Join the Fun! Show Your Spark Weekend Starts June 26

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SparkPeople's mission is to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals—for FREE! You'll never have to pay to use our online tools, trackers or community resources because we think fitness, nutrition and weight-loss information should be accessible and affordable.

Most people, including the SparkNashville Team members pictured here, learn about SparkPeople by word of mouth from their friends, family members, doctors or co-workers. When you tell others about our site, it helps us keep our marketing costs low so we can focus on improving the site even more—without ever charging our members! If SparkPeople has helped you lose weight, tone up, or otherwise make positive changes in your life, we're hoping that you can show your thanks by participating in Show Your Spark Weekend, June 26-28, 2009.

So what can you do to Show Your Spark that weekend?

From Friday, June 26 to Sunday, June 28, SparkPeople members across the globe will wear their SparkPeople Gear and/or gather at local SparkRallies. (Visit your local SparkTeam page to help plan or RSVP to attend a local SparkRally in your area!) Even if you don't attend a Rally, you can still wear your gear wherever you go throughout the weekend—and keep your eyes peeled for other SparkPeople members doing the same!

When you're sporting your SparkPeople gear, be sure to snap some photos of yourself and your SparkFriends! By wearing your gear, taking photos, and sharing your pictures with us, you could win fun SparkPeople prizes and even an iPod touch in our Show Your Spark Giveaway. Click here for more information about the giveaway and Show Your Spark Weekend in general.

No SparkPeople gear? No problem. We've stocked up the SparkPeople Store with a variety of T-shirts (in sizes up to 5XL), hats, window clings, and more. With something in every price range (a window cling, pictured above, is just over $3; many T-shirts just $11), there are plenty of ways you can Show Your Spark during this fun weekend. (To ensure timely delivery for Show Your Spark Weekend, you must place your SparkPeople Store order by June 17.) Even if you don't have SparkPeople apparel, you can still attend a local rally or spread the word to others in a variety of ways! Now get out there and Show Your Spark!

*SparkRallies are organized and run by members. SparkPeople does not endorse, sponsor or organize these Rallies or other member-organized offline meetings.

Did you hear about SparkPeople by word of mouth, too? Will you 'Show Your Spark' June 26-28 by wearing your gear and/or attending a local SparkRally?

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I did some Spark spreading yesterday standing in line supporting a friend trying out for the Biggest Loser in Chicago. Good luck everyone! Report
I love spark people's web site. It has changed my life. I became a lteam eader of a christian team, here on spark people called, can't do this on my own, I love our team. I lost weight and made a lot of good friends. It is hard to believe that something so good is free. My mom always told me that nothing in lis ife is free. So, after I joined I kept thinking, is this REALLY free? After a few months I saw a news clip from a news station in Chicago, which talked all about spark people. Thanks spark guy, for all that you have done. I will always tell people about this web site, it is one of a kind! Report
We will be SHOWING OUR SPARK in LA with SparkGuy!! We are gonna rock his socks off!!!! Everyone come if you can!!!!! It's gonna be great!!!! Report
I think SparkPeople is the greatest site on the web and I tell every one I see.
Will try to get to the rally in our area if there is one. Report
I came across Spark People when I was looking for a calorie chart, and never got passedt he site. Been with it ever since.

Don't have any T-shirts as the shop won't take debit cards..

