4 Fun Fitness Apps for the iPhone

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Some of you may not know, but I am a techno-nerd. I find this to be a positive though, as technology has really improved the way we do things and has introduced a lot of new and fun ways to do things, including fitness. Keeping up with my techno-nerd ways, I purchased an iPhone a couple years ago and actually wasn't sure I would like it, but now I can't imagine parting with it. I always have it with me and I love to try out new apps when I get a chance.

This week I am sharing with you my reviews of four iPhone fitness apps that I have found to be fun and helpful.

GymGoal ($2.99)

If you go to a gym, then this might be the app for you. This app is packed full of features, which include: at least 280 exercises (you can also add your own), 52 workout routines (again, you can also add your own), the ability to track your workouts (sets, reps , weight & 1 rep max) and body measurements, videos and instructions for each exercise, and it has a built-in music player.

Pros: There are many pros for this app! The fact that it includes a lot of features is a huge plus in my book (or phone). Some of the specific pros of this app include: videos and instructions on how to perform the exercises, a body map that gives you exercises to work a particular muscle, the ability to track a large variety of things, you can take pictures of your own exercises, and that you can play your music within this app.

Cons: This app is limited to gym machine exercises only (hence the name, GymGoal), although you are able to add your own. While you can take pictures of exercises that you add, you cannot add video. As I mentioned as a "pro" for this app, it has a lot of features, which may be too much for some people and could make it confusing at first.

Bottom Line: If you go to the gym and would like to have video or instructions for how to perform certain exercises or would like to have an easy way to track those types of exercises, then this is a great app for the price.

Pedometer 24/7 ($0.99)

The Pedometer 24/7 app is pretty basic, but is a handy tool all in your iPhone. If you don't have a pedometer yet, but you have an iPhone, then this might be a fun app for you to try. Even though this is what I consider to be a basic app, it has plenty of cool features. Some of the features included in this app are: an automatic timer that stops when you stop walking and resumes when you start walking again, measures the distance you walked/ran, the screen will automatically turn off when it is put in your pocket to save battery life, a history chart, a graph to show your progress, a sensitivity scale where you can adjust the app properly, and you can play your music within the app.

Pros: I like that this app is not complicated at all. It is a quick set-up and you can start using it once you enter height and weight. As you use the app, you see the number of steps you have taken, the speed, distance, and amount of calories burned. While I wasn't able to check the accuracy of the amount of calories burned on this app, the speed and distance were surprisingly pretty accurate. The history chart and graph are really fun features to view your progress and are definitely a "bonus" to this fun app.

Cons: Really, my only complaint about this app is that it stops running if you receive a phone call or text message. While I was testing this app one day, I received a few text messages on my walk and I didn't think that it would matter. When I got home and checked the app, it had been stopped and did not calculate anything from the time I received the first text. So if you use this app, just be aware that you will have to restart the app if you receive a phone call or text message.

Bottom Line: I really like this app, especially for the price and what you get! If you are in the market for a pedometer, just wondering how many steps you are taking in a day, or are wondering what distance you are walking in a day, I would recommend this app.

Cadence ($4.99)

Are you looking for an app that will assign the beats per minute to each of your songs? Look no further! This app is just what you are looking for. While this app is one of the pricier apps that I tried, it does a great job in going through your music library and assigning the BPM's for each song listed. This is a pretty basic app in regards to features for you to use, but it is pretty impressive when you start using it.

Pros: This app has a quick and easy set-up. Once you have run the app to go through your music library, each song is assigned a BPM. If for some reason you notice the BPM is incorrect, you can correct it yourself using a tapping feature that will help you assign the correct BPM and override the incorrect BPM. You can also run this app in the background and use another app at the same time (works like the iPod feature on your phone running in the background). To find songs with a certain BPM, you just need to click on the slider on the app to the BPM that you want and click the play button. It will then play all songs with that BPM. It's that simple!

Cons: So far, I haven't been able to find any cons about this app other than price. $4.99 may seem like a high price tag for an app, but the app gets the job done just as it advertises.

Bottom Line: If you are a runner or someone who does cardio and wants or needs to have a certain tempo, then I would recommend this app as it will do the work for you.

All-in Yoga ($1.99)

This is one of my favorite apps that I reviewed. It has a large variety of yoga poses (over 200), which include videos, instructions, soothing music, the ability to either choose a pre-made program, or make one of your own by selecting various poses.

Pros: This app includes over 200 yoga poses and has videos and instructions for them. I like the fact that I have the choice to select one of the pre-made programs or to make up my own program. The All-in Yoga app also has 4 different levels for the programs: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and guru. So there is something for all levels and range from 12 - 89 minutes each. You can also view all poses individually, which is something I would recommend for beginners.

Cons: During the pre-made programs, once you start, you are able to press pause, but if you exit the app for any reason, you have to start the program all over. You can't start back up where you left off and you aren't able to fast forward to get back to that spot.

Bottom Line: Overall, this is a great app, but for people just starting yoga, I would recommend reviewing some of the poses and how to do them before starting a program. The features of this app are great and easily adjustable to your needs and I believe can only get better over time as it gets updated. This is definitely one app that I will continue using and would recommend to anyone interested in yoga.

