Reward Hard Work With 25 Goal Gifts Under $25

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The process of losing weight is riddled with thousands of deliberate decisions to do and be better. You consciously start your day with a healthy mindset that helps you eat that bowl of overnight oats for breakfast, say "no" to a high-fat lunch with coworkers, avert your eyes from the dish of chocolates staring at you from your coworker's desk and drive straight home to prepare a healthy meal for yourself or your family. You try to stick closely to your exercise schedule, stay properly hydrated and get enough sleep.

Getting healthy often feels like a lot of effort with little reward along the way. Sure, the ultimate reward is somewhere in the distance, when you finally get to your goal weight or bring your cholesterol numbers down to acceptable levels, but what about the little wins?

Saying "no" to sugar and alcohol for a week straight? Win. Losing the first couple of pounds? Win. Putting your snug-fitting jeans on without the herculean effort sometimes brought forth by squeezing into said jeans? Win. Buying a new workout shirt one size smaller? Win. Win. Win.

For those little wins, you deserve to treat yourself to little gifts that won't break your budget. Go ahead and indulge in a small token of self-appreciation. You earned it.

1. This silver barbell and initial necklace lets others know you rock. (Etsy, $17)

Photo courtesy of kimsjewelry.

2. Nothing beats a manicure or pedicure to keep those nails perky after all the work you've been putting them through.  (Spafinder Wellness, prices vary)

3. Dress up your ears in cute little earrings without having to worry about them getting caught on the gym equipment. (HONEYCAT, $18)

Photo courtesy of Amazon. 

4. Relax and unwind the old-fashioned way, with this month's copy of a new health and fitness magazine. (Amazon, prices vary)

5. Soak in a luxurious bath after a long day in an effervescent bath filled with essential oils that are sure to take away the day's aches and pains. (Lifetime Bath Bombs, $18.77)

6. A motivational mug that reminds you just how freaking awesome you are. (Heaven of Mugs, $11.99)

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7. Brighten your lips and your day for six solid hours of continuous coverage with a bright liquid lipstick. (Sephora, $16)
8. Sweat in style and keep those stray hairs out of your face with fun, sparkly headbands from Sweaty Bands (Sweaty Bands, $11.48)
9. A hilarious how-to book full of inspiration, advice and a swear word here and there.  (Amazon, $9.64)

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10. These days, everyone is slipping on black leggings for heading just about everywhere, from the couch to the grocery. Why not buy this essential wardrobe staple in bulk? (American Casual, $24.99)
11. Profess your love of tacos and hot sauce with this quirky, mismatched set of earrings. (Uncommon Goods, $20)

Photo courtesy of UncommonGoods.

12. Keep your feet from slipping at your next barre class with these cute toeless socks with grippy dots. (Free People, $16)
13. Reward your efforts with a good read. Any of these best sellers will make you glad you reached your goal. 
14. Adorn your sparkling water or other fun drinks and get a good laugh with Cody, Mitch, Brad or any of the other drinking buddies perched atop your glass. (NPW, $10.32)

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15. Take progress selfies in style with your own custom cell phone wallet case. (Zazzle, starting at $21.95)
16. Repair your skin after a job well done with the decadent scent of avocado, olive and basil in this skin revitalizing lotion.  (Crabtree & Evelyn, $24)

Photo courtesy of Crabtree & Evelyn.  

17. Feel like a glamour queen every time you toss on this colorful new infinity scarf. (Scarfland, $13.99)
18. Put HGTV to task and learn how to make your own, modern furniture with salvaged items. (Amazon, $14.44)
19. Be real with yourself and everyone at the gym with this funny and truthful tank.  (Etsy, $16)

Photo courtesy of ShirtsFromShinola.  
20. Stop wishing for a quick, healthy breakfast and go get it with this awesome 250-watt blender. (Oster, $24.94, prices vary by color)
21. Wow your friends with your musical knowledge and maybe learn a thing or two with this fun Music IQ game. (Uncommon Goods, $20)

Photo courtesy of UncommonGoods.

22. Your workout playlists will sound so much better with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. (AELEC, $24.98)
23. Change up your gym game by trying a new kind of fitness class in your area. Check out Groupon for a good deal. (Groupon, prices vary)

24. Finally show off all those awesome Instagram photos of personal progress or healthy meals you've made with a cute little mini book. (Shutterfly, starting at $19.99)

Photo courtesy of Shutterfly.
25. Bring the outdoors in in the most adorable way with an air plant that sits right in its own little glass terrarium.  (1-800-FLOWERS, $19.99)

What goal gifts have you purchased for yourself or others? 