The printable poster is a great idea. Report
Would you consider making a printable I love poster available for people to print- in color- and hang on office windows etc? A little extra advertising and this coming Sparkweekend would be a great time to do it. Report
I'm sure our PENSACOLA Sparkers will get together! We could meet at Walmart and find LOTS of people who need to join Sparks!! Report
No rally close by me but I will be wearing my Spark Tee-shirt to Spread the Spark and hope to run into others doing the same. Report
Can't wait to share the Spark! I will be wearing my shirts all three days and, although I'm having some hard time getting a group in my area active, I think I will be trying to walk as many of the area malls as I can and distribute the flyers and cards I have been printing! Spread the Spark, it saves lives! Report
we are trying to get all sparkies together in our area, reno, sparks, carson city, NV for that weekend, so far the 28th works for a few of us, just need to set location. Report
I don't think there is a rally in my area but I am spreading the word to all my friends about this website. I just love it. Report
I love It is the BEST website ever! I will continue to tell everyone about the benefits of Report
Definitely (finally) buying an SP shirt and sporting it - we'll be moving from CA to MI that w/e, so I'll cover a lot of ground! Report
The New Hampshire Spark teams have organized a get together for June 28 in Contookcook New Hampshire! I"m excited and can't wait to meet my team members! I wear my SparkPeople t-as much as I can and I have left fliers at my dr. office and told her about it, I've sent e-mails to friends too. Report
The Ohio team is having a get together that weekend in Columbus. Please visit the Spark Ohio team for all the information. I. Look forward to meeting all of my Ohio spark friends. Report
Us members of the Binghamton Area Losers will be joining our local American Cancer Society's Relay for Life on the weekend of June 19th and will be bringing our SparkGear and when off the track we'll be changing into our SparkPeople t-shirts! We're bringing SparkPeople flyers...our Team is called SparkPeople of New York....Woo Hoo!

Don, Co-Leader of Binghamton Area Losers, All Health Professionals and Laid Off But Staying Strong SparkTeams Report
I so excited about the SP community, the information, the sopport and I'm pleased with my results! I will continue to share the spark. Report
i heard SP from my smart cellphone service provider because i subscribed to their sexy sms hehe Report
I am trying to coordinate something in Massachusetts or Cape Cod... so we'll see what happens... Report
It doesn't look like we're having a spark rally in my area. But I will do everything I can to spread the word to my friends and family about the website. I just love that the help we receive here is all free. What could be better than all the weight loss support you need to meet your goals for FREE? Report
I am going to try and get there need to get a shirt .. Report
We're having a local Spark Rally in Sacramento that weekend. I don't know if I'll make the rally but I'll definitely wear my spark shirt...which fits me even better than when I bought it! Report
I heard about Sparkpeople at the YMCA but I didn't check it out. But I went to the grocery store and purchased a Women's World magazine and it had and advertisment for Sparkpeople. I figured it must be a good site to check out! I am so glad that I did. I LOVVVVE! Report
This does sound like fun. I don't remember how I heard of spark. I'd go to a rally but don't know of any and I don't own any spark gear. Maybe some day in the future I will. Report
Sounds like a great weekend. I'm looking for any rallies in Indiana?? Report
I attended my first SparkPeople Rally (didn't have a name back then) in July 2007 and it was a hit! We met at a local park for a healthy potluck (pictures are in my photo gallery). Since then, SP has grown by leaps and bounds. Not sure I'll meet up with any fellow sparkers this particular weekend, but I will be sporting my spark gear! Report
I first heard of SparkPeople when a business associate asked me what kind of diet I was on, and said her daughter tried SparkPeople and really liked it. I looked it up and...20 months later and 73 pounds lighter, I'm healthier, happier and more energetic! I will proudly wear my Sparkgear that weekend! Report
Woo-hoo!!!! I can't wait to wear my SP T-shirt. It's been sitting at MIL's house since the New Year (to reduce shipping costs to Canada, UPS delivery got delayed due to snow, blah-blah-blah). I'm FINALLY gonna get it next week (along w/ my not-so-timely anymore 2009 calendar, LOL, & water bottle!).

We're gonna be on vaca at Lake Tahoe, so I'll be wearing my T-shirt on some trail Friday & as we check out (boo) Saturday & somewhere Sunday. It's gonna get pretty stinky... LOL

??? Where do we post our pix??? Report
I'll hopefully be in Nantucket that weekend; great place to spread some Spark! Report
What a great way to celebrate my birthday! I will definitely be wearing my Sparkpeople t-shirt that weekend. Report