SparkPeople Radio Is Taking a Pause

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Good morning everyone! I hope today is a lovely spring day in your region!
We wanted to give our members a quick SparkPeople Radio update. We launched SparkPeople Radio about a year and a half ago as a fun experiment—a new way to Spread the Spark and reach both our members and a new audience with the SparkPeople message. We've had some great hosts along the way—Lily, Karen and most recently, Bettina, as well as some awesome guests, from your coaches or inspiring members to outside health and fitness experts from around the country.
We wanted to thank everyone for the support of SparkPeople Radio. We know many of your listened regularly and also enjoyed the hosts.
As SparkPeople looks forward, we always try to find the best ways to reach the most people with our limited time and resources. Radio was a very time-intensive endeavor, and while it was a lot of fun for us to produce, we've decided to pause SparkPeople Radio as of last week so we can focus more on improving your SparkPeople experience online and via our mobile apps. We hope to return to producing our show again at some point in the future.
For now, we've removed the quick links to find SparkPeople Radio from the website since we won't be adding new shows.
We want to thank our amazing hosts, our many guests, and our listeners!

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I came here via the welcome page. Was excited to see what the radio was about but now really disappointed it's not offered anymore. Please reconsider the pause or end of the radio. Report
It's been three years. This is a long pause. Report
Can we still listen to the old shows recorded?! If so, where :) Report
Please bring these back, I have an hour commute to work and listening to these old episodes has been a great motivator to start my day. Report
I loved these. They kept me motivated and I could listen to them while at work. I hope they will come back, at least the old ones. I'd only heard about half of them before they disappeared. Report
Today I needed some extra inspiration - I sure do miss Spark Radio - I don't know of anything else like it - I hope you will bring it back! Report
Just so you know, Nicole, the radio is mentioned in the Welcome Guide as an ongoing thing. I just read about it in the last section. Someone should erase that if you're not going to do it anymore. Plus, I think you should rethink the whole quitting thing, because it's not a good example! Report
I'm really sorry to hear that. Podcasts are really in! This is the first time I even heard you had one. Maybe when you begin again, you could try harder to get the word out. Every member should know. Here's the link to the old ones:
/sparkpeople-radio/id568981871 Report
I miss sparkpeople radio! I wish we could at least listen to the old shows. Please? Actually I found it on Itunes podcasts :) Report
Gee, I wish I could listen to the old shows.
I hope you find a way to do Spark Radio. it was awesome! Report
I miss Spark Radio too. Jillian Michaels has a podcast. It is on IHeart Radio. Report
I really wish that they would bring back the Sparkpeople Radio... it is so inspiring and motivational.
Sparkpeople.... bring back your Radio.... Please! Report
They're on iTunes (as free podcasts). Report
You can find the episodes here on iHeart radio. Google iheart sparkpeople radio to find the page. You might have to create an account to listen, but they are there up to 74 I think. Report
I wonder why they don't leave the episodes that were already recorded online. I will miss this feature. Report
I love sparkpeople radio, its very motivating. Oh I’m so disappointed now. Who's going to inspire me now? I was away for a while and decided to update but no more. so sad. I hope one day you'll do it again. Report
I miss Sparkpeople Radio! Report
Oh wow I really liked this sorry to hear radio show is gone Report
I agree-- it sucks that the newbies can't hear the sparkradio episodes... I'm really intrigued... Report
I'm wondering why you don't leave all the episodes online so newbies can listen from the start. They haven't lost their relevance, have they? Report
Such a shame. Lily and Karen keep me up when I'm feeling down. They remind me to love myself and to be patient with myself. Life has ups and downs and food is not and cannot be the answer - but it is also not poison. Need these ladies to keep my centered and focused. Please bring them back! Report
SAD ME. I loved listening. very helpful and informative and kept me motivated all during my work day and at home on my ipod. :( please consider returning it soon. thank you! Report
I'm glad I can still access the old ones from Itunes. I use them when I'm feeling down and they really help pick me up again. I hope they are back soon!
I just finished my welcome/new members guide (Even though I've been here for years) and saw spark radio, I got so excited....only to find it doesn't exist :( Report
I loved Spark People Radio! Please bring it back ASAP! Report
We've been wondering about Sparkpeople radio and I'm very upset about this. I listen (and re-listen) to these shows as I exercise. Very motivating. I'm really upset this is leaving. I'd rather do something physical while getting my motivation than sitting at the computer. Please reconsider. Report
Lily and Karen were my best motivators and I miss them. This was poorly communicated. Very disappointing. Report
Seems that every show after #64 has been deleted; however, the older shows are still available. What is the reason for this? Personally, I enjoyed the new shows, and would have appreciated an opportunity to continue listening to them.

