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Steal Kate Winslet's Low-Cost Workout Secret!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Kate Winslet is a talented actor and mother of two. Despite her real-life role as a working mom, Kate is looking slim, toned, and downright fit in recent photos and stories—not to mention her new movies, The Reader and Revolutionary Road. In a recent interview with UK Elle magazine, she calls herself a "pretty average" woman with cellulite, and says that she doesn't have time hit the gym. So what's her fitness secret? You might be surprised to learn that it's something convenient, affordable and within reach of average women everywhere.

Kate told ELLE, "I don't go to the gym because I don't have time but I do Pilates work out DVDs for 20 minutes or more everyday at home."

Bravo! Here's why I rate this movie star's fitness plan with two thumbs up.

  • Pilates works! As a Pilates instructor, I've seen and experienced the amazing benefits of this form of exercise firsthand. Pilates is a form of strength training and flexibility training rolled into one, and it's something that almost anyone can do.
  • Daily exercise is a great idea. It doesn't have to be long (we all have 20 minutes to spare each day) or strenuous, for that matter. Just get your body moving.
  • Working out at home is easy, cheap, and more convenient than a gym. You can get small pieces of equipment for just a few bucks, and DVDs often cost less than $15 apiece.
  • Short workouts are worth the time. How often have you been so busy that you make excuses not to work out? Stop thinking of exercise with an all-or-nothing attitude. You might not have an hour to spare, but you can do something—even 5 or 10 minutes is better than skipping your workout entirely.

The only thing I'd add to Kate's fitness plan is some cardio. Pilates is not a magic bullet and it shouldn't be a person's only form of exercise. Different workouts offer their own specific benefits, and cardio is essential for health and weight loss. Ready to try Pilates yourself, at home, for FREE? Check out my streaming online videos: Pilates Abs Workout and Pilates Hips, Glutes and Thighs Workout today!

Do you workout with DVDs like Kate does? Would you rate her workout secret with thumbs up or thumbs down?

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Just had to jump in there and say that I do yoga almost exclusively and have increased my muscle tone and core strength through this form of exercise in a way I never expected. Planks, lunges and back bends are a regular part of a yoga practice whether doing Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin. In Yin we hold the poses for time which looks very slow and 'boring' to some but helps build and increase flexibility to do the more yang or rigorous poses. Part of the yoga practice focuses on combining breath with the poses so it often looks like it is just gentle stretching but let me tell you it is a workout that people shouldn't dismiss!! Your celebrity just may be telling the truth! Report
Sorry; but I don't believe for one minute that Kate Winslet got the awesome body she showed off in her role in The Reader through such little - and limited - exercise...

I just watched that movie two days ago, and trust me, she has to be doing more than that to look that good at her age...

Why can't celebrities tell the truth....! Report
I have a pilates reformer, but need a dvd to be able to use it. Other than that I work out by walking or on the Wii. Report
I don't go to the gym either but i use dvd's at home;either yoga or tae bo.I go for a run or i walk for cardio and i pinch my fella's weights for ST.Haven't tried the pilates workouts yet but will do to change things up a bit. Report
I am going to try it. Yes I have just about every dvd on the market and lots of fitness equipment. Report
I have a pilates DVD that can be viewed as one workout or split into two. Often I will do the 25 min standing part when I am tired or short on time. Any workout is a benefit; it doesn't have to be long. Sometimes I will take a very fast walk around my hilly neighborhood for about 15 min. It's all good. Report
I love workout DVDs. I feel self-conscious at a gym, and there's a lot of variety of workouts that can be done from DVDs and videos. I'm definitely going to try those online Pilates videos! Report
Pilates may be the way to go I'll need to think about that one. I'm leaning more toward belly dancing. Report
Give Kate 2 big thumbs up. It's refreshing to know that not all Hollywood actresses work out for 5 hours a day at a gym and still look Red Carpet ready. Report
I have a number of workout videos - I almost never use them because they are here....When I "plan" to work out at home, I usually don't get it done because it will be here later...later...later...I make dates with myself to go to the gym. But my kids are grown and my outside-of-work time is my own, for the most part. Report
Pilates is a great form of exercise that can have remarkable results, depending on the intensity of the workouts that are done. I don't think that doing Pilates, 20 minutes a day on its own would improve my overall physique but if it were done along with cardio, I would probably see more results. I agree though that this method is proven to help shape and tone those troublesome areas. I own a few Pilates DVDs. My only wish is that I had more time during my week to incorporate them more into my workouts. Report
I love Pilate's and am glad to finally have some to use here. It's improved both my strength, balance, posture, and helped with some of my fibro pain. Report
I think I will give it a try. Report
I think that whatever works for each person is what should be done. It obviously is working for her to stay trim. Report
the other great thing about working out at home is that it allows one to lose weight in the comfort of their own home, especially if they are self-conscious.

