What's In Your Fridge? Show Us (You Could Get a Kindle)

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SparkPeople doesn't believe in dieting, but do we believe in loving the food you eat. After all, that was the premise behind our first cookbook, "The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight." We want to spread the word that eating to lose or maintain weight doesn’t have to mean dull, tasteless food and bland diet foods--healthy food is delicious food! We believe that no food is off-limits, and that there's no shame in having treats in your fridge or cart. Let's spread the word that we've ditched the diet food and banned all things bland.

We want you to show us your food.

Close your mouth. I don't mean the old "see-food" trick. I mean really show us what you're eating, what you're buying, what you're craving on an average week.

Take a photo of your fridge, pantry or shopping cart and email it to
SparkRecipes@gmail.com. (Remember when Coach Nicole let you peek inside her fridge? And Chef Meg's videos show the inside of hers.) The subject line should be: What's in My Fridge

We want you to be honest. No need to clean out the fridge first. Don't hide the diet soda in your cart. Don't stash the dark chocolate in the back of the pantry. And don’t take the ice cream out of your freezer or the wine out of your fridge. Show us what you really eat. 

Be sure to include this info, too.
  • Username
  • Name
  • Age
  • Hometown
  • How long have you been on SparkPeople?
  • Current weight
  • Starting weight
  • Goal weight
  • What other websites and magazines to you consult for healthy recipes?
  • What is the healthiest item in your photo?
  • What is your favorite item in your photo?
  • Are there any impulse purchases in there? Tell us!
  • Is there any food you were tempted to hide?
  • What's your food philosophy or mantra?
Photos MUST be in focus. (If it's blurry, we can't post it, and you'll be disqualified.) TIP: Turn off the fridge light if it causes a glare in your photo. We need to be able to SEE what's in your fridge or freezer or pantry or shopping cart!

Please send the largest version of the photo you can. You must provide ALL the info we ask for above. (Copy and paste the list, then fill in your answers.)

If we choose your photo, you'll be selected to receive:
You have between now and April 2 to participate. You can only submit one photo, so make it count.

We will share the best photos, plus the info you share in your email, on the dailySpark and across SparkPeople.com!

Click here for the rules.
Are you excited? I am. And in the meantime, tell me what is the most surprising food I'm going to see in your fridge/freezer/pantry/shopping cart. If you peeked in my fridge right now, you'd see three bottles of dark beer, a 2-pound bag of Brussels sprouts, and way too many containers of homemade nut butter.

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Why was the link for this posted on today's (April 29,2012) page? - The contest is over. Somehow I missed it last month. Report
The tweet for this article from SP posted 4/18 - is there a new contest, or was this extended....? Report
The link to this blog came on an email from SparkPeople on 4/7, but the deadline is 4/2. :-( Report
Poo, wish I'd seen this contest sooner - no time to get a picture taken & uploaded on my slow computer. But I have 2-3 bottles of different light ranch dressings (we eat a lot of salads), horseradish, oranges, skim milk, eggs, big bag of spinach, huge bowl of mixed salad leftover from tonight's supper, lunch meat, some cheese, apples, butter, strawberries, water filter pitcher, couple light beers, low fat yogurt, low fat cottage cheese (we got paid on Friday -- so big grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks' of food in frig) Report
I can't enter the competition, not being US-resident. Maybe the rest of us could join in the competitions if we agreed to pay the shipping?
I have really annoyed reading through the comments so far. I just can't gat my head round having enough space in the fridge for all the veg and condiments some folk stock! But then, maybe this is another example of "US is bigger".
The fridge I have did for us while my 2 sons were still here. Now I sometimes struggle to get stuff into it.
I will say, though, that I am beginning to get better at cooking for just 2, so I no longer have as much in the way of left-overs as I had for the past few months.

At the moment I have: loads of bits of cheese (gradually getting used up), vacuum packs of cooked beetroot (no additions of any sort), radishes, eggs, DH's cold meats (processed, so I rarely take any), milk, a tub of herring in a creamy onion sauce. Also a tub of stock (for DH's soup), a tub of soup for DH, pineapple rings from the last tin opened, and that's about it.

I will also be happy to admit that I went through my fridge earlier today, getting rid of the various "chemistry experiments" that were getting set to flourish.
So, for once, my timing has been well right :) Report
I guess the worst thing in mine would have to pepperoni my grandfather loves it so we always have it in there, I dislike it so for me that's a good thing!
I won't be sharing a photo but would probably win a consolation prize for the greatest diversity of condiments and cheeses. Four different kinds of olives, two of capers, three different mustards, three horseradishes - and I use and enjoy them all!

