Labor-Less Labor Day Recipes

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You’ve been working hard all summer, taking care of business, your household, and the never-ending to do list. As the long sunny days of summer begin to vanish, trade in laborious and time-consuming cooking, for fast and easy recipes that are healthy and taste good too. We’ve gathered 11 recipes from SparkRecipes that minimize preparation, while maximizing flavor.

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Caps 'n' Herbs

"Fried" Chicken

Spicy Turkey Burgers
Fast Fix Gaspacho 
Chef Meg's Simple Zucchini Caponata

Fast-n-Easy Southwest Chicken Chili

Italian Green Beans (Easy & Fast!)

Cajun grilled sweet potatoes

Five Star Grilled Vegetables
Black Bean Salad
Dessert Suggestions


Simple white cake or cupcakes

What is your best fast and easy recipe? What will you prepare for your Labor Day party?

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REDROBIN47 11/26/2019
These are some good recipes. I will be trying some of them even if it's not Labor Day. Report
Don't eat fried chicken anymore because it once made me very sick. I don't know if it was very greasy or what it was that made me so sick. You can believe me, after that episode, NEVER AGAIN! Report
Thanks. I love fast and easy. Report
For dessert, have a watermelon - delicious and almost no work! Report
Not having a Labor Day Party. Report