kudos! Report
Kate Winslet has struggled for a long time with her weight. I find it very hard to believe that she used pilates to lose the weight. I personally love pilates but know that it can be used to stregthen muscles and/or maintain toned muscles.
Celebs don't share their real secrets lol.. they pay big bucks to get where they are.. most of them anyway ;) Report
I don't think the article says she used pilates to lose weight, it sounds more like she used it to maintain her strength and tone body. I'm sure she has watched her dietary intake and gets cardio in her daily life, maybe just not in the form of traditional exercise. This article is positive in the point that we don't need to over exercise to get good benefits, that a little is better than none when your having a hard time fitting exercise in your day.

I need atleast 45 minutes of exercise daily, but if all I could get in was 20 mins I would want it to be something I felt was beneficial to my body, more than likely I would do cardio or use my hand weights.

I say whatever works for you, keep at it. Happy workouts to you sparksters. Report
I don't buy this for a second...we must not forget that Kate W has slimmed down incredibly over the past few years...she would have done far, far more than Pilates to get to the place she is now. Report
One more note about Pilates (with a capital P), I strongly believe that someone new to it needs a live instructor. DVDs can be dangerous if you don't have someone there spotting you for form. These are very precise movements, not fast and furious. I think this holds true for Yoga too. I tried Yoga years ago with a DVD and gave up. But when I took it live, I began appreciating it because the Yogi could stop and correct me or give me advice. Report
I am a raving Pilates fan! Three months ago, I began a mat class, then "graduated" to working with a coach, in duo, 1/x week. Pilates has transformed my body. My back pain has ceased. My posture has vastly improved (a goal of mine). I am stronger and much more flexible. Yes, it's "harder" than some other forms of exercise, and I see people give up after 1-2 sessions, but it's worth hanging in there. The only negative is that using the apparatus itself becomes expensive. I pay $25 each session for a duo. But as long as my $ holds out, I'll continue. Report
Well, one more celebritry who was beautiful and feminine has decided to jump on the bony and neuter bandwagon. If it weren't for the dress and breasts, that are probably false if they are so full on such a skinny body, I'd be hard pressed to be sure she's a woman.

Heck, I've been a fan since Hamlet and had to look at several pictures to recognize her. What a shame. And the pics I saw on the link showed her with a tan. With her fair complexion, that is going to cause some dreadful problems as she gets older.

