Challenge Every Muscle with This Walking Interval Workout

By , Kim Truman, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach
Flowers and trees are pretty, but sometimes a walking workout needs a bit more than scenery to keep things interesting. Incorporating intervals and strength-training moves into a walk not only adds variety, but also challenges your muscles and can boost your metabolism. Dallas-based trainer Kim Truman developed this varied walking workout, which includes three different intervals and three body moves, for people looking to break up their usual walks.
Keep boredom at bay today with this fun, heart-pumping workout.

Walking Interval #1 Start at a regular walking pace for a few minutes to warm up your legs. After you feel warmed up, start to pick up the pace, walking as fast as you can for two minutes. Then, slow down your pace for one minute. Repeat this interval five times in a row, for a total of 15 minutes.
Strength Move #1: Plank Lie face-down with your hands under your shoulders, and push yourself into plank position on your hands and toes. Hold plank for 20 seconds, then relax for three to five seconds. Repeat this plank series, which targets the abs and shoulders, 10 to 15 times.
Walking Interval #2 After completing the first series, resume walking, gradually increasing your pace. This is the middle section of your walk, and it will challenge your stamina with a faster pace. For this interval, walk as fast as you can for one minute, then return to a normal walking pace to recover for one minute. Repeat five times, alternating between a fast and normal pace.
Strength Move #2: Toe Touch Start in a standing position with your hands by your side. Squat down, reach down with your hands and touch your toes. Swing your arms up to the sky, jumping up to a hop as you lift both feet off the ground. Do this move 10 to 15 times.
Walking Interval #3 Returning to your walk, begin by doing alternating walking lunges for one minute. To do this move, start off with your right foot in front, lunge as deep as you can go, then switch sides. After one minute of alternating lunges, resume walking at a fast pace for four minutes. Use your arms to help increase your speed. Repeat the one minute of alternating lunges and four minutes of fast-paced walking four more times.
Strength Move #3: Hip Bridge Lie down on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground and arms extended by your sides with hands face-down on the ground for support. From here, lift your hips up and back down 25 to 30 times. Squeeze at the top of every movement for optimal results. This move targets your abs, glutes and thighs.
After completing the whole routine, take a few minutes to stretch—try a standing forward fold—and you’re finished! Do this walking routine and three body moves at least three times a week. 

About the Author
Kim Truman is an all-around trainer and nutrition coach based in Dallas, Texas. She is well-known for her enthusiastic and motivational coaching style, as well as her high-energy workout programs. Discover more about Kim and her mission at

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Not what I expected. I agree about staying on your feet Report
Interesting ideas, but I only get on the ground if I fall. Not advisable. Report
CATNAP6291 4/26/2020
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I walk in my biggest hay field, in a path I mow, but I still don’t think I want to engage in laying down in the middle of the field! Report
Nowhere I walk is clean enough for any of the non walking stuff Report
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No idea where one could walk to do these things other than perhaps the lunges. Certainly none of the many different places I walk. Even mall walking to get indoors would make one pretty conspicuous while engaging in these activities. Report
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good idea but not for outside, too dirty and lots of things that can hurt you Report
Fun idea but totally impractical and unhygienic. I wouldn't want anything but the soles of my shoes on the pavement or the grassy spots where anything may lurk on the plants. I miss the multi-station paths that provided platforms, rings, planks, etc for a circuit of exercise. All in my city have fallen into disrepair or been removed. I don't drive so can't get to ones I've found online in outer areas. Report
Yeah - agree with others. There is no way to do this unless you are walking in place at home (or on a treadmill). I do all my walking outside and there is no way I could do this. Perhaps just do the walking intervals, then return home and try the others? I do walking intervals myself with a timed music play list. I do my best to walk at the pace of the music for the entire song. I have my songs placed so I do a quick walk, then a slower one. Report
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Some cities have courses - sometimes called parcour or parkour, although that's actually something a little different - where a walking/running course is broken into segments with different exercise stops. Where I used to live (Allentown, PA) had one - maybe your city does too. Report
I'd feel embarrassed to do this in my neighborhood. :) Report
I have a walk/strength/stretching workout that includes everything, but nothing is on the ground. It is all standing up and works for me. I can run or walk up my road and do the other exercises outside in my yard. This particular workout is a CD with music and prompts and I have it on my music device and enjoy it.One stretch is using a tree to hold onto. It is great fun to exercise outside. Report
There is no where in my community where I walk to do any kind of planks. And I am certainly not laying down on the ground where others are walking and running. I think this is more for those who walk on a treadmill inside their homes. Report
I agree with the other comments - where are you walking that you could actually do the strength exercises. I have tried to time intervals when walking outside, but it is too distracting. Report
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