Rate Your Commitment to Weight Loss

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For some of us, visualizing a goal is easy. For others, goal setting comes more naturally. Thomas Edison visualized the light bulb long before he succeeded in its invention.

Visualizing and goal setting are important steps to success, especially when it comes to weight loss. Preparing for a journey that lasts a lifetime also helps keep everything in perspective. Using available tools, reading articles, and connecting with others for support, keeps us going when we want to give up. Even with all this, the journey is still long, hard, and frustrating.

Sometimes all the resources and accountability in the world can't make up for one of the most important keys to success – commitment to your weight loss and health goals. You can have the vision, a plan, resource tools, and support but without heart-felt commitment to ignite the passion to go the distance, success may be fleeting.

Here is a scale to help you rate your commitment to reaching your weight loss and health goals.

  • Not Very Committed - You acknowledge the importance of eating right and exercising. You have joined fitness centers or purchased workout equipment but they never seem to get used. You have been known to purchase great looking workout clothes but many of them still contain the tags. You have the best intentions to make changes but something always seems to get in the way. You have tried many diets. Unfortunately, you quickly give them up in favor of your favorite restaurant foods or parties with friends.
  • Somewhat Committed - You have been told you need to make lifestyle changes to improve your health and you believe it is important. You want to make the changes but making time in your schedule with work, family, and friends proves difficult. You use your gym membership or home equipment and follow your "diet" every couple of weeks but quickly fall out of a routine. Your intentions are good but as the old saying goes, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
  • Very Committed - You are learning to make changes and are determined to see this new lifestyle change through. Although there are a variety of things in your diet that still need attention, you are making progress with small, sustained changes. You are willing to continuously learn new habits and seek information and motivational help. You are learning what foods are best for your lifestyle and have found ways to get exercise that you enjoy. Frustration at the slow pace sets in from time to time and makes you want to give up but you quickly get back on track with the encouragement of others. Finding the balance with work, family, and personal time is always a battle but you are learning to make it all fit to reach your goals. While you have significantly reduced your visits to restaurants and use of convenience foods, you are still learning to embrace the social implications. You believe slow and steady will win the race and accept that you can't be perfect but work to do the best you can each day.
  • Passionately Committed - You fully embrace the principles of your new lifestyle and have fully incorporated them into your day to day life. Visits to restaurants are very limited and so are convenience foods in the pantry. Nutrient rich meals and meaningful time with family and friends have taken their place. Exercise is enjoyable and you now miss it on days you take off. You have found a wonderful balance between work, family and community and your healthy lifestyle and outlook compliment every aspect of your life. You are setting new goals, love the new "you" that has been discovered and your positive changes have been noticed and inspirational to others.
  • Zealously Committed - Your standards for healthy living are very high. Strict rules and guidelines regulate what you eat or how you exercise. You are willing to sacrifice all aspects of your life to achieve your goals. You do not notice the impact your eating and exercise choices have on others around you. Those that do not jump on board with your level of commitment easily irritate and annoy you. When family or friends suggest you are too committed, you become defensive. You find wonderful comfort and control in your life from the food and exercise routines you embrace.
Do you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions? Right now I would be in the "very committed" category. For years, I was passionately committed to health and exercise goals. At different times, I have been zealously committed and those goals became unhealthy tools in my life. After the birth of each of our children, I continued to work out but mostly just to check the activity off the "to-do" list. Today with active teens that only have a few years left at home, I want time with them to be a bigger priority. I know that in a few years when they are gone there will be plenty of time to return to a passionate level of commitment. For now, I will be happy to remain very committed as I continue with my active lifestyle and enjoy as much time as possible with my family.

What is your level of commitment? Is it at a level that is helping you reach your goals? Could it be a barrier to your success or relationships?