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A lot of these are too girly for me, haha. I am a woman, but I don't wear makeup, don't enjoy getting my nails done, don't care much for new clothes, etc. Though those Bluetooth headphones look cool. But I do like arranging rewards for myself for every 5 pounds I lose. My ideas so far have been: in-game purchases in video games I like (I usually haaate giving in to microtransactions, but this is the one time I'll allow it), merch for media I'm a fan of (T-shirts, figurines... stuff you'd find at a nerdy convention), kitchen gadgets, exercise equipment, exercise games (Just Dance is a great one), and art supplies. Mostly the reward for me is the opportunity to spend money on something where I might otherwise think "eh... that's a bit overpriced" or "eh... that's a bit of a waste of money." Knowing that I've earned it and it's motivational justifies it for me. Report
KATELJM 12/9/2019
I agree with Chris. There should be a lot of unisex ideas on this list. How about an Indoor Skydiving lesson? (oops, that is $50-$80, but THAT would be a REWARD!) Report
These are great ideas. Thanks!
some great ideas for gifts Report
As was stated before its too bad most of these are slanted to one half of the population ( I do not care what the haters thought was the female to male ratio on this site - I got flamed last time for bringing this UP) it would have been nice to see some more for the guys. I did have a pierced left ear but it was a cultural Anglo Saxon thing.i have no interest in getting a pedicure - the person would likely be scarred for life. Report
Dozen Ideas
#1 pack of very cushioned socks
#2 new salad bowl
#3 blender bottle
#4 locker organizer/padlock
#5 gel insoles& assorted Epson salts
#6 small gym bag
#7 journal and G2 pen
#8 new protein samples delivered to door
#9 disposable cameral &develop pix from nature trail on weekend day trip
#10 bento box or lunch bag
#11 favorite spa shampoo
#12 flowers Report
I just bought the book and 3 others from this article! Hopefully they won't go on the shelf with the other few hundred that I'd like to get around to reading some day! Report
Thanks for the sneaky advertisements (that aren't as clever as you think), Sparkpeople. Stay classy. Report
How about something for men? Report
Such great ideas. I have to learn to reward myself without food stuff. Some of these ideas are interesting and I never would have thought to chose. Report
A couple of these ideas would work for me but, as others have said, how about some suggestions that are less "girlie-girl". And don't forget about the guys...they work just as hard and are all too often overlooked. Report
Thanks for the information Report
I have rewarded myself with a new pair of colorful running socks in the past. Report
Love these ideas! Report
Great ideas. Love the shirt. Report
Thanks! Report
Previous comment typo - should read "If I die, make it look like I was doing something interesting!". Hate my phone sometimes!😋 Report
I've got to get the shirt! I already have one that says"If I for, make it look like I was doing something interesting!" 😁 Report
Interesting idea behind this blog, although I agree with other comments re the bias towards girly girls. I will be considering some rewards for my own goals now, thanks! :) Report
Rewards do work for me even though I thought they wouldn't. One of the rewards I got was a membership to a pool. Report
Great ideas! I just might check some of them out. Report
Oh, I am so totally getting that shirt. Report
I have a hard time buying into the "reward" mentality. For those who reward yourselves for reaching a goal, do you also punish yourself for backsliding - or not making that goal on schedule? If so, you'd be better off not rewarding yourself.

I don't find that rewards are motivating, except maybe for a young student who gets a gold star on a test paper for a perfect score. Or for an outstanding accomplishment - above and beyond expectations. Or a puppy that you're trying to train.

But - to me - rewarding yourself for every little accomplishment diminishes the impact of the reward. Report
I can think of better things~ time spent with the family exploring the outdoors!
Buying shoes or new clothes! Report
Also wish that the rewards were a bit more unisex. Looking for an idea to reward hubby as he has been doing a super job (did his first sit-up without assistance the other day). He's not the earring/charms and necklace type :) Report
I have a hard time rewarding myself and got a couple ideas! Thanks. But, have to agree! This is definitely gender biased toward females and not only females, but girly girl females! I happen to be one, but can se why men and women who are not into the girly stuff wouldn't be happy! Report
A few new ideas and a few that made me outright laugh!! Love it ... Report
I'm sadden that this the majority of this list is stereo-typically feminine (Earrings! Lipstick! Scarves!). I realized that probably the majority of people using this site are women and I realized that the main purpose of this article to get people to go through your affiliate links, but it's still annoying and frustrating that the author of this article makes assumptions about the users reading it. I suggest either re-title the article or add more variety based not mainly on looks (ex "Like animals try this funny dog mug" or "Are you a techie? Reward yourself with this gadget" Or "Learning to love cooking healthy? These cute utensils might help". Report