Weekly Menu: Gluten-Free Dinners

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Per your requests, our recipe ideas come in a handy, downloadable calendar packed full of meal ideas that are healthy and delicious. (It's printable, too!) Whether you use this calendar every day or just use it for ideas is up to you. We hope we've inspired you to get into the kitchen and get cooking!

Each week we'll choose a different theme: our favorite no-cook summer recipes, 7 days of meatless meals, or a week of diabetes-friendly dinners, for example. If you have a special dietary request, let us know in the comments, and we'll do our best to devise a recipe plan that might suit your needs.

By posting a weekly calendar, we think it's easier for you to save and even reuse these recipe collections over time.

This week's theme is Gluten-Free Dinners.

Chef Meg's Deconstructed Chicken Fajitas use a roasted pepper instead of a tortilla!

Chef Meg's Light Alfredo Brown Rice Pasta with Veggies (A gluten-free makeover) Perfect on its own or topped with roasted chicken or grilled shrimp.

Meatloaf Muffins (with a couple of secret ingredients) and mashed potatoes. Don’t forget the veggies on the side!

Better than Takeout Chicken Fried Rice

Stepfanie's Quinoa-Black Bean Casserole

Grilled Zucchini with Feta and Pesto pairs well with  Perfect Grilled Chicken rubbed with Italian seasoning.

Creamy Green Enchiladas (A gluten-free makeover)

Click here to view the whole calendar, save, download, or print it! You can also share it on Facebook or Twitter. We think it's quite "pinnable" for all you Pinterest addicts out there.

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PATRICIA-CR 5/31/2020
Great! Report
Great recipes. Report
KHALIA2 8/16/2019
Great recipes! Report
thanks Report
Great information Report
Great recipes. Report
Thank You! Report
Thank you Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for the recipes, article, and menu calendar! Report
Hi iam jackie and I found out about 2yrs ago that I have celiac disease and it's been hard eating a gluten free diet find g stuff that taste half way good now I my have to try some of these recipes I saw Report
Great recipes. Report
As someone that has to eat Gluten Free due to Celiac it is greatly appreciated. Not only is it handy but it makes people like myself feel included in the group. Thanks again : ) Report
This is a good start. It would be even more beneficial if it were an option in the nutrition tracker to click "gluten free." I use the provided menus, but I do have to stumble around to figure out supplemental items that are gluten free. I think it would bring even more to sparkpeople. There is more and more evidence in the case against gluten, and therefore, many people are giving it up. Report
I so happy about this gluten free week menu. I really wish u would make a month gluten free menu for all 3 meals that doesn't repeat the same foods, or have tofu, somewhere between 1200-1600 calories. We can always increase the amount if consuming higher calories. I get so bored with food. I live by myself and don't like eating the same thing every week. I don't use SP menu because it's not gluten free & it's the same food every week. Thank you. Need more healthy gluten free recipes. Report
Hi everyone I am new at this site and I am grain free wheat free and have a problem find meals Thank you !! Report
I had left the spark pages for quite a while because of not finding any help with my gluten free needs. I am so sensitive that the least amount can give me a disastrous reaction. I came back to help a friend and found the pages about the new Gluten Free meal plans. I am so excited. I just wish the daily menu included some of these instead of having to create my own menu plan. Report
Thank you for the gluten free menus! I had food sensitivity blood testing done. It showed a mild sensitivity to gluten. It also gave me a 4 day rotation eating plan which eliminates wheat,rye,oats. This has been very difficult for me to get used to. I gave myself 90 days to find recipes and get various flours and foods into my house so I could be mostly adherent to this eating plan. Nov. 16 is the day I should be ready for full compliance. You have made my life so much easier! Thank you! chris Report
I so very much appreciate these dinners. Thank You! Thank You!

