again as ''I have to go on a diet.'' It isn't a diet. SparkPeople promotes healthy choices and portion sizes, and moving for the sheer joy of what you like.  Saying ''I'll never eat ________again'' is unrealistic.  Also, jumping up from a bedridden state and walking is unrealistic, as there are steps to be taken.
Think of what small goals you want to do RIGHT NOW--and do them.  Start slow--maybe walk to your mailbox, or eat one less bite.  If that feels good, try leaving 2 bites and maybe lifting some small dumbbells for 3 minutes to music.  The changes don't have to be big.  They have to be in proportion to what you are already doing.  Already running a mile?  Try 1.10 miles. 
I've lost 200 pounds now and I can finally live again.  If I can do this, you can, too! I'm just a housewife from Indiana, not a celebrity or fitness guru. We can do this!
What will I do with my second chance at life?  I will spread the news as much as I can that life gives second chances.  Right now, I host SparkPeople Member Rallies and am beginning to give talks about my story with I also have an idea of when I'll be starting coaching school, if I can save the money.  I feel like my destiny lies in helping others overcome obesity.  At 47, it is an odd age to figure out what to do with my life. But it's never too late.
Whether you are disabled, well, positive or negative, remember ''What I can do is my choice. What I can't do is not my choice.'' Work like nothing else to expand your choices.
What will you do with your second chance at life?

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Wow, love the quote "What I can do is my choice. What I can't do is not my choice." So happy my co-leader shared a link to this blog on the Babysteps Brigade, since we're all about reaching our goals in small steps. Thank you!
BONNIE1552 2/20/2021
It's hard to remind myself that I could eat that again tomorrow. I seem to want it all right then. Report
NANABFITZ 11/30/2020
thank you for sharing Report
EMGERBER 7/20/2020
I always complete my life challenges but there is always another one I want to work on. Report
We always have another chance in life. Report
Wow, you are a very courageous, strong and inspiring person! Thanks so much for sharing your story! Report
Thank You so much for your great blog. Report
Thank you Report
This was written almost six years ago, but I really needed this today. Thank you, Beth. Report
Very inspiring! Report
Thank you for taking the time to write this. I needed it this morning. Report
So happy I came upon this site back in 2007...... Report
Your blog is very inspiring! Congratulations on changing your mindset and losing those pounds! You are correct - any small step is better than no steps...and patience is hard, but when you plant the seed, you have to place it in the sunshine, water it, take care of it and in time (hard to wait)...but eventually, it buds, and then a beautiful flower blooms! We are seeds in different stages, getting to the bud, or the bloom stage does take time...but we are on our way!!! Keep up the great progress! Report
Thank you so much for sharing. You have been an inspiration. Report
God bless you and SparkPeople!! Report
God bless you and SparkPeople Report
Thank you! Your blogs are always so inspiring. I'm so glad you share and I agree you have found your destiny. Lucky us! Report
A good read and from a fellow Hoosier none the less. Rock on. Report
You might enjoy this great article about late bloomers :) Thanks for a great message! Keep it up!
You go! You are doing great! And you really are an inspiration..... Report
You are a true inspiration. Management and drive are key to making change and progress. Report
What an inspiring story! Wishing you much success as you continue your journey. Report
Thank you for Sharing your truly inspirational story. I really needed to hear this message this morning. Keep up the good work !!! Report
Great Blog. You are an INSPIRATION TO ALL OF US. Keep doing what you are doing. You will reach your other goals in life. Age 47 is Young at heart. God Bless you and Have a Wonderful Week. HUGS!!!! Report
You are amazing for what you have overcome and what you continue to do. Thank you for your blog, its great! Thank you for sharing and being an inspiration. Report
I just had to save this! Thank you for motivating me today (: Report
You are very inspirational. Thanks so much for sharing your story!!! Report
i really enjoyed your story i deal with the same problems and i am starting to see that light as well..... thanks so much for sharing Report
Another GREAT inspiring blog from you, Beth !

thank u so much for ur story, u just gave me a little more hope that i can do it. Report
Thank you for this wonderful blog and for sharing the treasures of your story. I am glad you are making changes everyday to your life and to others. For my second chance I will think about myself more and take care of me more. I will try to meet my needs as well as others' needs. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Hugs Report
What a wonderful, inspiring blog. Thank you for sharing. I hope I can start doing as well, though it be my 3rd or 4th chance. Report
what a wonderful inspiration! Thank you, it is something i needed to read today! i am going to my new gym today so i am beginning a new chapter of my life. Report
You continue to inspire me! Great Blog!!!!! Report
Thanks for shearing are good luck. Report
Your story is an inspiration. I'm nearing 60 and I need to re-read your story to drill it into my head that it's not too late. Report
So happy for you that you are down 200# and still working on getting to a normal BMI. I read Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of NOW" and realize that is all the time we ever have. Report
No odd ages here took me til I was 54 to get serious about my health and now there is no going back....I don't ever want to be there again! Report
Thank you so much for your inspiring story and best of luck spreading this message. Just this week I lost a young friend of mine who weighed over 400 pounds and had diabetes. He didn't believe he could do what you've done and he gave up. On Tuesday, so did his heart. He was 27. I wish he had heard your story. Report
Way to go. That's the right attitude! Report
What a wonderful attitude you have, and you are so right. Congrats on your weight loss. Report
Wow! This is a great life story. You have worked hard to make a big difference in your life and that is something that some people never do. Your life decisions are very impressive. Report
what an amazing example you are, Beth!! I believe in 2nd chances and you are proof!! Report
Your blog made me baby brother told be that I needed to find "my one thing" as an incentive to me as I was dealing with changes of my daughters growing and leaving home and becoming independent!! When you talk about how your life has changed I can so see your need for my baby brothers advise. You have come so far on the get your health back road and now you to can find your "one thing" that thing that will lead you on to life below 200 lbs and life being active and healthy! Thanks for sharing your journey and your dreams!! You go girl!!
Smiles Barb Report
Thanks for this! I feel like I needed to hear this. And yay Indiana!!! Report
2nd chances are few and far between....and 47 isn't too old for have plenty of time left for lots of things.....congrats on the journey you've begun!! Report
What an awesome journey you are on. I am 47 as well, and I have also decided this is the year for a second chance. I cheer you from the sidelines! Report
Your journey is truly inspiring. I appreciate you putting yourself out there and telling your story so that the rest of us can take your experiences and wisdom and use it towards our own goals. Second chances don't come along too often so we need to grab onto them and not look back . Thank You. Report
A wonderful inspiration. A testimony to the power of a determined mind. Report
Wonderful blog... Thanks for sharing your inspiration with me! Report