I'm sorry if I offend anyone reading this but I believe that women are supposed to have curves. It is the bulges I'm trying to get rid of but I still want to look like a woman. Report
Everyone I know who has tried Piltaes swears by it. And they give off an aura of perfect posture and strength..."so why not give it a try," I ask myself?! Report
My problem with DVD's at home is that there are so many other (and often VERY important) distractions at home, that I never get around to popping the DVD into the tv. With two small children, maybe I need to try getting up before they rise? Food for thought!! Report
I noticed a lot of people doubt that it is only pilates but don't forget, there are many pilates dvds out there and some of them raise your heart rate pretty high. For example I sometimes do the Crunch burn and firm dvd, which is with light weights and i sweat A LOT doing it and my muscles feel just as tired as, for example after a women's health workout dvd... Report
I've done pilates before - they are remarkable! You don't feel like you're working hard but don't be surprised that you feel it in your muscles the next day. Definitely back on my list of workouts now. Report
I think I'll try pilates. I'm kind of tired of yoga now and I find myself in a flexibility rut. Report
I heard about the power of pilates but wanted to review several before purchasing. Don't you just hate it when you buy a video and can't stand it??? Anyway, I checked out my local libraries and found a fantastic one that I couldn't live without. It's worth the time investment to find something you like. For those of you who don't buy, you can renew for long periods of time at our library----see if yours offers the same great deal for FREE. Report
She really looks good. and I like pilates. I have some dvds that are needing to be used a bit more often. gotta get on that! Report
I applaud the fact that she is doing pilates, but I read in a recent interview in Vanity Fair that she took up smoking...alot, which is how she lost so much weight. I don't mean to sound negative here, but if we are going to focus on celebrities, shouldn't we choose ones that have a more healthy lifestyle? Report
I say thumbs up to Kate! Videos at home are something that I do alot because being a mom, a student, and an employee takes up a great deal of my time. No need to have a sitter or even leave the home I love it!!!! Report
i think she does a lot more than that. Unless you are doing intense cardio, 20 minutes of Pilates ain't gonna do it. I'm like another poster, I like the hardcore stuff like kickboxing, running, jumping, jumping rope - all that sweat being squeezed out makes me feel very very relaxed. Report
I like certain DVD' pilates and yoga. I have a hard time working out to the cardio DVDs though. Report
i would definately give it thumbs up! i LOVE pilates. and i am sure she is getting some form of cardio running around after her two children and working on her movies. i like kate... Report
in the past, years ago, when Richard Simmons was starting. I worked out with him on tv and videos when I could... would like to have another vidwo routine Report
I could use this help. Report
I would love to try a variation in my routines with the DVD's...especially when bad weather hits...less excuses for not exercising! Report
I love Pilates! I have 2 DVD' is a full 45 min. workout, the other is five 10-minute segments that focus on certain areas that you can combine or do alone. They make me feel more toned and's amazing! Report
I'm glad to read that I should add cardio. That seems to be what really releases those endorphines for me! But I will rent a Pilates DVD and give it a try. Report
I've been trying so hard to keep my tummy flat, but couldn't seem to succeed. I think I'll give it a try! Report
She looks amazing! I'm a fan of yoga so maybe I can try some pilates too and see how that works out. Report
Pilates............Never thought of it. Report
I am very pleased with the Wii "My Fitness Coach." The only prob I have is STRAIGHT leg push ups! Argggghh. But this too I will conquer! I ride my bike when weather and schedule permits, like today! Hurrah. Arizona rocks in the winter. Report
I'm watching Kate on David Letterman's show right now, and she looks great. She's talking about eating during the holidays...she claims she didn't hold back!?! Report
I think I did buy a dvd on pilates, I'll have to look for it and give it a try. I've have just gotten lazy. This is it, I will try. Report
Wow Kate does look really great for a mom of two. The Pilates exercise sounds really amazing!!!!!!

I would love to try it!!!!!!

W.T.G Kate!!!!! Report
never hear of this one but would to try it now. Report
if that's REALLY all she's doing, which I pretty much doubt, then she must be on a severe diet... besides, I think that Pilates is NOT for everybody... me, I like kicking and jabbing so no slow motion would pump my energy the way tae bo does for example... Report'll be a REALLY long time before I could hope to look as good as Kate but I think I might give one of Nicole's Video's a try...thanks for the tip Report
This is a great reminder of the power of Pilates. I have been doing Pilates for a really long time. I found that it truly changed the contours of my body. My flexiability increased and I looked better...Over time I have realized the need for cardio... I have now started to add cardio by biking or rollarblading before each 20min workout for about 30min ....its making a difference. Report
Nicole, I never tried Pilates until trying your SP videos. First, please let me tell you that I have so enjoyed trying out your many SP workout videos. But one of my top 2 favorites is the 10 minute hips/thighs pilates workout. After having 4 children, those were definetly my problem areas. And WOW, what a great workout.

Incase your wondering my other top favorite SP video - that would be the 15 minute abs video. I do both videos on a regular basis and my hips/thighs/abs are all looking incredible!!

Thanks again!! Report
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