Someone mentioned that this contest is only open to US residents. I think it would be great fun to see what our members from around the world have in their 'fridges! Report
Actually I have more fresh fruits and veggies in my fridge then I ever have before. I guess being on the cardiac diet is to blame for that one. I do have some Choco frozen yogurt and some cherry-mango frozen pops up in the freezer, as well as a box of turkey burgers, skinless chicken and ground hamburger. My son also has his mini peanut butter cups in the freezer too. In the fridge part I have limes, salad, yellow squash, snap beans, skim milk, and alot of healthy yummy stuff. I also have a case of water, some oranges and clementines that won't fit in the fridge. (My refrigerator is way too small :( lol. Report
I can't remember how long I have been a member, anybody know where I can check this? Report
Rats! I'm too technologically impaired to deal with the photo stuff. But: there's nonfat milk; a water filter bottle; eggs; turkey meatloaf; potion sizes of the crockpot chicken with chickpea and apricots that I made a few days ago; salad veggies in the crisper. Freezer has strawberries, edamame, shrimp, chicken, homemade chicken broth, coffee -- and ice! Report
My fridge is usually almost empty. Bag of carrots, head of cabbage, pkg of TOFU, big pot of pinto beans cooked from dry beans, 4 eggs, catsup, mustard, mayo, jar of whole oats, jar of whole flax seeds. leftover canned salmon... that's about it. Freezer has one small box of frozen spinach, 2 frozen bananas, plastic cup of frozen strawberries, and 3 ice cube trays. Report
I don't think there's anything all that surprising in my fridge - although some people might think unsweetened Kool-aid is weird. What kind of surprised ME was that most of the food in there was nutritious and no junk to speak of. Report
Yogurt, back up yogurt, low fat milk, half and half, the kids juice. Organic apple cider vinegar. Kale, spinach, carrots, radishes (on the edge), green cabbage, green onions, green grapes. Cooked bacon, a whole uncooked corned beef, eggs and various cheeses. And then we address the door panels.... Mustards (several varieties), ketchup, a couple of jars of horseradish. A whole bin of Asian sauces, oils and marinades. Salad dressings, Too Many! That's about it. Report
You'd see a little plastic Eskimo, waving. LOL. He was inherited from my grandma and holds baking soda. You'd see lots of things that aren't what they appear... I can't believe it's not butter dishes hold chocolate, sour cream containers hold vegan chili, Greek yogurt containers have turkey goulash. LOL. Someday I'll be able to afford real tupperware! Report
Made cioppini last night,so there is leftovers.
I also cooked a shoulder of venison, that is for dinner tonight.
iceberg lettuce, romain,bell peppers for salads and mini peppers for roasting.
salsa all natural,various salad dressings Low fat.Almond milk (mine) 1%milk my DH's the icecream in the freezer is also his.The yougurts are mine. Report
No surprises in my fridge. Lots of fruits, vegetables, and cheese. I love cheese. Report
In my fridge - dark chocolate and regular stuff. In my cupboard - cans of corn, olives, tuna, etc. and lots of baking supplies! And NO - I'm not embarrased! Because losing weight is definitely NOT about giving up what you love. Report
Cucumber in a bag, sour cream, lettuce, crockpot,salsa, some chicken wings in my freezer,spinach and some other veggies. The picture will be on the way. Report
You'd be most surprised by the maple syrup perhaps.. or the spray whipped cream. We live in NH and maple syrup is easy to get and I love a tablespoon of this in my steel cut oatmeal which I eat nearly every day. I also love whipped cream on my greek yogurt! YUMMY! I have a ton of greek yogurt because my son, my husband, and I all love it. I have some kid's yogurt now as I've had two little children houseguests for the last four nights and they eat this early in the morning and honestly I'd rather they do that than eat mine! Unfortunately, now my son is addicted to my Oikos and Chobanis, too. This morning he had one instead of the kids' yogurt. Ha!
I couldn't think of anything unusual in my fridge, so I went to take a peek. It looks a bit messy, but there is nothing unusual or surprising in it, unless you count the bottle of tart cherry juice concentrate, or the jar of capers. For the rest, there is milk, yogurt, bread, chicken, sliced turkey, peanut butter, jelly, an assortment of common condiments, and some fresh fruits and vegetables. Am I abnormal? Should I worry? :) Report
lots of greens, lots of fruits, three kinds of nut cheese, two kinds of "milk" (coconut and almond, home made) black bean brownies, raw banana bread (real bread, Russell James bread!) black beans, veggie soups, nut butters (peanut and almond right now) home made hommous, pico de gallo, juices (juiced here plus two cold pressed) all kinds of veggies, some tofu...hubby's beer, eggs, cheese, meats, butter - he doesn't eat much of it, but he does eat some. Probably nothing too surprising after all... Report
I won't be sending a photo, but only because I do not have the technology available (old phone w/o camera & even older computer, but both do what I need them to do) without enlisting the help of someone else. That said, if you looked in my refrigerator right now, the most surprising thing you would find in this household of 2 adults is that I currently have 4.5 dozen eggs. Report
you'd probably be most surprised to see Brandied Cherries in my fridge. We make them ourselves and they are amazing! mmmmm! Since my kids are on high calorie diets you'll find a wide variety of foods. Nut butters and yogurts, cheeses, veggies... all kinds of goodies.
i have inspirational messages taped up INSIDE my fridge ....
We have more condiments than anything else. I mean, how can you live without 4 kinds of mustard, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, ghee, various chutneys, various salad dressings, homemade jam, maple syrup, peanut butter, mayo, lots of different hot sauces, various marinades, barbeque sauces, and the list goes on. We have a condiment obsession. Report
Curiosity killed the cat - so, as SparkPeople have a lot of Canadian participants, why is the contest not open to North American residents? Also, do you have contests for the members outside of North America? I am really not complaining, just wondering.