Since I don't listen to the older shows, having those shows available serves me no purpose. Okay, is taking a break; however, that's no reason to have deleted all of the newer shows and it's unfair to members who enjoyed listening to them. Report
Missing Lily and Karen... Listening to their show was a definite boost to my week! I listened to each podcast 2-3 times to be sure I got every bit of knowledge and inspiration deeply sunk into my brain.

Bettina was enjoyable as well, but Lily was THE BEST. Sad to see it go... If it comes back, I vote for the original format! Report
Thanks for the update but this is sad news. I have really enjoyed the new host Bettina and stopped listening to Jillian Michaels because I enjoyed Spark people so much more. Hopefully there will be a return of the show. Report
This is a real shame. Also, the old links don't seem to work either, is this just me? I still haven't heard them all, and I would very much like to! Report
I am so bummed... I did listen regularly and wasn't sure why new episodes were not I know... sure will miss it Report
Bummer. I did not see this when posted. I had to do a search. Glad for the info...i missed the old hosts too. When you bring it back please consider that is the kind of energy listeners like to hear. Report
I am so sad!!! I looked forward to it every week and used it to get me revved up in the morning while I was getting ready for the day. It helped me stay on track. I sometimes downloaded old podcasts to fill in while I was waiting for a new one to be added. It was a great way to keep the message alive without having to surf the website. I am sad but also disappointed. I really hope it comes back in the future!!! Report
I'm sad about this. I really miss Lily and Karen's positivity and perkiness! I didn't like the show as much when they were replaced. Report
I never really got into the radio; I'm more of a visual learner and prefer the articles. This being said, I think that for the auditory learners, the radio is a really good tool, and I hope it comes back. Report
:( noooooooo Report
i miss the show as i sparked along but understand the expense and want Spark to stay free for the members . Report
Very disappointing. I used the weekly podcast for my weekend run every week. I sure hope you actually come back to this at 'some point in the future.' Report
So sad, I had just started listening to the podcasts while on the mini-trampoline. It was a good way to get my exercise and motivation at the same time.
Thank you for leaving them on the site so I can download the podcasts for later use. Report
So sad to hear this news. Had just recently discovered Spark Radio and had been downloading podcast's. Listening to them was a huge source of motivation and peace for me. Report
Very disappointing. I thought the new host was wonderful. Report
I find this extremely disappointing. Report
I for one along with a lot of others will miss it, the chances are it won't be back Report
This stinks! I was listening to this every week! Such a great idea... Report
I had to search google to get this announcement. I have wondered where the sparkradio went and had searched the website to find what happened. Too bad, I had just found Sparkradio in the last month and really liked Betina's show. Report
I understand, if Spark Radio creates more work than benefits it certainly makes sense to take a break. Not every new feature works out, and trial and error is to be expected.

But why does SP almost always make these announcements AFTER implementing the change?!?

It creates a lot of unnecessary frustration and bad feelings. Report
Thank you for answering some questions we have been asking. This is such a shame. I really enjoyed the radio show and looked forward to receiving the podcasts.
I hope "some point in the future" is not too far away. Report