VIDEO: 7 Secrets to Losing BIG in Your First 2 Weeks

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Happy New Year! Millions of people are resolving to lose weight, tone up, and get healthy this year, and if you're reading this, you are probably one of them. In reality though, only some of us will succeed in reaching those goals. (Sorry, it's true!) But you can set yourself up for success starting today, and I'm going to tell you how.

Did you know that the first two weeks of your new, healthy lifestyle might just make or break your success? It's true. More than 50% of people report losing momentum within the first two weeks of starting a diet, and almost 20% lose willpower within 3 days according to one poll! But you CAN get results, increase your motivation, and meet your expectations during these first few weeks of January—if you do the right things. By following these tips, you'll be five times more likely to reach your goal!

Recently, I shared the seven secrets to a strong start with Cincinnati's local FOX affiliate, FOX 19. These are the actions that members followed during the first two weeks of their programs in order to lose twice as much weight as people who did not follow these steps. And now, I'm sharing that video with you!

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Some of these secrets (like tracking your calories) may seem obvious, but those can be easy to overlook if you're not diligent about it. Others are completely counterintuitive, like exercising less to lose more weight. But the more of these strategies you can incorporate NOW, the more likely you'll be to succeed today, next week, and over time.

Are you incorporating any of these secrets to a strong start? Do you think they have helped you maintain motivation and get results so far?

