SparkChallenges: Fun for Personal Goals or With Friends!

By , Always looking for new challenges to keep you motivated!
2018 is well underway, and we know you’re knocking your resolutions out of the park this year. Way to go! :) But if you feel your resolve slipping a little this January, or if you’d like to one-up your goal game, we have a new and super-fun feature you can start using today. Queue inspirational music:

SparkChallenges: Strive for Your Personal Goals or Contend With Friends!

We built a whole new challenge platform that will help you to make small improvements to your fitness, diet or general wellbeing for as little as a week or as long as three months! They’re a fun and positive way to feel a sense of accomplishment for healthy habits you set and stand by, even if you’re just getting started with a seven-day challenge. You can set up a personal challenge in a few minutes, or--if you want a little friendly rivalry--you can invite your friends, your Sparkfriends or even your family to participate too!

We have six new challenges to get you started (with more to come soon):

Eat the Rainbow: Fuel your body by eating more fruits and vegetables.

Move It: Get in more fitness minutes each day.

H2Whoa: Finally get around to drinking the recommended 8 cups of water a day. (You’ll be glad you did!)

Fitness Feats: Rack up 10 fitness wins a day for as long as you can--they’ll add up quick!

Food Feats: Make at least 10 healthy nutrition choices daily and see how you feel.

Goal Feats: The wildcard--you define the goals you want to achieve and you see how many you can hit each day.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Share:

We want this tool to help you reach your goals as fast as possible, so we made it super easy to set up a new challenge (and share it with your friends if you want to). All you need to do to set up your first challenge is go to the top of any page on the site and click on “Challenges.” (Go ahead and look for it--we’ll be here when you get back.)

You’ll now see two options: Calendar Challenges (wonderful in their own right), and our new SparkChallenges. Click on the link and you’ll see all of our new challenge options. Tap the “Create” button under the challenge you want to start, name your challenge, set the the number of days you’d like the challenge to run and the goal you’d like to achieve and get going!

Once you create your challenge, you can track your daily progress with a tap. You can also interact with other people who have joined your challenge, or the greater SparkPeople community--it’s totally up to you.

If you want to use this tool to focus on your own goals, that’s A-OK. But if there’s a special someone you’d like to encourage to reach the same goal with you--SparkPeople member or not--it’s easy to invite them to join your challenge.

Each challenge comes with its own special link--just shoot your friend a link and they’ll be invited to join your challenge with just a couple of clicks! Or--if you’re more of a Facebook user--you can click a button to share your challenge with whoever you're connected with there. And finally, we made it super easy to shoot an invite to your SparkFriends, because your SparkFriends are super awesome! We built the tool so that people who are new to SparkPeople can get started with just a few clicks--if they want to only use the challenge tool and nothing else on the site that’s perfectly fine.

Be a Healthy Leader!

As many of our members can attest, sometimes a small action or an invite to our community can “spark” great and amazing changes in someone else’s life. So if you’re open to a friendly competition, we encourage you to invite all your friends--even people who have never used SparkPeople before--to join your SparkChallenges.

We know that it can be hard to invite some people to a dieting and fitness site, but challenges are a great way to introduce someone new to the SparkPeople community. We intentionally built these first, six challenges to help everyone live healthier, more motivated lives; they aren't just weight loss oriented. This structure makes it easier to spark your friends, family, coworkers, and community towards a healthy lifestyle, even if they aren't interested in losing weight.

It can be so rewarding when you focus on a simple, healthy habit together with the people who are important to you. Every new person you bring into the community helps us reach our mission of helping as many people as possible live happier, healthier lives. No matter what your friends' goals are, we can be a healthy and positive resource for them--you already know this, and soon they will too. Encourage your friends to better their lives in simple ways, and be a healthy leader!

So give our challenges a try and tell us what you think in the comments below. We want this new tool to be as useful as possible and we are most definitely open to your suggestions. No comment is too small, so please share your thoughts.

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IRISHEI 5/18/2021
I logged into a F+V challenge on Monday. Then I saw another F+V challenge that I got a email for from I am confused......I cannot do two of the same.....I the AHappySpirit challenge going to be sending me email reminders.....So far there are only me and the other person on there......HELP please....thank you. Report
CAMSEDGE1 5/13/2021
I'm a little comes up with something about downloading you have to download something to do this? Report
MICHELEL1965 4/25/2021
These seem ok. But they dont motivate me like the old challenges. If there still here I can't find them. I have thought about an would love to do some of them over once again. But these are only challenges I can find. The old one gave us things to read that went with the challenge so we could learn as well as challenge ourselves. These do not do that ?? Report
CD26750174 2/28/2021
The #Goal Feats doesn't allow to set goals. Support has been notified Report
CD26438932 1/21/2021
I was so confused on the first challenge but I think I've figured it out now. Going to go back and redo some of the first ones. Report
Do these challenges show up like trophies on your Spark Page? Report
LGRIF22 8/18/2020
Challenges are fun...but sometimes I just don't have the time to do it all. They are helping me see where I could improve, though! Report
Thanks for these. I’m starting one today. Report
how do I delete a challenge I set up wrong? Report
I wish the old ones deleted themselves Report
Hey. I would like to look at the calendar to do my own challenge. I'm unable to find that. All I find is the spark challenges. Report
I can't seem to find the gluten free challenge or the total list of challenges. It keeps bringing me back to the page that only does the new challenges. Report
I don't think I am understanding how to set these up. I want to do say "10 sit ups a day", but the checkboxes to get points read something like "worked out with a buddy". I would think you would get one point for each sit up accomplished? It seems to be not Report
thank you Report
I tracked all three of my challenges earlier, but I did not get any points for doing so. Report
I've been having fun with this. It helps me a lot. Report
What happened to the old challenges?