I do not choose to avoid gluten (although I don't see any problem with people who do... if you don't want something in your body by all means don't put it in there) but gluten free is not JUST for celiacs. My gluten "intolerance" is an asthma trigger for me and leads to long hospitalizations and once a trip to the ICU. Self education is the most important when it comes to food allergies and everybody is different. Of course people need to look out for their intolerances and tweak recipes as needed. The effort made here is very very much appreciated! Report
Would like a paleo diet food recipes. Foods not allowed are dairy, soft drinks, fruit juices, legumes, grains, fatty meats, salty foods, starchy vegetables, and sweets. Report
I too have read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and are trying to cut down my reliance on wheat. Thanks for the recipes. Report
Really not hard to cook gluten-free meals once you get used to it. I have been cooking for three grandchildren this way for about 10 years and most of the time all 7 of us eat gluten-free. And today there is so much more on the market than when we started years ago, such as good breads, etc. even though they are very expensive. Report
I really appreciate the effort to come up with a weekly menu for gluten free meals. The menu does not claim to be a celiac menu. There are lots of people who cannot eat wheat but do not suffer from that disease. My grandson is allergic to wheat protein, egg whites and dairy and so a menu like this (with a few tweaks) is very helpful. Report
I've read "Wheat Belly" by William Davis M.D. so I've really changed my thoughts on grain for me. Report
My daughter-in-law is a Type II Diabetic with End Stage Renal Disease who goes to dialysis three times a week. Some things that are okay for a diabetic are not okay for someone on dialysis. Of course she ends up eating a lot of things she shouldn't, so any help here would be terrific!!! Report
Low-sodium would be great. Report
Well, I can't have the condensed milk in the alfredo, but maybe I could substitute greek yogurt. The dairy fat has to be broken down or I can't digest it. Report
Not all people who are celiac have to avoid all the items that you mentioned. My husband was diagnosed with celiac about 10 years ago and does very well if he stays away from gluten. We attend a support group and most of the people there are strictly gluten sensitive also. A few have lactose intolerance besides the gluten but not much else. Report
While the effort is appreciated, the truth is people who cannot CHOOSE what to eat due to Celiac (which is autoimmune) almost always have other autoimmune issues/disorders. This means we USUALLY cannot digest other things like legumes (beans and peas), raw veg, dairy and often should avoid all nightshades (white potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, all peppers...).

I understand that it's a big idea. I strongly advise SP to reach out to nutritionists who understand AUTOIMMUNE and digestive problems for planning these menus. There is no way whoever planned this -- even if an RD -- truly understands autoimmune, like Celiac. And again, I get that it's 100% impossible for a general menus but a 'gluten free' menu that's filled with things NOT meant for people who cannot CHOOSE to eat gluten free perpetuates misunderstanding and ignorance. I'm a big fan of SP. Please get some education on this before you put out misinformation that will may Celiacs very, very sick. Report
An anti-inflammatory menu would be good for me. I've just been diagnosed with arthritis and am working on cutting down inflammatory foods and substituting other foods. This is a great idea and I am going to try some of these recipes right away. Report
Thank you for the weekly menu! I'll be saving these each week since I'm always running out of ideas. I especially appreciate this week's menu since my daughter is on a GF diet! Report
What a great idea! Thank you! Report
Thanks. I would like to see vegan meals that are NOT in the ebook. Thanks again. Report
Please enlighten me why should it be gluten free, I am a ovo-lacto vegetarian and I often use gluten from wheat as meat substitute.
Many thanks for your response. Report
This is a great idea...menu collections.
Looking forward to seeing more we can download.
I am on a low sodium / low cholesterol diet. Would love to see some
new ideas along those lines and some vegetarian meals too. Report
Meals for one or two would be helpful Report
I don't mean to be negative but iIs gluten free a fancier word for no carb? I am excited, however, to try some of these recipes. They sound really good and summery. Report
I am so grateful for the gluten free dinner focus. It is so helpful to all of us who need to be gluten free for medical reasons. Could someone put a gluten free bread into the nutrition tracker. I can't seem to get one entered. I would really appreciate that.

Thanks again,
Sheila Report
Love the menu idea. Since I am cooking only for myself it would be great to have meals for one. Also, if you could list whether the recipe is in the Spark Cookbook that would be helpful. Report
Began a gluten free diet a week ago and it's amazing how much better I feel! Thanks for the gluten free recipes - I will definitely try some of them! Report
This is wonderful!! Thanks for new ideas I can try. I think a dairy-free menu would be great to have too as I know so many people who are lactose intolerant! Report
Thanks for highlighting gluten free recipes for those of us who must eat gluten free! Report
dairy free, egg free (vegan) and also raw Report
good idea! Report
I'd like to see a week of Raw Vegan recipes. Dehydrator, food processor, special tools okay. Thank you! Report
Yes!!! I read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and am trying to stay wheat free. These recipes will help, although I will have to modify some since I don't eat meat. Thanks so much! Report
Timely and much appreciated Report
Diabetic. My husband has diabetes and that would help m cook better things for him! Report