New Yearís Resolutions: Have You Kept Yours?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I donít know about you, but this year is flying by. Itís hard to believe in less than 2 weeks half the year will be well behind us with only 6 more months left to go until we begin 2010. This had me thinking it was time to re-evaluate my goals that I made 6 short months ago.

While I have never been one to make New Yearís Resolutions, I do like to set goals for myself to strive for each year. I believe goals are the fundamental driving force that keeps us on this path to healthy living.

So you may be asking how I have been doing with my own goals I set for myself this past January.

To give you a little refresher, my goals were to start eating fish, take up Pilates, and a step into the world of spinning.

Well, so far I have done two of the three. I am proud to report that I have started eating fish-thanks to everyoneís suggestions on preparedness. I now eat fish twice a week. I enjoy tilapia, tuna, and yes, even salmon--this from someone who didnít even like the smell of fish prior to this January.

My second goal was to give a try at Pilates. I took my first class 4 weeks ago and I must say it is every bit the challenge that I expected it to be and then some. While I have never had much flexibility or core strength, I am learning the importance these two areas play in helping me, as a runner, have better stabilization, especially when fatigue begins to set in.

The only goal I have yet to tackle is the spinning class. One of the biggest reasons why I have not met this goal is because I made a new goal and that is to run my first marathon in October. This past February Coach Jen mentioned that she would be running the Chicago Marathon in October. She told me enrollment was opened and asked if that would be something I would consider doing.

It only took a few hours of reflection before I jumped at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I looked at the website and I thought what do I have to lose? I have done a couple of half-marathons, so the next step would be to take on the full marathon distance. And who would want to miss the opportunity to run with Coach Jen at one of the best marathons in the country. So on February 16th, I signed up and paid for the Chicago Marathon. And let me tell you, it is by far a thrill to go out a run. It isnít easy, but I know I have to do the work in order to finish.

So while I may not have reached all my goals I set for myself on January 1st, I am still on the path to healthy living. Remember goals arenít written in stone; therefore, we can replace them with other ones that may be more appropriate as time goes on. But having goals certainly keeps me moving down the path of healthy living and they do add spice to our lives.

Have you kept any of your New Yearís Resolutions? If not, have you set new goals to help keep you motivated? How about setting new goals now?

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Yes, I set some resolutions for the first time ever this year ( I never have before) and I am happy to say that I have stuck with all of them! I have stuck with my health/exercise goal (and expaneded on it!) I have stuck with my goal to floss daily, and my goal to read one new book a month :) Report
I am not a New Year's Resolution personality. I start off every year thinking about the big picture and what I want to accomplish. This year I wanted to build up my endurance for a multiple day bicycle trip that my husband and I had planned. So far I am doing really well and loosing a lot of weight in the process.
I didn't make resolutions. But I am doing well with my fitness and nutrition goals - even in pregnancy! Spark has been a great help to me. I love this site. Report
I didn't make a resolution, but I made goals and then set mini ones to keep me going. I just recently started the body for life challenge and have set mthly goals for the 12 week program Report
My New Yearís resolution was to stop eating ALL sweets, candy and chocolate. And so far so good! I have had nothing with chocolate, no ice cream, cake, candy, donuts, danish, etc.... And I feel great! My pants are even hanging off of me.

And the best part is I don't crave it and I don't miss it. I eat fruit, veggies, and whole grains. People say I'm depriving myself but I don't think it's depriving if I don't want it!

Nancy - Spinning is a FANTASTIC cross training exercise! I think it's one that will greatly compliment the training you are already doing. I found that when I could run it was Spinning that kept my legs strong and my cardio endurance up so that when I was able to hit the road and run again it was a very easy transition.

Wish you lived near me - I'd make you come to one of my Spinning classes at the Y! :) Report
Yearly goals are too easy to forget once the first few weeks of January pass and all the holiday decorations are packed up and put away....almost like you take down and pack the tree and your new year resolutions with it! For years i would spend time each New Year's Eve and think what did I like and not like about the past year and what do I want to change the upcoming year....I come across those written goals every once in awhile (yes I saved them!) and every year they were the same basic goals.....

Setting goals was getting me no where...I needed to set goals and have a plan of action to meet those goals! What good is it to dream big if you don't even have a plan on how to get out of bed in the morning to start reaching that dream?

This past year I made a NEW resolution.....
Each month I pick a new habit to focus on for the month.....if you focus on one change at a time until it becomes a habit (3-7 weeks is the suggested average time to develop a new habit) it is much easier to build on the that establishes resolutions each month have varied from personal development to people skills to new life skills to health skills to even something as basic as focus on scheduling dental appointments for myself for a month to get a lot of neglected work done...finally. I even have some months were a goal pops up like "recycle as much old stored paper as possible from my office to clean up my space and stop saving more paper unless it is really needed"...

So while the year may be half over for some and you begin to panic over meetig them I am feeling "wow! I have already learned and changed so much this year...and I still have another half year left of cool new 'new year resolutions' yet to come! And no, I don't call them new month resolutions....that seemed odd...they are all "NYR" to me (New Year Resolutions). Report
i never make new year's resolutions, I have had seasonal depression (i have an idea that the exercise is going to reduce that somewhat this year) and found January difficult enough..

