The Coobie Sports Bra: Great Support, No Uniboob!

By , Bryn Mooth
A chance visit to a fancy lingerie shop recently revealed something completely unexpected: the Coobie, a seamless bra that happens to be great for working out.

A number of features prompted me to try it on: the seamless construction, the padded cups, the fantastic array of colors and the price (just $20 for the scoopneck style and $22 for a lacier v-neck). But what really sold me on the Coobie, despite its silly name, was its in-gym performance.

A few high points:
  • The seamless build means there aren't any pressure points from underwires or wide straps. Plus, if you do Pilates or any other moves on your back, you'll appreciate the lack of a hook closure mid-spine, which can create discomfort during roll-ups or sit-ups.
  • The padded liners (removable) and structured cups mean—eureka!—no "uniboob." You get fantastic-looking shape, versus most heavy-duty sports bras that mash "the girls" together.
  • It's incredibly, ridiculously comfortable. And it's really easy to get in and out of. Ever tried to pull a tight-fitting sports bra over your sweaty torso after a tough workout? Impossible. But the Coobie rocks.
  • The great range of colors makes this a cute undergarment for tanks and camis.
  • The Coobie gives you a bit more support you can expect from a well-made camisole with a built-in shelf bra. I wouldn't wear this to go running, but it's ideal for yoga and Pilates, and it served me well during a strenuous kettlebell workout where I was moving quite a bit. Come warmer weather, this will be my go-to bra under a tank for power walks, and I'll give it a try for golf, as well.
  • The company brands this as a "one size fits most" bra, for sizes 32A thru 36D. They also make a Plus Size version (with limited color selection) to fit sizes 38A to 42D-DD.
  • Bonus: the straps are removable, and you get a set of clear plastic straps with purchase. There's also a bandeau style.
Find more information, check out For more tips on buying the right sports bra for any size, read The Best Sports Bras for Every Size at

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Those narrow straps cancel out any support from the bra itself. Report
I am a busty woman who needs more support than these bras would provide. But they do look like they would make comfortable sleeping bras! Report
I have tried sports type bras in sizes from DDD to C (after a reduction) and can't imagine any bra with those narrow straps being comfortable or strong enough to hold everything in place. Report
Would be nice if they had same garment for gals 44-48-and up with B or C cups. Not all of us plus sized gals have estrogen enhanced breasts. Report
Love the comfort bra - got one and ordered two more. Good discount if you buy 2 or 3. Report
I cannot wait to go to the site and check it out!!! Report
Well, if you watch the video on the Coobie site, they say it's only good for "light" yoga and such. They don't even claim to be a sports bra, they call it a "leisure bra". I'm a big girl, too. 38DD. And gravity has not been kind to me over the years. So I never hold out much hope that bras like the Coobie could ever actually work as a sports bra for me. I will, however, try one to use as a cami under low-cut wraps and tops. The lace on the Plus V-necks are nice and the NINE(!!!) color choices are amazing! So even though the focus of this blog doesn't really apply to me, I still appreciate the introduction to Coobie. :-) Report
These sound good. I'm hoping they are as comfortable as they say! I just ordered 3 in some yummy colors! They do have a sale right now if you purchase 3 or more bras, use the coupon code 320 during checkout and you get a $20.00 deduction from your total! I really hate the "racer back" sports bras, they are so uncomfortable on my shoulder/neck area....keeping fingers crossed with the Coobie that they will solve that problem for me! Report
Yeah, not in love with the coobie. It is comfortable for a plus size gal at the higher end of the size the plus size goes to, it fit and comes off easily even when still a bit sweaty. But it does give me flatened uniboob. It is NOT supportive. The padding in the plus size was for someone with maybe a B cup. Maybe. And the padding is just placed weird as well, I have attempted to move it to see if that would help with the supportiveness, but it did not. Just made me look worse. I have had much better sports bras that were at least supportive! And looked cute. I am just disappointed after reading this rave review. To each their own. I will try some of the other suggestions. Report
This bra is soooo cool! I just love it! I too, wear it and can't even feel it on me and I am a size 40D. This is just too awesome. I highly recommend everyone trying it. Report
I love this bra! I can wear it all day and never even know it's there. Does anyone remove the padding before washing? I just saw that is recommended on the Coobie website FAQ section. Hadn't thought of doing that. I got mine with a discount code on the Coobie facebook site. Report
I just want a comfortable bra to wear on overseas flights. Does anybody have any input on this? Thanks! Report
I am a 36/C and bought the coobie bra after reading this and I find it to be horrid. It is not supportive at all, and it makes my boobs look very funny. The padding that comes with it would not fit anyone bigger than an A cup. Report
I like Donna Karan sports bra (34-36 DDD) Report
I got mine from Amazon Thursday and wore it today. Did 30 min on the elliptical and took a 1 hr yoga class. It's GREAT! Very soft, comfy, does not pinch or bind anywhere. I'm a 36 B/C cup and the "one size" sizing worried me but it really fits great. Supportive enough for my active yoga class.
I'm buying 2 more today!
Thanks for sharing! Report
Thanks! I'll take a look and see what I think.... I am disappointed in many clothing lines, especially those for fitness wear and even more espectially for sports bras who figure that larger women don't want to look cute too! Even this bra has "limited colors" in the plus sizes! I need a plus size sports bra and I agree with many here about how hard they are to find. But, if you want one in a cute color it is even harder! I want to thank everyone who gave links to try.... Especially REDPEPPERS who gave quite a few! Thanks!
This is an excellent reprint from a few comments down but it is right on target - there seems to be quite of few negative "sparkpeople" out there - if you don't have something nice to say - don't bother !