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video was unavailable. Report
Great tips - a great list to re-visit when you need a boost too! I weigh in every day - I need the feedback - it motivates me to keep going - even when I don't do so well - when I stop weighing in as often, I lose sight of my goal... Report
Well i did not get the paperback edition of The Spark, i am however
tracking and keeping a Food Meal plan journal.
But i still do hour long workout classes at Golds whenever i can get there. Report
She gets me moving
great tips! i feel like i am doin it correctly! and im on the right page! im new to sparkpeople! wish me luck! Report
Awesome! I feel like I'm on the track to success. I re-wrote these tips in a blog post so that I could record them to see later and also record my reactions to them. Report
Best tips! Report
I loved the information I got from the video. I just started on sparkle people and am keeping track of the food I eat and the calories. My work out starts today so wish me luck. Thats the hardest part for me to stick to. I get sore and then head to work the next day and dont wanna do it. So keep me in your thoughts and prayers to finish this out. I weigh 151 now and would like to weigh 135. Im not setting any limits on how fast I want this off that just causes sadness to me..Thanks again Report
Loved it. The more I read/learn the more I love sparkpeople! Report
I love the simplicity of the list of 7. And yes, it was timely for me to read the "exercise less" guide. I'm a little too gung-ho, so backing off a little is a good thing. Thanks so much! Report
making it possible to win at this game is priceless!!! Report
I loved the thought of working towards ALL things that me a healthier person and no just focusing on the weight loss. Sometimes I lose sight of the overall picture. I also like "hearing" it's ok to not exercise a ton in the first couple of weeks. In the past I've been guilty of being a "all or nothing" person...which has set me up for huge setbacks. This bit of advice helps give me permission not to have to do it all at once. I like that! Report
With the exception of weighing myself weekly, because I do it daily, every one of these principles is what led to my success. Report
I love this and the sanity of SparkPeople. Report
wow i am suprised about the exercise part, i was feeling guilty i only go to the gym twice a week for 1 hour and 15 minutes each time. But now i am happy hahahaha Report
I am really trying to not have the all or nothing out look. Report
I've gone to once a week weigh-ins this year because one of the things I noticed last year (when I weighed every day) was if the scale was down, I felt like I could have more treats. This way, I don't know if the scale is down or not until the end of the week. Report
This looks great! Report
This was such a great video with doable and smart ideas. Today marks the end of my 1st week with SP and I was happy to see that I have followed the 7 secrets. It's about a healthier lifestyle, not a speedy unrealistic diet. I love SP! Report
Thank you Coach Report
Yep, too much right away is what brings a person down and back to where they started in the first place. Small changes, so you get used to them, will last your lifetime, or at least until assisted living, when you may not care about all the food they present you with by then anyway........... Report
I loved the interview and have already included some of these tips into my new lifestyle. Thank you! Report
Thanks Coach Nicole...Great video. :)))) Report
Thanks Coach Nicole! Loved the video1 Report
Thank you Coach Nicole! Report
Very timely advice, thanks! Report
I have incorporated a lot of these things into my first couple of weeks and I must say that it's helping. The scale isn't budging, but I feel so much pride in the fact that I'm living a much healthier lifestyle than I was just 2 weeks ago. Report
I am going to focus on getting those fruits and veggies in then worry about the weight loss...I Lost 20 pounds last year- but this year I want to reach my goal when I set it. I have fitness goals of longer hikes with higher hills...and doing a bike race in April. Report
Thanks Coach Nicole!! Report
Tracking your calories is a BIG help to me in losing those pounds! Report
Great advise...Just what I needed!! Report
Happy new year to you too. Report
Thanks for the tips. Report
you are so well spoken and such a great rep for the spark lifestyle - also love that u didnt dress up in a suit or dress - being your fabulous spark self is just awesome :D thanks as always for the motivation to keep rockin it :D Report
great thanks Report
Great interview! Report
While I'm glad that these tips have helped so many, not every one of them is for me. I follow numbers 1,4,5, and 7. I have a group of friends at work and my husband as my support group. I find that getting support from real people is most meaningful. I already exercise a lot because I CAN and because I enjoy it - I would never cut that back! I've lost 17 pounds in the last three months - I'm going to continue to do what works best for me. Report
Nicole's tips are always a motivator. Off to the treadmill. Report
Great interview! You did a great job, but next time add that it is free and easy to keep track of calories on your site! Go Nicole! Report
Loved it! The only thing I would suggest is to always say SP is FREE! Thought you were great and it was a great interview. Report
Yay! Great interview, Nicole! You rock!! Report
Thanks Coach Nicole for these great tips! Report
I'm almost a week into Spark and was feeling a bit guilty for not exercising more or sticking strictly to the diet recommendations, but this article reinforces my "gut" feeling that slowly is surely. Otherwise, I would give up at my first failure. Plus, for the first time, my husband has joined me in this endeavor - so neat to share our ups and downs, and neither of us are yet critical of the other! Seems these seven secrets are ringing true! Thanks so much for sharing! Report
Well done, Nicole! These are certainly timely reminders. I think I need to come back & visit this video every month! Thanks. :-) Report
Great interview Coach Nicole, you did a fantastic job! Thanks for the tips. I will keep them all in mind for the next few weeks. Report
Ha, and people thought I was crazy for restricting my exercise to two days per week! I thought about all the times I have burned myself out by working out too often, and decided this time that was not going to happen. So far it has worked out very well. These are great tips and it was neat to see Coach Nicole on TV! Report
These seven secrets are the best tips for anyone new to SparkPeople and living healthy. Thanks Coach Nicole for the information! Report
Thanks, Coach Nicole! I miss Cincinnati so much! And thanks for the tips! Report
second you on that LNSYLVSDOGS....i dont have Coach Nicoles DVDs but i too did just 10 min exercises daily and worked it up to twice 10 min daily at different times. I never went beyond that. And I reached my goal.

Loved the video:) Report
And let me just say that when I first started with SP, I got Coach Nicole's DVDs and was only doing 10 minutes of exercise a day. That's it. I gradually worked up to 30 minutes a day. I haven't quite made it to the 60 minute mark. My over-all goal is to lose 37 pounds. I've lost 31 so far. SO! I think it's true what she said about ppl trying to do too much exercise too soon and getting burned out. I think that was always my problem before. I used to start something new and then give up after about 3 days. This time I stuck with it. No food was off limits. I didn't have to throw all my regular foods out the window and try something weird. LOL! SP truly is a program for everyday ppl. Yay:) Report