HOWEVER.. i do set goals, usually at the beginning of spring when things are looking brighter and there's a little more daylight to enjoy! i have learned to make the goals 'doing' not 'getting' so i have control over whether i acieve them or not! For example, i wouldn't set a goal for a specific weight loss but would set a goal to walk every day...

sparkpeople has made such a difference to my perceptions of myself and my abilities - i love it! (and i might even be starting to love me...) Report
I don't do New Years Resolutions, per se, but I do think that the new year is a good time to step back a bit and reevaluate one's life and priorities. This year I spent some time really thinking about what I was doing and where I wanted to be and how I could get there. I didn't expect it to be easy or happen over night, but while I can't say that I'm 100% there yet, I'm definitely moving in the right direction. Report
I'm still a SPARKER, so I kept mine. Report
I'm feeling I'm on track with my 2009 resolutions. I definately have made fitness progress and I've lost a litt more than 1/2 of the weight I hope to lose this year. I've even started to think about 2010 resolutions! Report
Well, I don't really consider any of my goals as new years' resolutions. But I have managed to quit smoking. Report
I actually did make a New Year's Resolution this year.. Something I havn't really been serious about in the past. I am going to hike at least one new trail each month this year. So far, so good. I have a week long hike coming up in August and I'm counting the days. I told myself that I was going to regain my passion for hiking and biking and I'm doing well. I seem to always have a setback (health issues) that keeps me from getting back into it. I'm progressing in making goal and feel super! Report
I resolved to take better care of my mouth, and I've been keeping up with my daily brushing/flossing/rinsing aaaalmost perfectly. Report
I did set some of my goals but one I was set back on because I was ordered by the DRs. not to exercise which put me behind on my goal of exercising. However I've caught up to what I had intended to do so I may be able to get back on track again. Report
I used to make New Years resolutions, but have refused to for the past 3 or 4 years. I know what I want to do, but to put it out there and to possibly break it would only disappoint me. I want to be healthy and I have taken the steps to improve my health. I mainly got tired of the doctor telling me I needed to do something about myself. Report
I actually have kept my new years resolution where getting healthy and exercising is concerned. I have kept up my exercises since the beginning of the year. This is the longest I have ever gone!! Yeah!! Report
I knew better so I never made one. Report
I am in the midst of re-evaluating my end of 2008;beginning of 2009 goals. It's been approximately six months and for the most part I have stuck to my goals and am well satisfied with achieving my goals. Yet, I have had many slips along the way; now I get over it and move on!!! Report
I have found resolutions on a specific day tend to make me work in the opposite direction - I am such a recalcitrant soul!
So, I feel I am getting there and as ambiguous as the goal may sound, my progress towards that goal has allowed me to recognize goals I didn't even know I had, but have met.
I do have a new goal, I want to be able to fit back into my uniform so I can commission my son next year.
Thanks for the reminder of putting that goal down on paper!
my 168 (tend to lose track now. thank goodness it's written down!) lol Report
My resolution was to do something 'active and conscious 365 days in a row' (aka exercise) and today was day 167 that I have exercised in a row! I first created a blog ( to keep myself honest and pressured--if i announce it to the world, I will look like a fool to back down! Then about 12 or so days into my resolution, a reader of my blog told me about's only been about 6 months, but sparkpeople changed my life! It keeps me motivated and distracts my brain from thinking of "exercise" (cause it's so right now, and the results are in the future--you have to wait for them, and that is HARD). I exercise for points, and a new trophy (lol)! I also started a food journal here, which I had never done before--it REALLY helped to open my eyes to what I was putting in my mouth. I was never much of a goal setter either, and sparkpeople helps me accomplish ALL of my goals (including to take my multi-vitamin and getting enough sleep/water!). I don't think there will ever be a reasonable/appropriate goal/resolution that I won't follow through with now that sparkpeople is in my life! :).

Definitely let us know about the marathon! I would love to run one someday, although I am a long way from that point (5K for me first lol). Report
i frimly believe in setting goals or making lifestyle changes-- and not doing new years resolutions. but this year i did set a few goals, and nearly all of them i've done-- loosing weight, getting better sleep, getting the boys on a schedule - the only ones i really haven't done is reading my scriptures and getting isaac to sleep in his own bed all the time again! Report
I decided to start my New Year early and set my goals the 2nd week of December. Goal to track all foods and workouts, work out at least 5 days a week, drop inches and body fat. And I've done all that. Haven't missed a day of traking since then, and since I joined SP on Jan. 3rd. Went from 35% body fat to now 25.8% and went from tight size 12 to a loose size 8! I think the change was that I didn't do something that was for a period of time rather, for a lifestyle. Report
Well, for the first time in my life I have managed to keep my 'resolution' and actually exceed my first weight goal. Originally, I'd set a goal to lose 30 lbs by June. Well, I'm up to 36 and the month is only halfway over :). I, like you, would like to explore other forms of exercise as well- but since I'm not what I'd considered advanced yet- I'm going to hold off for just a little longer. Good article! Report
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