If you looked in my fridge today you would see lots of asparagus, fruit, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, carrots, turnips, cucumber, zuccinni. I do not buy any canned goods or luncheon meats. All the meats I buy are free range and the produce is organic. I have started buying these types of food since both my husband and I were diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011. Report
Most interesting thing would be the Go-Gurts cause even when eating healthy you can still give the kiddos a snack. I am really lucky though my6-year-old loves veggies. She was so excited the day I taught her how to eat the steamed artichokes. They sure were nummy. Report
I'd push the tub of buttercream frosting behind the container of cut-up veggies and cartons of yogurt and pretend that I don't sometimes eat it with a spoon. Report
Haha, I just bought a HUGE bag of onions, so that might be the most surprising. Report
I need to go to the grocery store too. Did you say the pantry counts? I just took out some Kamut to soak so I can make a turkey and kamut loaf. I also took out my garbonzo beans to soak. I'm in the mood to make home-made hummus. I'm also on spring break so I'm going to cook, cook, cook! Happy spring! Report
Is there any chance that there will be a competition for Non US residents to have a chance to enter soon? I really want to get involved! Report
Is there any chance that there will be a competition for Non US residents to have a chance to enter soon? I really want to get involved! Report
Photo sent...the fridge is new, so it all looks rather tidy, though my food has an order and specific places for storage. :-) I'm so OCD! Report
Does a single shelf of the refrigerator count? (That's all that is mine.) I may take the picture and figure out a way to indicate what's my food. Report
Right now nothing in my life is normal, so the challenge is impossible. I move out of my apartment at the end of this month and across the country a few days later, so there's little in my fridge. I am flat broke (hence the moving), so what groceries I do still buy are considerably lower quality than usual, which just enhances the quickly emptying fridge. Right now, I'm a "what you don't want" example! Report
I sent mine in! Even though my fridge could use a good cleaning! I am also running out of space so everything is crammed in there!!

The light beer in the back might be the most surprising since I don't drink it. (Hubby does mostly)
Let's see...in my fridge I have 2 bunches of red kale, 1 bunch of green curly kale (I do love my kale chips!), fresh asparagus, broccoli, & green beans, baby cukes, celery, fennel, golden beets, romaine lettuce, Belgian endive, curly endive, leaf lettuce, carrots, onions, grapes, Cuties, apples, naval oranges, hummus, Lite 'N Lively vanilla yogurt, american cheese (ick - its for the kids), leftovers, whole wheat bread, almond butter, and some lean lunch meats...Yeah, I just went to the store...In the freezer: salmon filets, salmon "burgers", black bean burgers, boneless skinless chicken breasts, pork, cod filets, shrimp, sweet potato fries, Tyson chicken patties, Edy's pineapple and strawberry fruit bars, frozen veggies, frozen blue- and blackberries, leftover homemade soups...I think that's it...

Well!! You asked...! :o) Report
Right now...there is precious little - some veggies, some milk, a carton of eggs, and some yogurt. May be time for a trip to the old market, eh?
In mine ???...oh well they do say confession is good for the soul, so I will admit to have a bottle of Chocolate Raspberry Wine as well as yogurt and assorted leftovers. Report
If you looked in my refrigerator and freezer this minute, you'd see fresh asparagus, a near-empty gallon of skim milk, two small containers of Chobani yogurt, orange seltzer, light beer (we drank the Wild Hare), margarita mix, and Lovin' Scoopful Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. (I give lots of credit to various flavors of this half-fat concoction with helping me stay on the straight and narrow, allowing me to lose almost 45 pounds.) There's salmon and spinach ravioli. Lots of yummy food, but not much fresh fruit or greens at the moment. It is time for a grocery run! Report
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