Love Your Lower Body in 4 Moves

By , the editors of FITNESS
Get slim thighs, gorgeous glutes, and legs for days with these 4 simple lower-body exercises.

1. Ice Skater

Targets: Abs, lower back, hips, butt, and outer thighs

  • Stand with feet a little less than shoulder-width apart, arms extended, holding the back of a chair for support.
  • Keeping abs engaged, bend left knee slightly while extending right leg to right side, toes pointing toward floor and rotated outward.
  • Bring right leg behind left leg as far as possible without touching floor, bending left leg; contract inner thigh.
 Do 12 to 15 reps; repeat on opposite side.

2. Lunge Hinge

Targets: Lower back, abs, hamstrings, and quads

  • Stand about 3 feet in front of a step, holding dumbbells with palms facing body.
  • Lunge back, placing right foot on step; bend both knees 90 degrees, keeping left knee aligned with left ankle.
  • Stand up, squeezing glutes.
  • Hinge forward from hips, extending right leg behind you parallel to floor; lower hands toward knees.
  • Push through left heel to return to standing; lower leg and repeat.
 Do 12 to 15 reps per side.
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Jack LaLanne use to teach exercises like this. Report
The link to the Fitness magazine article is broken, but you can get there by opening the link in a new tab, and then adding an h to the start of the web address. Looks like a great set of exercises. Report
I can't open the web page, so from these two, I like the ice skater! Report
i do squats, lunges, and plies. i will try the duck squat, the pick up squat, the plyometric squat, in and out lunge, and lunges with dumbells. Report
I think I will try the ice skater exercise. it seems easy to do. can't wait to try it! Report