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WOWPAM 1/29/2018
Very helpful gauge and motivation. Report
ROCKS8ROX 1/7/2018
Great way of looking at commitment! Report
REESEK65 11/29/2017
best read today! I sent this to a sparker who is having trouble motivating herself and finding her reason to get healthy. Thanks! Report
Good article. Report
PEGS50 9/21/2017
Very Committed. Report
PICKIE98 8/24/2017
Committed Report
I am at the very first level but I am going to move to very committed today!
Passionately committed! Report
Passionately committed! Report
I am seriously committed!! Report
A great article for setting and rethinking goals. Report
Somewhere between very and passionately committed. Some changes I have fully and utterly embraced. I don't eat out, I buy whole foods and cook well. I pack my lunches, I measure, weight, and track what I eat. Some days, like today, I eat too many too high calorie small snacks. When I slip up, I get very discouraged and I *feel* unhappy, though this no longer causes me to abandon my good habits--it takes a few days before I start to feel happy again. So you'd think I'd learn to be stay happy by not slipping up! Report
Zealously Committed Report
Surprisingly, I fit best in the "passionate" category. I wouldn't have applied that adjective to my Lifestyle...since my results are not yet where I know they need to be!! I will admit that there is not a day goes by that I'm not thinking about the choices I'm eating, or the exercise I know is good for me. (That does not mean I don't make poor choices often enough though to stall my results. So I keep at it...!) Report
Super committed! Report
i feel there needs to be one between somewhat and very. that is where I am and I don't see that changing any time soon. I am committed and will slowly get to my goal. Report
This was a great article for me to read right now. I can now see where I have been floating between not very committed and very committed, and it showed me where I need to make the most changes. I really appreciate this blog, especially at this moment in my life. Thank you! Report
I'm passionately committed to my fitness program and very committed to the nutrition program. I'm losing weight at a slow, but steady pace and it's manageable so I'm happy with that. Report
Some days I am passionately committed and others very committed. This was a great blog for me to read because I have felt a bit down about how I am doing and reading this brings it all back into perspective. I know I need help in the food choices that I make from time to time, but in the grand scheme of things I am doing better than I thought! Reality checks are always good for me! Report
Passionately committed in exercise but only somewhat committed in eating. Guess I need to even things out! Report
Somewhat committed. :( Super busy life and health problems knock me down.
Unfortunately I am in the somewhat committed. I was in the very committed but have slipped. Need to crank it up a notch. Report
Somewhere between VERY and PASSIONATELY and moving forward every day! Report
I see myself ass Zealously committed although my partner says that she loves that size that I am, I still put a lot of effort into keeping up with healthy eating habits and my daily exercises. Report
The Not Very Committed hits me to a Tee!
Sadly, I wish I was more committed but I am too wishy-washy in allowing life and family derail me from where I want to be.
I could stand to loose about 15 pounds but at 5'8" I'm not considered overweight so I HeeHaw around with being committed. Report
I'm teetering around very committed and passionately committed. I don't find exercise particularly enjoyable, but I do feel accomplished after a workout. Report
Very Committed! Report
Very committed, though frequent business travel means lots of restaurants. I look for chains that have nutritional information posted on line, and choose what I'll eat before I go. Unfortunately this commitment has done me no good at all. Healthy food and exercise are my lifestyle, have been for years, but the weight remains. Report
Week 7 and I am still passionately committed. I do still eat at restaurants with my family the same amount as I did however, I have walked out of a restaurant when I could not find a satisfying healthy meal on their menu and the server could not provide nutritional information. Report
I'm somewhere between somewhat committed and very committed. Definitely a struggle to stay in the very committed stage for me. What sabotages me is my attitude toward exercise and my low self esteem. I am working on improving them. Report
I'm very committed and have been doing will with tracking food and exercise and learning as I go along. I have to make allowances for various health issues which I why I can't be passionately committed. I wouldn't want to be zealously committed. I want to be happy with my friends and not annoyed with them. They have their own battles and I don't want to add to them or expect them to make constant allowances for me. All of us have to make our own choices when it comes to lifestyle change. Report
Wow. This article really hit home. I feel I am somewhat committed. In fact, after reading this blog, I realize that I am only somewhat committed to everything in my life. I realize that I've been coasting through life, doing just enough to get by, and letting the least little obstacle knock me off track. In fact, the very idea of being passionately or zealously committed to anything seems entirely foreign to me. This blog really opened my eyes to the changes I need to make in my life if I hope to succeed in anything. Wow. Report
I am very passionately committed and have been eating healthy for 2 months. I removed sugar and unhealthy choices from my daily diet and now the smells of sugar disgust me. I also took on the "Green Smoothie a day for 30 days" challenge and I have not missed having my green smoothie for 2 months and I love the way I feel. I went to the doctors last week and I no longer need to take any cholesterol medicine. I do exercises that I love which includes Kick Boxing and strength training. I still have a long way to go to lose the weight that I need, but I love the new me! Report
i am very committed. im going to lose weight maybe with a little bit of obstacles im not perfect. but i will get through it. Report
Passionately Committed! It's taken me a lifetime to get to the place I'm at now. Not until my health was in critical jeopardy did I finally come to the realization that I didn't have the rest of my life to "work on" my obesity.

