The Coobie Sports Bra: Great Support, No Uniboob!

By , Bryn Mooth
A chance visit to a fancy lingerie shop recently revealed something completely unexpected: the Coobie, a seamless bra that happens to be great for working out.

A number of features prompted me to try it on: the seamless construction, the padded cups, the fantastic array of colors and the price (just $20 for the scoopneck style and $22 for a lacier v-neck). But what really sold me on the Coobie, despite its silly name, was its in-gym performance.

A few high points:
  • The seamless build means there aren't any pressure points from underwires or wide straps. Plus, if you do Pilates or any other moves on your back, you'll appreciate the lack of a hook closure mid-spine, which can create discomfort during roll-ups or sit-ups.
  • The padded liners (removable) and structured cups mean—eureka!—no "uniboob." You get fantastic-looking shape, versus most heavy-duty sports bras that mash "the girls" together.
  • It's incredibly, ridiculously comfortable. And it's really easy to get in and out of. Ever tried to pull a tight-fitting sports bra over your sweaty torso after a tough workout? Impossible. But the Coobie rocks.
  • The great range of colors makes this a cute undergarment for tanks and camis.
  • The Coobie gives you a bit more support you can expect from a well-made camisole with a built-in shelf bra. I wouldn't wear this to go running, but it's ideal for yoga and Pilates, and it served me well during a strenuous kettlebell workout where I was moving quite a bit. Come warmer weather, this will be my go-to bra under a tank for power walks, and I'll give it a try for golf, as well.
  • The company brands this as a "one size fits most" bra, for sizes 32A thru 36D. They also make a Plus Size version (with limited color selection) to fit sizes 38A to 42D-DD.
  • Bonus: the straps are removable, and you get a set of clear plastic straps with purchase. There's also a bandeau style.
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