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Quell That 3 p.m. Sweet Tooth

By , SparkPeople Blogger
It's 3 p.m. You're craving something sweet. There's a box of doughnuts in the office kitchen, and a bag of cookies in the pantry. What do you do? How can you satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard on fat and calories? Try one of these dozen sweet treats!

Berry Nutty
Mix 2 T dried cranberries with 2 T pistachios.
178 calories, 7.4 g fat

S-marvelous Smore
Break 1 sheet of graham crackers in half. Top with 1 jumbo marshmallow and 1 dark chocolate kiss. Heat until melted and gooey.
110 calories, 1.4 g fat

An Old Favorite: PBJ
Toast 1 slice whole-wheat bread. Spread on 1 T peanut butter and 1 T all-fruit spread.
236 calories, 9 g fat

Slice 1 medium banana down the middle and fill with 1 T cashew butter. Dust with cinnamon.
204 calories, 8.5 g fat

Milk and cookies
Dunk 2 fig cookies in 1 c skim milk.
185 calories, .5 g fat

I Scream, You Scream
Plop 1/2 c low-fat ice cream into 1 wafer cone.
127 calories, 3.5 g fat

Sweet and Salty
Alternate eating 4 dark chocolate kisses and 1 ounce whole-wheat pretzels.
210 calories, 6.6 g fat

Land of Milk and Honey
Into 1/2 c fat-free Greek yogurt, swirl 1 T honey.
164 calories, no fat

Fro-Yo Sundae
Place 1/2 c frozen yogurt in a bowl. Top with 1/4 c raspberries and drizzle on 1 T sugar-free chocolate sauce.
145 calories, 4.3 g fat

Grape Nuts
Mix 1/2 c grapes and 1 ounce walnuts.
235 calories, 19 g fat

Frozen Treat
Nibble on 1 frozen 100% fruit bar.
90 calories, no fat

Top 1/2 fat-free vanilla pudding with 1/4 c strawberries.
145 calories, 1/2 g fat

What is your favorite sweet treat in the afternoon? I'm keen on sweet and salty--dark chocolate and pretzels!