What Does it Take to Burn 5 Billion Calories?

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We've always known that SparkPeople members are pretty amazing. They're so positive, helpful, and dedicated to reaching their goals. They inspire others with their weight loss successes. And they know how to make healthy living fun and adventurous. But recently, our members accomplished something really BIG.

After years of logging their cardio workouts on SparkPeople.com, our members pushed us over the edge of a big milestone last week: They officially burned over 5 billion calories to date. Now this is no small feat (as you can imagine). It took dedication, a willingness to work out even when life got in the way, and the consistency of tracking each fitness goal and accomplishment. Congratulations to every person who make this possible!

To help you put this into perspective, here's what it takes to burn 5 billion calories:
  • Spinning (burns 509 calories per hour): It would take a class of 30 people 37 years of nonstop indoor cycling to burn 5 billion calories.
  • Walking (burns 324 calories per hour): A single person would have to circle the globe 2,479 times to burn 5 billion calories.
  • Running (burns 720 calories per hour) All 34,729 finishers of the largest marathon on record would have to run 45 marathons to collectively burn this many calories.

Pretty amazing, right? a time in history when sedentary lifestyles and weight problems are on the rise, SparkPeople members are reversing the trends. We're exercising, losing weight, drinking water, and improving our diets one person at a time! As our founder would say, that deserves a big "Woo hoo!"

Toot your own horn! How many calories do you typically burn each week? Whether 10, 100, or 1,000, every bit makes a difference. Tell us below!

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Around 6500 calories per week. Report
Don't know how mush I burn but am trying yo increas a little more each week Report
3500-is the goal I set for myself each week. Report
2500 - 3000 Report
About 2500. Report
On a normal week I burn about 7000-8000 calories.. Report
2500-3000 Report
2100-2500 on the average Report
I have been averaging about 1500 calories burned per week, but working on doubling that. Report
good! Report
I burn about 2000-3000 a week. I run, swim, ride the bike, play sports and walking my dog everyday. Report
I average 2200 minutes which is 35000 calories . I have lost over 36 pounds in two months. Report
This year I've been aiming to burn at least 4,000 a week. I've got all kinds of great friends here on SP and, between daily workouts, group challenges and the little personal competitions I have w/ some of my friends on here, I'm really adding fitness minutes as well as calories burned. I'm already at 3,000 fitness minutes for the year!!!
2009 really IS my time to shine!!! No more putting off the things that I can (& should) do today! Thank you so much SP for all that you do!!! Report
I have not been faithful about the exercise portion of my SP goals. Today, that omission will begin to be dealt with. Soon, I will get back with you to the number of calories I burn daily. Report
That is so awesome! Way to go fellow SparkPeoplers! :) Report
I aim for between 2,000 and 2,500 a week. I need to figure out my heart rate monitor to know for sure. Report
My calories burned varies each week. I do not have a set daily schedule for my life. I burn 1000 to 2000 calories in exercising, but I also burn more with everyday activities. Report
I aim to burn 2400 calories a week. Congrats to all of us!! Woo hoo!!! Report
I am working on 180 minutes a week; trying for 1600 calories a week. Report
OOPS... I didn't answer the question. At this time, I am not quite sure how many calories I typically burn because I have not been as faithful as I should be. But, this is going to change... right now. Report
Sparkpeople is obviously doing something very right. I am proud to be part of this great support network! Report
I'm just proud to be part of this Report
Ok, but inquiring minds want to know---- who won?
I mean, I know all of us who are active on this site are winners, but who won the competition? Report
oops 2500-3000 Report
between 2500-300 per week Report
I have a goal of 2400 per week, but frequently I do burn 3000. Report
My goal has been to burn 3000 (500 a day, 6 days a week) calories a week. I have done that successfully for almost six months now. The other posters on this blog have inspired me to up that ante - and I'll make it one of my new year goals to increase to an average of 700 a day. Way to go fellow Sparkpeople!! Report
I'm averaging between 2500-3000 calories a week. Congrats Spark People for all you have given US!!! You have made it possible for so many to achieve so much. I for one greatly appreciate ALL of you and what you do each and every day to give us the tools for real lifestyle change. Report
I'm averaging 3000 to 4000 weekly so far Report
Between 1200 and 1500 a month Report
I usually end up burning around 500 just on cardio-I have no ideas what my strength training burns...Let's just say, I'm burning more than I'm taking in! Report
I shoot for a minium of 3210 but tend go over that by 500 or so calories, depending on the week. Report
I shoot for 3500 and am happy if I reach 3000 Report
I burn 1700-2000 per week. That is a reasonable goal with my hectic life. Report
I aim for 2000 to 3000 calories a week, by walking, treadmill, and stationary biking.
The more I burn the more I lose! Report
On my bike I usually burn between 600 and 700 calories a day. Doing that five days a week, sums up to more than 3000 a week. And that's not counting the calories you burn just by living and breathing, and doing the strenght exercises :) Report
I use a HRM and burn between 2000 and 3000 calories per week. If I'm sick or can't make it out (like this week I've been snowed in!) I burn less. Report
I love to workout. I do cardio at 0530 and I head to the gym again when I get off work around 1600 and do weight training (3-4 days a week) and cardio again. I usually burn between 3000-4000 calories. I feel great doing it. Report
For the past 4 weeks, I was burning approx. 7200 cals per week (excl. weight training and abdominals). It is a very high number and that is because I spent that month in a spa and did extra cardio whenever I could. Now I'm back at home and I am 100% certain the number will drop significantly since I don't have the time to go to the gym that long/often. Report
I'm sorry, that just takes you to the home page. In "our most often requested pages" (at the top of the page) go to "calories & weight management". Report
I found a good link to calculate how many calories you might burn within a given day. These include the daily activities like sleeping, sitting, eating, etc as well as various exercises. It's actually from tooelehealth.org:

http://tinyurl.com/6z9znl Report
I work towards between 2000 & 3000 per week. I am thinking about bumping that up though because I seem to be at a plateau. Report
1300 a week, does not include strength training. Report
2500-3500 calories from cardio classes and running, not including strength training or walking. Report
Awesome job, everyone! My range is usually between 2,000 and 3,000. I wonder how many people use a HRM rather than relying on the calorie totals on the gym machines. Unfortunately, those machines lie!! LOL. Report
Only about 1,000, but at this stage of my life I think it's enough. Report
2000 per week - 2500 when I'm training Report
Right now I'm burning around 3000 a week, but I am trying to increase it to 4000. Report
This is so awesome! With all we hear about people being sedentary and in poor physical health the sparkers really shine. I do about 2000+ calories per week. Report
1150 per week. I'm feeling good about this goal for now. Report
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