"I find the negativity and plain nastiness in these comments quite unnecessary and off-putting.

People complain that this bra obviously does not provide enough support (without having tried it), and then turn around and complain that it doesn't come in big enough sizes. Well, geez, maybe the two are related? Maybe that style of bra just won't work for bigger sizes!

People have also commented that SparkPeople should not even review this bra because it isn't for women who frequent the site, or something along those lines. Who appointed the spokespeople for ALL of us? There actually are women on SparkPeople who can and would wear this bra (more than 8/9 as one poster claimed, I'd wager but even if not, do those 1/9 not count?). Why all the hate? "
Love the color variety. I just ordered one. We live in Florida so we wear a lot of clothes that require a skinny strap. Can't beat it if it's a decent fit it'll get lots of use. Report
try the moving comfort bras for excellent support and shape, I like the alexis one best. (34A) Report
I'm a 34DD but relegated to a 36DD as the former is nearly impossible to find. I can't find a sports bra that I can wear alone. I have found that Jockey has a high-impact bra that works pretty well but I still have to wear another sports bra under it when running. I think it's because I need a 34. I may try these bras as the ones that I wear underneath my Jockey. Report
I'm definitely a Decent Exposures bra girl. I have been for about 20 years. They are the best. Made to your custom fit which seems impossible for mail order but they do it. Bras made and designed by women for women. Report
Looks like there's a hole where a 36DD comes in. They also don't look very supportive. I have a rebounder and need support. Report
The Coobie may be great for some people, but I will never get a bra that isn't a Decent Exposures one. They are very comfortable for all sizes, made to order, and can be made with light support to heavy support. They are not cheap, but I think they are well worth the extra money. I loved them when I was a D cup, and I still love them after a double mastectomy. No, I don't work for them, I just spent years looking for the perfect bra for me, and now that I have found it, I love spreading the word. Report
I might check these out. I do like the ah bra. Report
Where are they? Let me at 'em!!!

Thanks for the info.