Never mind. Found them. :) Report
I like the challenges, I do not like the fact and anyone can send you email to join one, there should be a way to get rid of all these invites other then completely not allowing any emails from SP Report
thanks for another great article Report
I've enjoyed doing these challenges privately and with friends. Another great tool. Thanks. Report
Well done SparkPeople! Another great success! Report
Can you track the challenges on the mobile app? I can't figure it out other than the webpage which is a lot less convenient. Also, off topic, but if you know this answer you might know another: how do you track "other goals" like measurements in the app and not the webpage? Thank you!! Report
Why are so many of the new ad based articles without comment spaces? Is someone afraid we might complain? Report
Thank you for adding these! Report
Wondering how to get rid of all the emails this has generated Report
I love the challenges and hopefully you will have it so we can also make our own challenges too.
Good challenges and added to goals. Report
I'm working on a push-up challenge right now! Report
Love these fantastic challenges! Report
Hi there,
This is Joe, the guy who wrote this post. I'm here to answer a few questions. If you have any more, please do keep them coming!

WARRIORGIRL121, if you could shoot us an email at support, we should be able to get all these cleared up for you. :)

JENNAAW, that shouldn't happen. Did you click on the Challenges tab at the top and see if it's listed under SparkChallenges?

ON_A_DIET, your challenge will share to your personal FB account, should you choose to share it. Once a friend joins, they'll see your SparkPeople user name. Does that help?

And thanks to everyone else for checking them out! Report
These challenges are great winter boredom breakers. Report
I think I will try it out. Report
Another good idea. Report
Very interesting challenge , already I've learned some great ideas Report
Love this! Report
Brilliant innovation! Report
I clicked on vegetables to stay away from & do not plan to stay away from the vegetables listed, they are healthy, they have a list of vegetables good for you that is usable, the only possibly staying away from is to cook tomatoes more often. One other thing I looked into the site was the heading what not to buy at a $1.00 store that I disagree with. To start with I live in Canada and 6 months a go dollar stores here raised prices to $1.25 & $1.50 so are not always the deal they were. Anyway here is the not to buy list that I disagree with 1. canned food, most time in Canada cheaper at the $1.00 store , especially Cambell's Chunky soup $1.25 at dollar stores & $2.00 if on sale otherwise up to $3.00 in grocery stores. Campbell's regular soup $1.25 at dollar stores & $2.00 in regular stores etc.,2. chips are the same size at all grocery stores but if on sale are $1.00 at grocery stores, if not $1.50, pop mentions 1l size, dollar store here sell 2 l size & 1l for the same price, cheaper then our grocery stores 3. smaller boxes of cereal in Canada at dollar stores are all name brands including wheatabix for $1.25 at dollar stores & $3.00 in grocery stores, other small cereal boxes not available in grocery stores, they could be good for a single person family. 4.gum is not smaller size like it said online & is more in other stores for single packages, baking soda is about the same price. I live in Canada so no Aldi's, target & Sears & Kmart out of business in Canada, we have Wallmart. 5. Spices are most times not a smaller weight in our $1.00 stores & even if they were slightly smaller it would be a maximum of 50% & the spices in the grocery stores are $3.00-$5.00 a bottle, but they do not have the same variety, there mixed spice mixes are a lot cheaper & they have some here from clubhouse spices for $1.25 that are $4.00 in grocery stores. 6. It mentions low quality steak, we sell no meat in $1.00 stores in Canada & if they did I would not buy it. Report
This is just wonderful! It's great for being accountable!!Thanks. Report
I started the fruits and veggies challenge 3 days ago. Easy to do but still a motivation seeing myself stick to it each day. Report
Great feature! Report
I am setting some new challenges for me and one of them is to enjoy and have in the things I do. Report
I am really liking this new set of challenges! Report
I'm doing the H2O challenge drinking 8 glasses a day. Report
Thanks...will do.... Report
Signed up for the move it challenge with winter here I finding it had to get up and get my self to the gym and pop in a DVD to get my self moving on the Spark trail. now I can't talk my self out of moving. even have my next Challenge picked. Report
This is a great way to hold myself accountable and get points Report
SparkPeople keeps getting better & better! Report
I think this is a Marvelous idea .... I absolutely love it and have shared as a Leader on Spark Guy's small goals and commitment challenge! ... I feel these will be awesome for new people joining sparks, BUT for all of who have been here for a while! ... Thanks so much! Report