The SparkPeople Commercial Break Workout

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Americans watch, on average, almost five hours of television per day, according to the Nielsen Corporation.  Actual programming only accounts for 42 minutes of every hour, meaning that as part of our time in front of the tube, we see nearly 90 minutes of advertisements. In addition to being exposed to ads for things we don't need or want--like double bacon cheeseburgers and soda--it's taking time away from the shows we tuned in to see.
You've probably heard the tip to fit in a workout during commercial breaks, but what should you do? It can be hard to spontaneously decide which exercises to do, so we decided to take the guesswork out of it. We created a workout game of sorts that you can use when you're watching TV. Each time you see one of the commercials listed below, do the exercise that corresponds to it.
If you already work out while watching TV, consider shaking up your routine by jumping off the elliptical or recumbent bike during commercials and fitting in some strength training.

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Will you try this workout?

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I only watch cooking shows, but I will definitely do this. Better for me would be after every chapter I read (I read every night) I should do some sort of quick five minute thing. I'll start this tonight! Report
Sorry....we don't have television. Report
@DEBIGENE: Right click and select copy image. Then paste and print. Or click where it says "click here" to download and print. Report
I love this and want to copy and paste it so I can print it out and SP won't let me do it !!!! I don't FB, TWEET, PINTEREST or any of those other things. SP is my social network of choice and I'm sure I am not alone with this request. Perhaps SP should take a survey of it's members to see what percentage of the members here would like options for information available. Thanks for letting me voive this opinion here. Report
Love it! I'm going to do these plus I might pull out my mini-trampoline and incorporate that in also!! Report
I love this idea. I will do this workout this evening. Report
VERY clever idea! Even if the exercises don't suit a particular person, the concept is adaptable. I'm going to use my creativity and come up with a list of my own--and include something particularly distracting for INSURANCE commercials! Report
These are great ideas but way beyond my current physical abilities. Something to work towards though. Thank you for sharing. Report
Although I'm not a big TV watcher, when I do sit down, there are an awful lot of political ads with the election coming up. Looks like lots of burpees! Report
What is a burpee? Sounds like a seed of an idea.. Report
This is a really cool idea! Lets see if we could get everyone watching to do it, now that would be something to tape! :) Report
This is a great idea...your Pinterest button didn't work, though! Report
LOVE this.. I printed it off and it's going where I can see it every time I watch a tv program :)
I usually put the clothes in the dryer, do some dishes or vacuum the floor during commercial breaks..

:) Report
What a clever idea. I usually run down stairs and put things away during add breaks - or Spark, like now! Report
I go beyond that - my normal morning workouts are done with the TV on, so I'm not only working through commercials, but through the actual shows themselves! Report
What a cute idea! I've been doing exercise on the commercials (and a bunch of other things) for a long time just because I get so bored. Commercials are annoying! But this sounds like something new I could try and would take things up a notch... Report
I like the exercise-ad variety
We CAN Do It
Awesome! Perfect now that I no longer have DVR :) Report
Thanks for the great ideas! I could utilize those commercials to help sneak in calorie busting exercises Report
I would never do any exercise. Hubby refuses to watch commercials. Flips through the channels during commercials. Report
This is great. I've always thought about doing something during commercials and never thought about what to do. Did a few of these tonight. Thanks! Report
Excellent idea! Report
I haven't watched TV in over 3 yrs. I watch what I want on YouTube or NetFlex. Report
Better if you see the videos of SPP in they TV. Report
I would except someone loves fast forwarding with the PVR. Report

I actually really love this idea. Perfect for when im a watching baseball or football. lol lots of breaks during those. Report
I don't do these but I'm in the habit of exercising when commercials come on and I thought I was doing something no one else does!! Report
Awesome ideas...perfect for removing senditary ways. Thanks! Report