Walk Yourself to Fit in Just 10 Minutes

By , Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
Arm yourself against the old "I just don't have the space to workout" excuse with a compact and engaging exercise routine.

You'll get your heart heart pumping and burn some quick calories in just 10 minutes with this express-style one-mile indoor interval walk. This multi-level, walking-based routine can easily be fit into a small space at home or on the road, making it easy to meet your daily step count goals no matter the circumstances. Listen to your body (and for my recommendations during the routine) throughout the routine and make it work for you.

Feel free to add your own warm up or cool down to the routine to complete your workout, as well.

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Thanks! Report
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KOALA_BEAR 5/28/2020
This looks like something to aspire to however I was really distracted by that concrete she was on. It made my feet hurt just looking at it & sadly isn't good for joints like knees & hips either. However when I get into my new space w/ proper suspended or cushioned flooring, I can try adding some of these moves. Report
CKEYES1 4/25/2020
I workout at home in a small space all the time. No problems Report
CECELW 3/31/2020
i have worked out to this video many many times Report
2DAWN4 2/20/2020
Glad I stumbled across this video! Report
CKEYES1 1/21/2020
Nice video Report
PATRICIAAK 12/12/2019
:) Report
20 years ago I could have maintained that pace. It's a little beyond me now. Report
This is a great exercise. Report
Good info on how to get a cardio workout in when you are short on time. Report
I’ve been doing walking workouts and it gets me sweating! I’m dealing with back issues, this is an easy way for me to workout without being in too much pain. Report
Thanks. Report
Thank you! Report
Thanks. Report
I love doing the videos on Spark. I will add this one to my favorites. Report
Thanks! Report
Jessica Smith is absolutely the best! Report
Thank you for the great information. Report
I love jessica smith work outs Report
Can't wait to try this tomorrow (I just finished 3 of her 1 Mile Walk-n-Talk videos, so I'm good for today!!!) Report
Walking is my favorite activity. Report
Thanks.... Report
Thank you Report
Good info! Report
Spreading the Spark! Report
I love walking. I get over 10000 steps a day now. Report
It would have been cool if she would have shared the proper stretches for that workout too. Report
To post to my tracker, I searched and then created an entry for 10 minutes and added it to my favorites. I do not have the calorie count and right now, for me, that does not matter. To do this again I will still have to search and find this video, since it does not appear to be on Spark TV, but to track it, I have it in my favorites. Hope this helps someone in their efforts... Report
I'd really love to be able to add this to my fitness tracker. Could these videos be added? Report
I did the video, but it it not on the SP exercise tracker. How do I account for it? Report
I love this, been doing stuff in the house for years, it's especially good if you live where it's too hot to walk outside, too cold and icy outside. You don't have to go to some weird gym! Report
Love this workout! Now that I started working out at home, I need to add more cardio in my program. Report
Another great workout video from Jessica! Love them all! Report
This is a great video! I really like Jessica's videos too!! Report
I loved this. Did during break at work. I have a bad back, but no pain at all. Report
I have to say--I have become more and more of a JS fan the last 6 months primarily because of the variety she offers with her workouts. Report
Prefer my Leslie Sansone videos Report
The link wouldn't open. I'll try Jessica Smith's site on youtube. Report
Love it! Tricked myself into thinking this would be a good way to ease back into fitness after an illness.... I was wrong! This was 10 minutes of power and breathing hard! Catching my breath still!! Report
Wow, great work out! Thank you. Can SP or you add the button that automatically adds this to our fitness tracker? Report
Loved this walking workout. It's quick and I got a good sweat on!
I love and prefer low-impact walking workouts vs high-impact aerobic workouts. This is a great quick 10-minute walking workout! Report
I've done a similar video which was on TV for years. I found it to give me a challenging exercise. At this time I was swimming for 2 hours, 3 times a week plus the walking and yoga. If you are new to SPARKS please check with your Dr first. Report