Do you have any of these apps on your iPhone? Which iPhone fitness apps are your favorite?

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I use RunKeeper, it's absolutely my favorite (even though i have to manually enter treadmill runs). Also Strong for strength training stuff, GymBoss for interval sets, and Yoga Studio for stretching out!! Report
Great apps, I might buy the yoga one Report
I have the android but usually look at all the free apps Report
Apparently we need a topic for keeping track of your fitness by notching tree trunks with flint knives for those that are convinced iPhones are superfluous that the rest of us can click into to make off topic comments about how stone aged and useless it is! Report
I use iTreadmill to track my walks, treadmill and elliptical sessions. I use a strap to have the iPhone on my upper arm. It seems to work best here. Report
My favourite at the moment is Walmeter, which I use a lot. It makes maps of your walks, tells you how fast you go, how many miles, and computes how many calories you've burnt (not sure the last item is correct, but it does give you an idea) Great app which works even if your phone rings or if you receive a text message Report
Does anyone know of any free blackberry torch fitness apps? Report
gymboss has a free app that works great for Tabata workouts! Report
NIKE Training club app is awesome and it is free. provides great workouts that are downloaded to your phone/ipod so no wifi needed. And the workouts are killer!! Report
NIKE Training club app is awesome and it is free. provides great workouts that are downloaded to your phone/ipod so no wifi needed. And the workouts are killer!! Report
I wasn't sure what to get for my next phone, but have been convinced to get the I Phone. Report
Don't have an iphone, don't want an iphone, and prefer to keep track of my own life... 'awareness' and 'attention' seem to make life much deeper. I'm really glad everyone has all these toys to play with, but they don't attract me. Report
Sprint GPS. Best running app I've found. You can track your runs through GPS or enter them from the gym, plus you can pick a "power song" for it to play when you need it. Report
Gee, I'm still waiting for the app that tells me to get my butt out of bed!!! Good grief people, time to find another planet to "live" on, if you can find an "app" for that, too. Report
Just used the cadence app for my run tonight. The time just flew by and I was able to increase my pace. Well worth the price. Also downloaded the Nike + to help me keep track of run walk intervals. It should be much easier than looking at my watch. Does the gps work with an I- touch that is wi fi only? Report
Just downloaded Pedometer 24/7 ... I'll have to check it out tonight! Report
I also love my iphone, but more importantly I love free apps. A few of my favorites are

lose it
Jog Buddy
Lose the Belly
My Fitness Pal
Trainer lite
Weight Mate

Just to name a few. Report
I am loving Pandora right now when I go to the gym. Make me want to work out really hard and I do. It's free and I pick out my type of music. Then rock out out while working out. Report
I LOOOOVE Runkeeper! Like a little GPS for the phone that tracks my entire walk or run. It then transfers to your computer so you can see stats from workout such as distance, maps, pace, elevation change. Report
I have the nutriton and fitness trackers. It's great because I can put everything in after I do it. I'll check out the pedometer Report
Great blog with great reader input and tips! Now I've got all kinds of apps ideas to check out. Just got the Ipad and Ipod Touch.
Thanks, Spark and Spark members. Report
I don't have a phone that can have "apps." One day I'll reach that "rich" zone. ;) Report
Oh - this blog just made my day. Looking forward to downloading a couple of these! Report
I just joined the world of smart phones. I purchased the Couch to 5K and using for the first time today. It is good to know that other Sparkies are using this app too.
Thanks for the great article. Report
My favorite fitness app is "Walkmeter" which I use everytime i go for a walk. It maps out the walk as i go so that I have an exact distance for whatever route I take. It also gives me time and average speed and even calories burned. It is a great app for those of us who walk. Report
So... does Angry Birds count as a "fitness" app ? I mean, I have to use hand eye coordination to play ! LOL !!!

Okay, seriously for a moment, a colleague from the gym loves the GYMBOSS app. It's a timer ap for those folks who do interval or HIIT training. It's a good program. I'm looking for a yoga app that doesn't crash when you use it. The problem I've found with several apps is their crash frequency. I've dump a lot of apps because the software wasn't stable.

Very cool! I'll have to check it out. I agree that $4.99 is pricey and I'd like to suggest an app that could help with that, if you are willing to wait it out. The AppShopper App (also on website www (dot) appshopper (dot) com ) lets you review apps that you are interested in and note the changes in price over time. If you want to set up an account, you can then an app to your "wish list" and then it will send you email whenever the price drops or is free. Their app is free, so that helps (plus you can just manage it online if you want, and not download their app. For large numbers of apps, it is easier online. Plus, you can also save as "I own" the apps you already bought (whether it was a free app or a paid app), and AppShopper will let you know when an update is ready for the apps you already own.

I'm really anxious to try out Cadence and Pedometer. My current favorite one is the iMapMyWalk app - I think their home base website is MapMyFitness.com but they have apps for Biking, Hiking, Running, etc. It is similar to Pedometer in that an incoming call or text will stop the app and so I either have to stop where I am, take call/read text, and push "resume" before I start back up again... or... I can go on the website and "fix" the route (it's using the same map tracking as the Google Pedometer Map online, or like the one here on SparkPeople.).

