Reaching Your Goals = Confidence & Endless Possibilities

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Throughout the years of being a member and employee of SparkPeople, I have seen many success stories on the site. While a lot of those success stories started out being weight-loss related, they turned into so much more. As many of those members lost weight, they also gained much more than that: confidence. Confidence is not always something that comes easy for many, including myself.
When I embarked on my weight-loss journey back in 2004, I never imagined that I would get so much more out of reaching my goals. For me, I gained confidence in myself and the ability to do whatever I set my mind on. After reaching some of my goals with SparkPeople, I started doing Tae Kwon Do and stuck with that for several years (until I moved to a new state where there isn't a place to train nearby). That was a huge step for me as I could never imagine all the things that I actually did when I was training in martial arts.
Beyond the physical part though, I also moved on to learning more about myself and all that I am capable of. I have added on other personal goals and new hobbies (learning to play guitar and photography), which has also helped me gain even more confidence in myself. Beyond that, I have even taken trips to new locations and gone for a few hikes on my own just so I can get new ideas and perspective for my photos. I have also become more outgoing. Prior to SparkPeople, I considered myself to be more shy than outgoing, however, now I consider myself more outgoing than shy. Those are all things that the "old me" before SparkPeople would have never done or dreamed of doing.
I believe this all leads back to the fact to the goals that you set and that even if you start with small goals and work towards them, you feel great when you have accomplished them. Each little step you take in reaching your goals will help give you more confidence in everything you do. For some, it may take a little longer to realize this, but trust the process, it does happen.
Like I mentioned before, I have seen a lot of weight-loss success stories on SparkPeople, but also about the other successes of our members, such as having a book published, getting further in a singing career, opening up to others for friendship, etc. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to reaching your goals (small or big).  Open yourself up to those possibilities, continue working toward your goals and continue to trust the process. In the end, I'm sure you will find that you have more confidence overall, which will allow you to blossom into a wonderful success story of your own!
What has your weight-loss journey with SparkPeople allowed you to do? Do you feel more confident the closer you get to reaching (or having reached) your goals? Have you started any new hobbies, projects, or jobs as you reach (or have reached) your goals that you never thought the "old you" would do?

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RYCGIRL 11/29/2019
thx Report
SUNSET09 8/14/2019
We can and will do it, SparkFriends. Oh yeah Report
Learning to think about the great possibilities. Report
Thanks. Report
Great article. We all need to have a support buddy we trust and can confide in. Report
I feel great all because of Spark People. Woohoo! Report
Such an encouraging article. Made me feel uplifted just reading it. Thank you. Report
I appreciate that on SP, I can add additional "Life Goals" besides weight loss. I have always been goal oriented. I love a good bar chart and report to quantify my results and keep me focused on achieving my goals and intentions.
I struggle with perfectionism and being Type A, so tracking progress on SP allows me to do a "reality check" that I am on track and making daily progress - really striving to not beat myself up and to have realistic expectations. I turned 61 yesterday and need to be kinder to myself.
I have started learning spanish after I lost 12 pounds and have commited to spanish classes two to three times a week and a quilting class once a week. Commitment for me before was a NO, No in anything. Thanks spark people. Report
Love this. I have commited myself to working up to running a 5K. Never thought I could do it. Before I used to tell myself that even if I lost all the weight I would never be able to run, even a mile. I don't believe that anymore. Report
I'm learning to line dance! Never thought it would ever be possible, but losing 78 pounds so far has given me the confidence to at least try. What a fun way to get extra exercise in! Report
Without having confidence you will eat without thinking about it. It is hard to train yourself to think of yourself and your goals first! If I knew how to put myself first I don't think I'd have weight issues. Report
Before I started losing weight. I was very depressed and stayed pretty much to myself. Know I have energy to go outside and go for walks with my daughter. Report
Oh my goodness . . . every word you say is 100% true. I joined SP in 2010 and it has been a journey of HUGE leaps of learning. It has been a journey to reach physical, mental, and spiritual health. NOT just weight loss, for sure. Report
Joining SparkPeople has been the beginning of a journey of which losing weight is only a part, but highly important part. The process of losing weight clears the mind, develops accountability, confidence etc.,and a realisation that 'yes you can' do it and that opens up dormant possibilities and dreams. It is also so rewarding to read of other SparkPeople's difficulties and the way they keep forging ahead. What admiration I have for those who have a lot of weight to lose when I examine my feeble excuses when I fail to meet my daily goals.
Thank you to all who blog so honestly about their difficulties and those who describe their faith in helping them along the way. Report
This journey is so much more than losing weight, it's finding out about you and how stong you really are Report
"Open yourself up to those possibilities, continue working toward your goals and continue to trust the process."

I love this quote! THANKS for sharing!!! Report
My weight loss journey with Spark People has allowed me to start running--something I never thought I would do (the last time I had run was a mile in high school and that was only with the threat of failing PE!!!). I started running last year and this past March I completed my first Marathon! Thanks to Spark People, members' stories and the resources offered. Report
Follow your dreams. Report
The confidence I have realized, once again is tremendous! I've never been one to shy away from my goals, but Spark People has help me FOCUS!!!!! THANKS! Report
Before my weight loss, I was ashamed and embarrassed to do anything physical. I figured I looked stupid and awkward trying anything active, so I didn't try it. This is a self-defeating place to be, because being inactive leads to being heavier, too!

Now that I have lost weight, I am much more willing to try new physical things. I started walking, then running. I am now two weeks away from running my very first half-marathon! I never would have dreamed that I could do that. I am also planning to do a triathlon this summer. The increased confidence I have in my physical strength has opened so many new doors--I love it! Report
I would say that without my dear Sparky Friends losing weight would have been hard. Report
I've had some Sparkfriends say they are encouraged by my progress in this journey thus far and they look to me for encouragement and want to know how I got to this point and I am all to happy to share my struggles and successes because I want everyone to reach each and every weight loss/fitness goal they strive for. This has encouraged me to make a career change. Now I want to do something in health and/or fitness (not sure what yet, still looking into all the possibilities). I can truly say that before Sparkpeople working in the health/fitness arena would have never been an option for me.

Also, this weight loss journey has encouraged me to set goals in other areas of my life that I want to improve - like improving my finances and getting more organized. Report
This site has enabled me to realize it is okay to reach out for help and support. I am so very grateful to my Sparkfriend Sue. I was really floundering this past week and decided to take that leap and share what was going on. It helped tremendously- who knew! lol! Report