Now having lost 96 pounds by eating what is healthy for me, I've learned how, what and when to eat to best feed my body what it needs. It's been a wonderfully healthy journal that will hopefully help me retain good health. Report
What I really like about this article is the end of it where she says that it's okay at times if your level of commitment changes. Sometimes, different things become more of a priority, like her children. I think as long as you stay within the realm of very committed and passionately committed, you're doing pretty darn good. Report
I think I am very committed, even though I haven't exercised much lately. I have been focused on a project that will help my mental health. Once that goal is achieved, the next goal is to tackle cardio / weight training.

I guess my commitment level is in a new category... transitory. Report
Very committed! Report
I am definitely, passionately committed. However, my scale is not! Report
I'm somewhere between very and passionately committed. That is an improvement for me as I was not committed at all for a while. Report
my commitment is in the toilet and i had better get it out of there if i want to see my grandson graduate from high school Report
I am passionately committed. That pretty much describes how I feel about my healthy lifestyle now. Wish I could have said that years ago, but you live and learn I guess. Report
Passionately Committed. I removed many of the obstacles to "passionate commitment" when I elected to have bariatric surgery in January, 2013. My healthier habits, gym time, food choices, etc. are fairly regimented and - so far - are working well for me. Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass is a significant commitment - once done, there is no going back. That having been said, can I override the bypass and regain the weight . . sure, I can. WILL I override the benefits of better health, a lifestyle that focuses on fitness as opposed to food and a longer life expectancy? That is NOT part of my plan! Report
Passionately committed Report
I'm somewhere between "Not Very Committed" and "Very Committed." I guess that makes me committed? ;) I really enjoy exercise, but it's hard to find time, being a high school English Teacher who's responsible for dinner on the table every night at 5:30 for my hubby who's in school and our three international students! I was able to fit in a 40 minute walk a few days last week, though, which is improvement. I'll aim for as may walks as possible again this week. My true weakness is my diet though... I love food! And when I get home from work, snacking is my favorite activity. I know I need to sub it out with a different activity, but I've had trouble finding something I can do daily. Report
right now im in the not so committed... im embarrassed to say it, but its true!! i now weigh 230lbs and started tracking my food and being totally honest about it.. thats a huge step for me.. im doing this one day at a time today, hoping it works...am working towards passionatly!!!!! Report
I bounce back and forth between very and passionately. As long as I stay within this range then I am very happy with that. Report
I guess I fluctuate between "Very" and "Passionate" on my good days. I know this: I'm on the right track and I will not give up. Report
Iīm very committed. But this has been a loooooong time, growing situation. For years, I had to deal with emotional issues that always got me down. Thankfully, I am now not easily detoured and found a focal point. I hope to go to the next level of passionately committed as I learn a more healthy lifestyle. Report
From that list I'm very committed - I can make good progress with that :-) Report
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