12 Healthy Pizza Recipes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Think you don't have room for pizza in your healthy lifestyle? Think again! We've rounded up a variety of healthy and delicious pizza recipes for you to try.

Spinach Feta Personal Pizza

Vegan Pizza with artichokes and avocado

Pineapple Onion and Bacon Pizza

Mini Eggplant Pizzas

Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza

Stepf's Mexican Pizza

Kara's Mediterranean Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

White Bean, Basil and Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza

Veggie Pizza on Whole Wheat Crust with Feta and Mozzarella Cheeses

Garden Tomato and Basil Pesto Pizza

Bonus: No Yeast Pizza Dough

Which of these recipes will you be trying? What is your favorite healthy pizza recipe?

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RAPUNZEL53 1/27/2021
Great Report
ELRIDDICK 12/7/2020
Thanks for sharing Report
DEE107 10/9/2020
thanks Report
FRAN0426 3/9/2020
Tough to choose, many fine combos to choose from Report
USMAWIFE 2/1/2020
thank you Report
Pizza. Love it! Report
good variety of pizzas Report
they sound good Report
thank you Report
Pizza yesterday but this one looks good too. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
thanks Report
For anyone allergic to tomatoes--I make a nightshade-free pizza using sauteed spinach, onions, garlic as the sauce. Works great! Report
missed an amazing one in this list though Cauliflower crust pizza it is so good.
BBQ chicken pizza Report
Gotta be the BBQ Chicken Pizza ! Report
I've made Stepf's Mexican Pizza before and it was delicious! My kids and husband loved it! Report
I can't wait to try the Spinach Feta & BBQ Chicken and more as we make pizza. We usually do a Pizza night about every 2 weeks or so. Report
Thanks for these.:) Report
I'm definitely going to try the Spinach Feta Personal Pizza. Sounds delicious, easy to make and healthy. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Report
I will definitely try the eggplant pizza with less salt and Stepf's Mexican pizza with toasted tortillas for a convenient crust. Report
I love making pizza and getting ideas for new variations. I'm definitely going to try the mexican pizza! Report
Would like to try pineapple, onion and low fat ham on a home made crust of half whole wheat half white flour. Thanks for the great ideas. Report
I am excited to try the vegetarian pizza. I'd have never thought to use butternut squash as a base for pizza. It is the perfect time of year for butternut squash! Report
Kara's Mediterranean Pizza sounds awesome! Will be trying that this weekend, but on the Flatout bread--we love it! Report
I love the mini eggplant pizzas, I make them frequently and experiment with the toppings. Report
I usually make my own pizza from pita bread, and I like it even better than take out.
I will use some of the ideas from these recipes though. Report
I just buy frozen pizza. Report
BBQ Chicken, this is a great idea! Think that I will try it tonight using an Earth Grain Thin Bun. Report
I added all the recipes above except three. I LOVE pizza and can't wait to try the recipes. I saved them in my SP cookbook. I am not the greatest cook and I am always looking for nutritious,easy and "for one person" recipes. Thanks! Great blog! ;-D Report
Thank you for the recipes :) I think I will be trying at least one of these this week :) Report
I cannot wait to try the mexican pizza!!! Report
I make a bbq chicken pizza using whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joes', its really yummy and healthy.
I love to make to make personal pizzas with whole wheat tortillas or flatbread. Thanks for the recipes, I saved this in my favorites for reference! Report
Spinach Feta personal pizza looks awesome. What a great idea, with these ideas, everyone in the family can make their own! Report
Probably will try the BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Onion and Bacon Pizza. They sound so good. I just love pizza and so glad for these recipes. Report
Think I'll try the BBQ Chicken Pizza and maybe Stepf's Mexican Pizza!!! Report
Mexican pizza sounds good. Will try this when I get the ingredients together. Report
One of the best as well as healthy pizzas I've had was a paper thin crust pizza topped with a light layer of olive oil, grilled chicken and artichoke hearts. At the same restaurant, I tried a goat cheese and arugala pizza. that was marvelous.

Pizza can be extremely healthy. It gets unhealthy when the heaping portions of pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, etc... all that junk gets topped on. A traditional pizza is very healthy. it's just a paper thin crust topped with a light tomato sauce, olive oil, mozzarella cheese (the balls, not the shredded stuff) and a few leaves of fresh basil. That's all you need for a really good pizza.

yum... Report
Veggy Pizza is our Sunday Night tradition. We're doing it with Italian Bread crust, lots of mushroom, zucchinis, red or green bell peppers, black olive, walnut and sparkle some mozzarella on top. For a treat, we would add some sundried tomatoes stripes and a lot of basil :o)
Watching our weight can be tastefull too ! I would try the vegan one anytime! Report
Might try the mini-eggplant one at some point. But not right now as I've sworn off cheese for the next few weeks. Report