Renie Report
Interesting how many woman say they run and are DD's and DDD's. I always thought that at that size it was to hard on their backs. Hope this bra does the job. Report
There are just not enough good sports bras out there, but no thanks to the padded cups. I wear a 36 DD, no need for padded cups. Report
RHAL1462, try stepping into a sports bra, rather than over the head. It works for me. Report
Pretty bra, but not for high impact working out like running. At least not if you're a larger size. Report
New Plus Size !!!
Plus Size fits sizes 38A to 42D-DD. I think I'll try one in nude.
I would get this for my powerwalks, etc. I don't run, and am cup size AB, so no worries about bouncing. This would also be great for everyday wear, and would be airport friendly! No more setting off the scanner with underwires! Report
This might be the perfect solution for those of us sleeping in our exercise clothes to save some time in the morning! :) Comfy, but still providing support. Report
Thanks for the review, I think that I will purchase one for light activities... they are not meant for high impact workouts, and I don't do high impact aerobics everyday, so this is perfect... I love the variety in colors. Report
I agree with the few posters that say quit being so mean! Did you read the article. It says good for yoga etc not lots of "bouncy" things! I am a larger woman with large breast, bras are very difficult to find, and I realize this bra would probably not work for me under any circumstances, but they are really cute, I enjoyed the article and maybe when I lose weight I too can enjoy them! Report
Great Article, got anything for the 34 DD on the verge of a DDD? Report
When you can find a good sports bra for a 34DDD, THEN you have a great blog topic. Unfortunately those of us that are skinny but well-endowed have very limited choices in regular bras, and next to none in sports bras. Unless, of course, you'd like to pay $80 - $150 per bra, which I won't. Report
I will try one of these, but definitely not to work out in. I'm a DD, leaning heavily toward the third D, so this would not work for my type of workouts. I've found that the Enell bras are excellent with women my size. They definitely keep the twins in place. Report
I agree w/others, just b/c i am a big cup size, DD, doesn't mean that I am plus sized. I have gained and lost weight and my cup size stays the same. I'm a 32 or sometimes 34 DD. It's so hard to find a bra that stays put in that size. So this bra, unfortunately, would not work for me. :( Report
This looks nice, but wouldn't work for me as I'm a DD, but usually more a 34 or 36. For anyone looking for larger sizes or even a large cup size, but a smaller back size, I highly recommend Intimacy ( ). They don't sell online, but you can see if there's a store near you. I got my sports bra there and love it, no uniboob either! It has a back hook and eye closure like a real bra and adjustable straps, and provides great support even without an underwire (sorry that I can't remember the brand name now). They have every size imaginable and if you buy something from them and it needs to be altered, they'll do it for free for the life of the garment. They also have great swimsuits with cups and underwires. Report
I would not buy this one - it is like most other sports bras and you have to pull it on over you head then when it is all sweaty try to get out of it! I get frustrated putting them on, think they look unattractive, then struggle to get them off. I am on that mission for the optimum, put on the normal way, wicking, comfortable, flattering sports bra. Any suggestions? Report
This sounds great! Thanks! Report
Looks very promising!! Mine I learned I haven't used in LONG while. The elastic made that crunching sound when I put my "unibra" on this week. Report
Even though these come in larger cup sizes, I doubt such a flimsy bra would give any support to anyone past a B-cup.

If anyone here is large-breasted and looking for a sports bra, try the Enell. Don't go by your bra size, go by your measurements. As a 32J, I fit perfectly into their size 2. Report
I bought one after reading this, hope its supportive and comfortable! =) If you like Coobie Store on Facebook you can find a special coupon code for $15 off the purchase of 2 bras! Report
This might work for me. Thanks for the tip! Report
Sounds great unless youare a bra size 34F Why does no one seem to think we exist even though here in the UK we are all being nagged to get our size measured accurately by a trained bra fitter!! Do such things exist? Anyway the size selection seems limited. Report
Thanks I will be sharing this with my wife Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Thanks for blogging about bras... Lotsa good advice... Seems we all like to be comfortable when we work out.
Anything one size fits most means I probably won't like the fit... In anything but a hat. Am I right? Report
i want to find a sports bra that would fit me...a 46c...and that looks comfortable. these dont Report
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