But...I recently realized I had an end run to tracking without distractions - and that is, before I start, I go into my settings and set my phone to forward calls to my home landline (I realize this won't work for many people, but you can forward to your spouse's cell phone or your office voice mail or whatever.), and then I set the Airplane Mode "on" (transmitter off) - this way, incoming calls are headed off at the pass and go to my home line voice mail, and text messages just stay in space until I turn Airplane mode back off. But like I said, that may not be a good option, especially if you are walking alone and need to be "accessible" to babysitter or whatever. (I've just figured that I'm never walking so long as all that, maybe 20-30 minutes, and most "emergencies" are only emergencies to the person calling "I can't find my ....(fill in the blank)...!!" etc. And if it was a true emergency, chances are you are too far away to make it back in time, so the person calling will need to go ahead and call 911, and you'll need the stress relief you gain from the exercise because it might be awhile before you get to walk again. But still - it's your decision - and I don't do this all the time myself. I just noticed that it made my walk a bit more serene being able to just stay waking non-stop and not have to deal with the phone or the text messaging and restarting the applications!! Report
Tempo Magic is my favorite app. It accurately changes the BPM for songs without changing the tone. As I have very few songs exactly at 147 BPM, this app makes whatever I feel like listening to 147 BPM. LOVE it! Report
GymGoal looks like a great app, I usually use the NotePad to type up my workouts but this seems quicker and easier! I also have the C25K app which is awesome. My iPod is a must for me at the gym! Report
Thanks!! I will have to check those out. Are there any good FREE fitness apps? Report
I love my iPhone, and have the 24/7 pedometer - it's great! Report
We have the C25K (Couch to 5K) app on our ipod touches. I am not ready to use it yet, but my hubby has been and he gives it rave reviews! Report
no aps for me... I'm one of those weird people who does not tweet, use I pods,
text, or even read books on a electronic divice. Report
I'd love to see some cross reference of apps for Android. I have the C25K app on my phone and can't imagine being without it. Report
I don' t have one of those things, don't see the need. Report
I purchased HealthCalcs for the Iphone. Its a great app since it calculates the number of calories burned doing specific items (example, washing the car, sex-intimate, walking up stairs), tells you how long of an activity you have to do to lose the amount of weight you want to, gives you your BMI & Body Fat. I think I paid $4.99 for it Report
I picked up FitBuilder recently when they were doing a free promotion a and even the basic version I have is awesome. There are all kinds of different programs using all different kinds of equipment for different goals. So far, my favorites are the yoga ones and the stretching ones. I haven't branched out much but there are lots of options and they're mostly stuff you can do at home with some basic equipment. You can also design your own programs and save them based on your goals or even the equipment you want to us. Most of the workouts I've done so far are short, but there are some longer ones. Another great thing about this is since its on a phone you can take it anywhere and its way easier to pack then a laptop and DVDs. Report
I'll have to take a look at the yoga app. I'm more or less a beginner, and I wonder about watching a video on a small screen. Report
I have an android phone and have the Sparkpeople app for it a BMI calculator which works great but is a little iffy for kids(My ten yr old daughter is 4ft 9inches 95 lbs and it says shes obese but if I enter this weight/height for an adult woman it's normal) and Womanlog for logging my monthly cycle. I'm always looking for new cool FREE or lowcost fitness and health apps. Sparkmail me any ideas or suggestions. Report
I haven't checked, but most of the apps are probably available for Android too if you search.

I don't have any apps that I pay for because I'm cheap ;) but I use the SparkPeople app and mapmyrun/ride. The Cadence app looks really cool though; that might actually be one I'd buy! Report
I love the Nike Training Camp app, it has a ton of great aerobic and strength training routines and you can listen to your own music. And it's free!! Report
One of my favorite fitness apps is mapmyride. It's great for people who ride their bikes and runners/walkers...and it's FREE! Report
My favorite right now is the C25K. Report
I'm also using Runkeeper! It's great, I input my intervals and it tells me when to change! And, it's FREE! Report
There really are a lot of cool wellness-related apps out for the phone and the touch...
I have a smart phone but not an ipod. The spark app is as techy as I've gone. In fact I got the phone just so that I can download the spark app. I was just wondering why spark does not have a body map. I know spark is a free site but I wonder if it can partner with any of these cool apps so that we are not having to log things twice. Report
I have an I-Pod Touch, but I don't use any of these apps. I do use the Spark People App and several other FREE Apps that show and help you track exercises. One is a Jillian Michaels Workout App and the other is Nike for Women App. Another "must have" is the Restaurant App which gives the calorie count for foods at all the major restaurant chains. Another App I love is Nature Find which tells you where all the great parks are in your area and what events are coming up at each. Great if you like to hike or bike! Most of these are free and very very helpful! Report
I use Gym-buddy, it is so easy to use and you can either use pre-programmed routines or make your own. Love this app Report
I used the c25k app last year on my ipod and it was great. Now I've got c2 10k and although the app works really well, it's hard to love it right now cause it's so hard! I'm sure when I finish it, I will love it. :) Report
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